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  1. Will do sir! *Tasital is one of me pack members*
  2. Yeah, it made me sad since I have quite a few recordings from the Vengeance Throne FC event. Would be nice to watch them again.
  3. I'll have to look on my other drives for the AC pics and some of the other ones but here's one from Cornerstone (that Kedrynn took) that I'm sure you will remember. If only more listened to your commands in chat =) Cornerstone
  4. Same here, Frosty. Good times eh. Thanks for posting that Cinn, a lot of old names I remember there. I'll have to show that to Leviathan. Sadly I have none of our pictures left from that siege, I only have a few of the Cornerstone and Amhas Cairn banes.
  5. Speaking of creatures, where's Deakin?
  6. What do you mean by get the squirrels? They have never left that special place. Now where did that story about the Squirrel Beastlord go? It was my contribution as Lore advocate lol
  7. Now those names bring back memories =) I have not talked to Anshe in ages.
  8. I'll take a guess, was it Brotherhood of Shadows? In those early days we were subbed to Lex Talionis, and I remember fighting BoS and the rest of Denied often. ****I fully support the uppercase L for Lindorn****
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