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  1. MMOs over the years prove that going 100% either approach isn't a deterrent to the most undesired users. With all proactive GMs, the undesired users plan things around when they are not on so the latter can get away with the very trouble the former are there to prevent. And with reactive GMs, the undesired users will mask their identities with whatever means is available and/or can be added in to slow the reports down to the point of not dealing with legitimate concerns and making it overly difficult for the GMs or punish the proper person. So both are needed for an MMO to properly succeed by covering a lot the others' flaws in the approach. And even than you would need a ban list for everybody that gets ban with clear cut reasons explaining each ban plus a spare server that receives no game type updates for the sole purpose of throwing over those that are tying to get on the ban list for the infamy it gives that way the latter group can't log into any other servers while also refusing them the infamy they are after.
  2. A jack of all trades character and not just for combat. And if by class system than all viable features a group whould be looking for should put my character as always viable for absolutely any role without ever being in the ideal group of classes for that role.
  3. Really? Here is an idea no developer in their right mind would ever allow in their mmo: "I suggest anybody whom doesn't play exactly as I do to be called a 'doodle-head' in game and lose all progress." Notice how the suggestion goes against the spirit and letter of what a MMO especially a MMORPG is about? Hence, why I see the "NO NOT SUGGEST" list as something that is bound to happen. Which in turn is why I want to make sure those running Crowfall don't make the same mistakes those whom ran/run did/do.
  4. When a suggestion is inapproipate for the game than mark it as such so we know to never bring that suggestion up. If the reason for a suggestion not being accepted is techecial difficulties than mark it as such so we know to wait until the foundation of the game is updated to offer the suggestion again. And should the reason be that there isn't more information you can get on the suggestion before adding it to the mmo than mark it as such so we know to wait for it to be in game to try it out before giving feedback on the immediated version. A.K.A. Don't just put every suggestion you aren't going to even look at on the "DO NOT SUGGEST" list without marking up why they are there.
  5. Thing is not every potential player would have a social security number or its equivent.
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