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  1. Well what I meant by system is bounties being player driven with game mechanics built in to support it.
  2. Crowd Control, Nuke Class, most likely wearing Light Armor, possible enhanced escape skills. Most Assassin/Rogue typecasts have an interesting Tool set and tricks.
  3. It comes with the guilt of wasted money.
  4. It would be nice to see a druid resemble something other than a brightly green marked human who throws leafs and shrubbery at enemies and friends. I enjoyed the Druid from Diablo 2 quite a bit.
  5. Bounty Hunting the Traitors After spending many hours/weeks in CrowFall we’re building Teams/Guilds to progress against other players in the campaign. A month into all our hard work two guild mates up and leave with their resources the guild as a whole have helped them achieve through group effort. Should there be a bounty system set for these individuals who have decided to strike out on their own or worse still maneuver their way into the graces of a rival guild or faction? Could or should CrowFall have a temporary bounty system for traitors in our midst? Here are a few ideas. Consequence would add a factor to player choices. More Incentive for Kingdoms to War with one another. Incentive for players to seek out the betrayer by rewarding the hunters. There should also be rewards for those players who can survive or kill off their hunters. The bounties could be bought out by the target to remove the bounty at a hefty price. Only players who have actively taken on the bounty and the guild members that the target has betray are the only players who can see special marker indicating a player as a bounty. The bounties could be carried over into every zone . There should be a time limit bounties last like a few weeks at most. Once a bounty is collected on, the target can no longer be collected on by other players and all indicators removed. Those are just some ideas. I like the idea of someone weighing their choices and their being consequence to their actions. This seems to be a game which will rely heavily on direct player interaction. Adding this sort of thing to the chaos which is human interaction over the internet seems natural and pleasing to me. What are your thoughts?
  6. CrowFall has a lot to offer Lore wise and a great foundation to build on. This game is really just starting to take off in fact many games at launch don't have this much back story to some of their Higher than Player lore characters. My hunger for lore is feed by the idea of actually going out and destroying other players on my factions behalf. Now Knowing that as the game progresses as we play, is all the more reason to follow/understand the lore. In fact you could view it as when we play we're living out the lore. More ideas will be flushed out as the development continues! Changing Worlds opens the door to compelling stories,acts of revenge, and drama to manifest as we play the game while also being a path for the Writing team to implement lore as the community dukes it out on the battlefields. Be patient give them time to build on the lore we're not choosing faction or guild this day.
  7. I haven't invested much of my hope in this game yet. I been playing MMO's for awhile now. 2004 in fact. I've tried a few different games WoW, Warhammer, Darkfall, Galaxies, and most recently disappointed by SWTOR. I miss questing being an adventure, I long for dungeons and raids to be dangerous and gaining a sense of achievement when clearing them.I want PvP to be fun again! Mostly I miss the feel of community early WoW seemed to have and all the randomness of general chat.I'm interested in CrowFall. I'm afraid to let my hopes fly to high.
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