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  1. This is not WoW. If there are pets, I see no reason why all classes can't have pets. There's nothing special about rangers that let them engage in training a pet that a Knight or Druid couldn't. Tying animal taming to a single class is just silly. There should be no "pet class" Unless it's a druid uprooting trees to walk around and smack enemies hilariously with their branches.
  2. There is no overarching problem with this at all. They provided their vision and the backers decided to back it. While I admit it's great having a place to submit ideas, like a suggestion forum. By no means, should anybody be holding their pledges hostage off the backs of demands/suggestions like it's some form of entitlement. Great idea that would be nice? Sure thing. But "get your arse organized pronto!"? Absolutely not. That's a rather hooligan thing to say and request.
  3. My response when I saw telegraphs in the Kickstarter promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31g0YE61PLQ Please. No. Just... No. Watching the Centaur galloping by with big red flashes showing up on his screen was just really distracting. I will back 500.00 just to not see Telegraphs and some good animations. The animations are very respectable... but Those alpha particle effects made me cringe when telegraphs were involved.
  4. I'd like to see First names, Last names with 2 capable spaces (Like Van Dyke) and titles that can either be a prefix or Suffix That way I can play as Sir Perrywinkle McBootyblossom IV
  5. I am offended the Original Poster overlooked this stunning display of racial diversity. That seems a bit racist to not recognize the stoneborn has dark skinned features before posting this garbage of a thread. Are they beneath your notice? You're a terrible person, OP.
  6. Health etc.. should be tied to stats. Not size of game model. however the size of the character should be adequately represented in their stat block
  7. I am all for environmental manipulation. I want tactics and choices to matter and variables, situations and scenarios to be meaningful. Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.
  8. I'm 100% behind the devs in this decision. An Elkin warrior isn't going to fight like a human warrior nor like a halfling or stoneborn warrior. Their differences between fight tactics are going to be different enough to warrant a different class in this package called the archetype.
  9. Well she DID say she used to have a brother at some point. I'm wondering if they're going to be treating Fae like the Tuatha de Dannan or Fair Folk of lore. I certainly hope so. Looks pretty rocking regardless. Definitely a witch elf, dark eldar wytch kinda feeling to it.... with WINGS!
  10. I'd personally like to see her smack the ever-living crap out of someone with her wings.
  11. Tera Combat <> Physics based combat. It's an action combat game, but at no point in Tera's combat did I feel like my character had weight to them as they skated around the battlefield with predispositioned animations. My character felt disconnected from the world around it. When watching them run, they felt like they were ice skating. While yes, there was collision, etc... it was all par at best. That's not to say the combat was enjoyable. But don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining
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