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  1. Looking for a few more guys to play with when 5.3 comes out! Soulein told me its going to be great. It's kind of like Mythbusters, it has to be true!
  2. Getting the same thing. In discord with folks playing the game and the servers have not gone down for a patch in the last hour since i have been out of game but its asking me to DL the same patches it did the last time I logged in.
  3. Got my start in Shadowbane with this guild. The only Dwarf in an all elf nation. Good times.
  4. When Soulein invited me to play with HoA I did not know what to expect. Infact he broke their rules by inviting me without talking to the GL at the time. The next day I was guild kicked for having the last name "of Aquateen" because apparently naming yourself after a TV show was not acceptable. I am very glad I decided to make another toon and try again. It's been 8 years and I have never found another group of guys (and girls!) that has been this fun to game with. If your looking for something a little bit more mature Avari is what your looking for.
  5. My name is Taros and I just wanted to say that I approve the name "Vale of Tarros" 100% Thank you and have a nice day.
  6. I played with Aeturnas Trinitas back in the day on Mourning. We embraced the carebear and all had sigs with the carebear cartoon pics on it. We had so many members that we ran out of carebears though. I was forced to use a pic of the next best thing. John Candy.Good times.
  7. I agree 100%. They have said the combat is going to be much like the combat you see in Terra. I was very worried about combat so I installed Terra and gave the combat a shot. While the game itself is total crap the combat felt very good to me. It was not at all fast paced combat like Darkfall. In fact the animation locking when you were swinging your weapon prevented that. Instead you had to think about what power you wanted to use. Some were faster than others, some were slow and had a terribly small arc to them making them hard to land but devastating when you did. While talking about combat is all well and good, you should give Terra a small test run if you want to see what kind of combat they have said they are shooting for. Just keep in mind that everything aside from the combat is garbage and you probably wont enjoy it at all
  8. For the last 11 years I have been in a guild that had a guild leader with minimal play time (not the one in my avatar). He had a strong core of officers to deal with the day to day and basically just pointed them in the right direction and dealt with any drama that sprang up. It is just very important that your officers are on the same page as the guild leader in terms of the direction of the guild and be ready to back their decisions even if you don't agree with them. I also find it odd that the guild above RP'ed a merchant guild in Shadowbane. Anyways, best of luck. I love the idea.
  9. This is probably the most epic hyshen video that was ever made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgBV4d_2ym8 p.s. No, you can't have that 2 minutes of your life back.
  10. Many more than that, they just all play and enjoy WoW. To each their own i guess.
  11. Belkin N52TE + naga is what I use. Tons of key bindings and very comfortable. It of course does not solve your typing problem but like some one said earlier, who types these days while gaming anyways?
  12. I am still undecided if I like this or not. I will say though that this only promotes zerg guilds. Smaller tight knit guilds that might be able to kill twice their number due to coordination and good healing will for sure find it much harder to do with limited to no healing. We don't know everything there is to know and maybe it's too early to jump to this conclusion though. Only time will tell.
  13. Some of you are looking at this the wrong way. Probably because you have played too much WoW or one of its many clones. This game will be about group vs group or guild vs guild. Sure its great if your toon can kill anything on the field solo but the truth is it does not matter at all. Once this game gets going and people have tested out different archtype/profession combos we will start to see guilds rolling groups that work effectively together. At this point its no longer about if you toon is good alone its about how much damage your group can put on a target before his healers react to you or he runs away. If you do not enjoy this and want to solo 100% of the time im sure there will be something for you to play. Just don't be sad if the game is balanced for GvG rather than solo play.
  14. What was even more fun was self imposed restrictions on Mourning.
  15. Sorry I was not very clear in my post at all. I was trying to say I disagree with it taking a year to max your skills as per the post I was responding to. I would not mind a skill based system so long as it is done much better than Darkfall did it. I don't want to log in to start my macro and go afk 24/7., Only checking in to make sure im still alive to skill up.
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