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  1. Now there's an idea. Set up cameras and stream the bugfixing.
  2. It might be healthy for everyone to just assume its not coming for a month. Then if it comes sooner, it will be a happy surprise.
  3. Its possible, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  4. We're like a bunch of kids on a long car ride asking if we're there yet. Of course their parents respond, frustrated, "We'll get there when we get there!"
  5. The information is much appreciated.
  6. Templar's Censure often goes through targets--its very difficult to land.
  7. Every change made comes with huge backlash and a lot if angry posts. I can definitely understand why it would be frustrating to hear as a developer. Honestly, the systems you've put in place aren't bad, they just need some tweaking. The problem is that everyone is used to playing a certain type of game, and when expectations are shaken up the sky seems to be falling. The controversial changes of late don't make the game bad, just different. That can be hard to see sometimes.
  8. Ah yes, Dregs. Here's how I imagine Dregs working, based on things I've heard ACE mention and my own thoughts on the matter. I think the current campaign system (the faction system) should be a sort of "beginner zone" or even a "recruiting zone" if you will. In these campaigns a new player will be able to learn the game, try out different classes, and perhaps find a group of people they enjoy playing with. These are more laid back campaigns and serve simply as a gateway to the meat of the game, which is the Dregs. What I imagine is that the guilds will be dropped in their own little corner of the map and would scramble to gather resources to build a structure to protect their "flag" or their "alter" or whatever it is. This item is essentially the life force of your guild. Your goal is to protect your item while trying to break or steal the item from opposing guilds. If you are successful in taking or breaking this item, then the guild to which it belonged is either out of the game, or, if the guild leader is willing, can pledge allegiance to the victorious guild. This would prolong their time in the campaign and hopefully earn them a portion of the reward, even if its a small portion, perhaps according to a contract struck between the guilds. The victorious guild would seize control of all items owned by the losing guild. Of course, this could lead to deceit and betrayal, but hey, that's just politics. Eventually, one guild will become the victor and be able to divide the spoils of war as they please. This way, people could play as they please. They could play as pure mercenaries, bending the knee to the highest payer. They could play as crafters, promising gear in exchange for protection. They could play as barbarians, raiding and pillaging to their delight, leaving none alive and stealing all in their wake. Of course, I realize that the dregs is probably already planned out, and its very unlikely it would play out this way. It seems that the vision of the game is getting skewed due to a high degree of execution difficulty. I'm not a developer so I really don't know what I'm talking about. It just seems to me that the team is intent on taking the easy road rather than develop their core vision, which is a politically driven throne war simulator.
  9. Hi all, I am currently looking for a guild as well. I'm best in NA west, I just started playtesting a couple weeks ago and have loved the game. I've already put in quite a bit of time and I have a pretty good understanding of all the basics. I'm interested in PvP, but I also love crafting and gathering and thus will happily fill any niche that your guild needs. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I can put in a decent amount of time if need be. I would hope that any guild I would join would love working together in both combat and crafting, and has a friendly, helpful, and respectful playerbase. Some games I've played: DDO, LotRO, Asheron's Call, LoL, and some BDO. See you all out there, Bundles
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