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  1. Good news everyone, we are now a registered guild, search for us under "gotr" or "ghosts of the revolution"
  2. Good afternoon everyone! Looking forward to this weekend test and hoping to see some of you in the game!
  3. Hope everyone had a good 4th, likewise to those for Canada Day
  4. I apologize for the incredibly late reply, it appears I have to subscribe to every thread pertaining to me! I'll toss you a message friend, sorry again! BTW how about that livestream! Personally enjoyed the castle building segment.
  5. Everyone starts their adventure somewhere
  6. Part of the fun is going through the slow times as well as the fast times. Wouldn't be a real community without it.
  7. Well we haven't decided on one, but at a glance I think either Malekai or Yaga
  8. Well we hope to not disappoint, since this is still in the backer state I'm not positive how many you'll actually see, but come the betas youll see the numbers grow! I really need to enable some sort of notification when I get replies
  9. Welcome to the forums! Good on you for pursuing a degree. Also, of course, happy unbirthday to you!
  10. Good afternoon and welcome to the community, Shadowbane IMO was cut short We have a group of guys that play alot of different games atm the focus being The Division, Planetside 2, League of Legends and soon Overwatch.
  11. +1 for the auto assault reference. I recall playing that pretty extensively. Welcome to the community. What games are you currrently playing now? We have a small dedicated group in overwatch on PC at the moment as well! We are definitely looking forward to its release.
  12. Appreciate it!, hope to grow a decent following prior to launch!
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