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  1. I don't think the campaigns should be persistent at all, what you suggest here is fine for a game world rule set, which they already have planned IIRC. But it would still be beneficial to make it a season, but perhaps longer, say 4-6 months. All games with heavy factional PvP stagnate over time.
  2. If you are trying to do everything in this game by yourself you are going to have a hard time. Crafting is complicated by design. There are this many materials in crafting to create a meta game and allow people to have proprietary recipes so people actually seek out the best crafters and the best will be far an in between. As to the items space issue, that's known and they are working on a solution. Pre-Alpha games are always a ghost town in testing IMO. The difference is people bought the game and think the money they spent should be reflected in the quality of the product now. I've played maybe a total of 10hrs, specifically to test new combat mechanics and other changes. I'm not trying to play the game, even for sieges, until beta.
  3. It's alpha... they are still settling on core mechanics. They made direct changes to how the game plays, at a fundamental level, based on player feedback.
  4. I meant testing rewards. I'd rather it not be on twitter. That explains why I can find it.
  5. I wasn't aware that's how test worked, but that makes sense. All the people complaining about losing leveling and all that jazz should probably just play on test. That's my plan next
  6. If that's how you feel you probably should just wait until release TBH. A full wipe will be necessary during testing at some point, if for no other reasons than to test the speed at which people level...
  7. As far as testing, we need a testing world where everyone can spawn at max level/max point cap to test everything.
  8. You are missing the point of the game. What you want is a game that eventually dies. Completely, as losers start completely quitting the game. Shadowbane had this problem, all iterations of Darkfall had this problem, most RvR games have this problem. Fighting the same people, for the same things everything over and over again get's tedious and boring. Campaigns fix this problem. For testing, they need to cycle quickly to test features. But once live, they can be longer, say 1year+ and it'll have all the features you like because that's the entire point of the game....
  9. I saw a video detailing perks we get for logging play-test hours and doing other thing. I think this is a great feature. But I can't seem to find it explained in detail else where when I google it. Is there a post or something I missing?
  10. Because of the game's heavy focus on PvP, nothing that is a rare drop should be extremely powerful. But rare drops make PvE worthwhile. There should be rare skins, pets, etc that are simply copies of what's available else where. Want to have an elk skin that makes you look like a zombie? Well that should be a rare drop from some zombie elk boss. It should just be a skin though
  11. You all realize that point conditions will change where winning will have different conditions once we are out of alpha right? A full sandbox game is one where the players determine the conditions of everything and it ends up working mostly like eve, where 3-5 big factions dictate what everyone else does and it essentially becomes an RvR game. Crowfall has a win condition specifically to prevent stagnation. With that said, I fully expect there to be systems in place to have "best crafter" or "best trade guild" that give rewards for that playstyle at some point
  12. 1) I don't think you understood my point. When I say "there are essentially separate communities" I'm not saying that the communities will never interact, I'm saying there interaction will be very minimal. The guilds/players who love factional PvP will rarely play on the dredge worlds, the players who love Arena PvP will likely figure out a way to get the highest ranked material and focus mainly on tournaments in the EKs rather than play in CWs. 4) I could be wrong. I'm not entirely sure as I stated. This is how pretty much all MMO communities work though. Look at every sandbox that has ever existed and you had distinct communities had interacted with each other and were only forced to on minimal basis, and only if there were FFA PvP areas. The existence of different rule sets for the dying allows ACE to support each community independently without pissing off any other community by doing so. Look at EvE. There are people who NEVER enter Null space. There are people who never leave 1.0 sec space. Unless you force FFA PvP everywhere, you aren't going to force interaction on the level where I can inflict my will on others in virtual space. Crowfall is no different in practice. The game itself is designed to foster this sort of play style sectioning off by the player base through the CWs. So, in fact, you did choose to back a game that is 5 games (or whatever) in single game, just like you do in every other sandbox game that doesn't have forced PvP everywhere. Using EvE as another example, the game didn't reach critical mass (reaching the amount of players needed to retaining and attract new players) until it added Sec space. CW serve this function. EKs are the glue that bind them together, just like the auction house in EvE. @Vuris See above as well.
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