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  1. i work in product, they have a road map, they just arn't sharing it. if they don't... gods help us
  2. i like where your head is at, i would just much prefer to hear them verbally commit to a time frame for an overhaul.
  3. do you have some post where they talk about overhauling it? i have been MIA for a few months
  4. I get why you feel that way... Mounts are faster then bard unless you twist.... 135% OOC speed = Pack pig = 1000g 130% OOC Speed = Bard = 1 Major slot and one skill slot 140% OOC Speed = Twisting + Bard = one minor, one major, one passive, 4 skill slots (and with recent changes to the engine it can only be twisted on combat bar and falls off out of combat) Movement engine needed to be fixed, so they fixed it, but it broke bard mechanics.... nothing was done to fix it, even after data was presented. People stop playing and testing because the state of the game is poorly made socks.. they overhaul loot drops and availability of runes.. to get players back. and destroy the viability of 4 skill majors... including bard and others... They keep making changes to the game that break the major. and don't seem to even consider it... and that is likely due to people like yourself who are all over the forums parroting group think ideals. Its a self perpetuating cycle... It sucks because its broken, so lets just keep telling the whole community it is worthless and discourage people from trying it. then the devs won't care if they break it more and make it more worthless, because the community doesn't care and you get to feel like you are right. im just gonna be the guy that keeps saying hey, this has potential. and give ideas on how to make it more viable. you can thank me later
  5. bard is not bad. bard is viable in the right place, and can even be game changing if used at the right stage of the game. but right now its worse then it ever was
  6. Song Twisting - Is Now Usless Gives a Passive that allows you to twist songs to make a stronger one. 1) requires 4 songs to be twisted, all 4 songs can not be placed on survival tray(Heal song, both useless and combat tray only) 2) fitting 4 abilities from one major on your bar is sacrificing a lot and required 10 slots to do effectively, Max slots is now 9 for only 2 races. 3) a few patches ago you could twist all 4 songs with relative ease, the animations where smooth and you could hear the sound cues to press the next pattern to boost the next song... now, since the movement patch, the songs do not always trigger reliably and most recently there is no sound.... 4.1) a few patches ago you could twist a song into a buffed state and then as long as you let it play or re played it before the timer was up the buff'd song would continue no matter which action bar you where on. now the song just counts down to 0 and then resets as the unbuffed songs.... 4.2) If you are playing an enhanced song and switch to survival tray and try to renew it. it will cast the song, and not refresh the buff, and then end the song when the timer completes... its as if you never spent that time to refresh it.. -------------------------------------------- However, If you do play bard, this is 100000000000000000% must have minor, it is the best minor you can possibly pick. ------------------------------------------- an easy response to fix a few of these complaints would be to change the bard rune heal song to a passive slot. and change twisting minor to req 3 songs. or maybe just drop heal song, remove twisting minor and make it a passive on the bard rune..... the rest are bugs that have been introduced with the movement engine changes. and i have already sent the devs a bunch of data on this months ago... however if you love bard like i do, then please go test what i am saying and also submit the bugs.
  7. you are blind to the fact that new players have non of the passives to get the materials or craft what they need. be constructive or move along.
  8. quoting myself so you all remember the point of this thread.. the problems i stated have nothing to do with population imbalance... i can agree that numbers plays some role but closing the gear gap and advancements/rewards from pvp are more important. if they want to fix this game they honestly need to drop the passive system all together. unless they can state explicitly how they will balance the game for new players to even have a chance after a few months of passives. then i assert that they are just building on top of a system that is doomed to fail.. and then of course the grind for mats to make use of those passives... so instead of bitching at each other about population, why don't you put your heads together and fill this forum with ideas on how they could remedy some of the issues around gear gap,passive point leads, and grind.. ill start, IF we had the population one way to fix the gap would be to limit entry to a no-import campaign based on the number of points earned(not spent) in your passive tree. the problem with my idea is that it is extremely vulnerable to population issues.. which as you all have made abundantly clear, is an issue at this point.. in a way this is what i think they tried to do with gods reach, except they cant make it too lucrative(drop wise) or the people who are ahead will just come there and farm.. hence gate entry based on passive points earned.. so new players in grays will fight players in greens at best.. TLDR: Shutup about population, new player experience really sucks, try sharing ideas that will fix it and your population will fix it self ❤️ Ferrat
  9. It is a Crafting and farming game, that happens to have a splash of pvp with no benefit/payout... the gear gap is huge and can not be closed via earning benefits from pvp. the game rewards Farmers with good materials in their spirit banks and vendors. the game rewards you for logging in and spending points longer then someone else. this also makes you a top tier crafter??!?!?. (yes you need some pve drops too) there is no incentive or alt progression for pvp. its just a thing you can do if you want to.. and if you want to take a fort or keep you must wait for the predesignated time so all the people that have been logging in and spending points longer then you can be prepared and waiting. in its current state this game will be dead to hard core pvpers with in a few months of launch.. the only time pvp will be fun and balanced is after full passive wipes
  10. everybody wants to be naked and famous...
  11. i did not, but i believe the idea of INT comes from the old caps.. its highly likely that more spirit for flat support power will be king, but i would still test it if you have time to roll 3 identical
  12. x2 from promotion tree yes, but only 300 less in overall scope. it feels like it was designed to be a hybrid so imo let it be a hybrid with my two suggested changes. 1. cooldown reset on heal ult or dps - adds flexibility and lets you play heal style or dps 2. build support power and dmg with passive - closes the missing support power gap if you want more heal skills use majors, you speced for CC
  13. @mandaloreFYI this is why i say the arbiter spec should have more duality.. you do get good heals, you just get few.. but are forced to use a dps ult or lose the cooldown reset.. and the passive only stacks dmg and not support power...
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