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  1. All of those ....and more! The world has not enough boxes to label me...Bartles has been around for 20+ years now and I found there are undefined categories that may not have existed in the 70s and 80s ....... For example... While I enjoy murdering and being murdered (albeit, much less enjoyable) - I am awestruck and the art and story in a well crafted game. Tell me the grit of Diablo didnt catch you deep down. While there was a goal "achiever" for everyone - I believe the soul touching grit alone is what kept some people playing. What about hitting those "3d" dungeons in Bards tale for the first time - it was fascinating. Sure maybe you were an "explorer" in those dungeons- with your little graph paper by the side of your commodore 64 - but you also played countless hours because of the immersion you had into that "3d" world and the feeling that you were part of a changing world. It didnt have to be a pen and paper with some dice and a GM - you now got to actually explore a real dungeon. What about the first time you played a game and just were in awe of the artwork. There are plenty of times where im as fascinated by the sheer beauty of the world im looking at through my monitor. So yeah - Ill take all four and add plenty of others.
  2. Greetings all, Im excited to now be an official backer - Ive been following/lurking around here since there has been a reason to lurk. Time to come out of the shadows and Enjoy some creamy pvp goodness Im a "mature" (code for - I have an AARP card in my wallet) gamer and have been playing and pvping since Al gore invented the internet. I look forward to getting crushed in some pvp! Please dont spit on my corpse - it might be mistaken for a tear Bertel
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