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  1. My biggest question is: It only mentions EKs, and personally I don't really see any reason why you would play in EKs (It's very much possible I have misunderstood all this time, and honestly, I hope I have...) because as I understand, there are only non-premium variants of materials in there, so the only way to get the premium variants are by importing it from the Campaign which is extremely limited? (And generally only at the end of the campaign). I that is true, why would you have a trader in EK? Additional question: Are these available in Campaign worlds?
  2. Personally, I think they should make a "failed craft" have bad stats, instead of losing all your material. That way it is better for early-game (which I think failure is the place where failure hurts the most), and makes end-game players still think of it as failure (Noone wants bad gear)
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