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  1. I agree I am happy they are not letting us test something they know isnt working up to par. Was looking forward to hanging out in game but there is always next week
  2. So far just a trial for the guild but guys are top notch in discord and as a community happy I signed up
  3. I am probably either going blacksmithing or necromancy seeing as blacksmithing gives you access to two different armor types and various weapon crafting options. Necromancy depending how many options are in crafting vessels.
  4. kinda disgruntled then I want to return the villa I bought for 96 and buy the villa package which is by far the better deal with parcels.
  5. you sir are my hero for the day ... also seems we will all be getting the hamlet skin for investors woot
  6. Will my small castle have the same items as the 2017 castle bundle IE parcel to place it on and the addition accessories or is that exclusive to the new package?
  7. Looking forward to the changes and testing them seems positive all in all curious about the the hammer widget you had in the screenshot
  8. Guys are forgeting they are adding blueprints and factories. If your a swg vet ws or as just experiment with base components till you get all amazing blueprint it then pump them out. Just be happy the resources arent as crazy as swg. As to the PVP power bubble coming from Old school UO, swg with item decay and under the impression that the higher tier CW will have full inventory loot I honestly dont see people rolling out with their best gear unless it is with a guild party in a controlled situation. The chance to lose your expensive weapon for random pvp seems to great a deterrent to me. In UO because of full loot that kept the player economy rolling same thing with item decay in SWG.
  9. was referring to my vendors accepting raw goods of a certain rarity for said goods IE 3 blue iron ore for said item
  10. Question when trading via vendor is there going to be a currency which atm I thinking might be that teal dust you get from crafting and npc drops. I remember in the recent Q/A they were saying that would be used to pay upkeep cost and other things but could you set up a barter system with your vendors ?
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