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  1. Using Forest Step to escape and having the movement speed increase may save you some more distance. Connect Forest Step into Sweep + Disengage (with a up to 180degree turn inbetween) and you got yourself in ranged again. Now I wouldn't go as far and say it is crappy, but you certainly don't want to fight Knights head on as they are a dedicated dps melee archetype. Being organized could help make use of that 15% damage increase from Sweep every now and then. I saw you fighting a Confessor with a bow as well.. and the Confessor is a dedicated dps ranged archetype. You could be the one to annoy your opponent up close in that matter. Pewpewing is fine and would be a bit more effective with the Archer Stake skill, ultimately increasing the damage output.
  2. flow

    Run Speed

    I would like to see something in the senseof "You limit your charged attacks by moving to a maximum of x %"
  3. After watching the footage I am convinced, that your Ranger is too tight/stiff. You lack mobility. You barely make use of your second tree or your expanded range of skills, in situations I believe it would be very much an advantage (when chasing to name one). As far as I can tell, the Stalker is going to fit more to your playstyle.
  4. If something like interception is a factor, I'd much rather see a healing projectile than it just being intercepted without me knowing.
  5. 1. Ultimately the crave for a new MMORPG.. After gathering information on upcoming MMO's I deemed Crowfall the most appealing. 2. "The Game" or "Devtracker" 3. I don't like how the menu's are not unified. Crowfall.com is very clear, but - It changes upon entering the store and the forum - I couldn't change something like email address on the forum, but on the original website.
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