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  1. I'm gonna try to hop ingame after my deployment
  2. I got there late. Damn traffic and looking for parking.
  3. didn't SM fall apart because of some drama with a girl?
  4. How many people do you expect to be there?
  5. i wonder if Takako is still lurking around in goth panties?
  6. it's nice to see a bunch out there after all these years.
  7. ugh! why cant i change my avatar pic? the only thing I can change is this stupid hat.
  8. Shadowbane, hands down. That game brought the assholeness out of me and I loved it.
  9. i'm in. just hope we arent at sea trials when it finally releases. someone pls make me a sig. all this white makes me want to puke
  10. I originally played on Death Server for FCML and ended with Commanders Reborn.
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