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    Crush Your Enemies. See Them Driven Before You and Hear the Lamentation of the Women.

    -Conan the Barbarian
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    U. S. of A.
  1. Ha. It would be awesome if the Stalkers defensive Melee weapon was its Antlers.
  2. I haven't invested much of my hope in this game yet. I been playing MMO's for awhile now. 2004 in fact. I've tried a few different games WoW, Warhammer, Darkfall, Galaxies, and most recently disappointed by SWTOR. I miss questing being an adventure, I long for dungeons and raids to be dangerous and gaining a sense of achievement when clearing them.I want PvP to be fun again! Mostly I miss the feel of community early WoW seemed to have and all the randomness of general chat.I'm interested in CrowFall. I'm afraid to let my hopes fly to high.
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