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  1. Activities, quests, events, etc that give giant exp bonuses to these tasks would make it less grindy. Grind is just activities to level that aren't fun or repetitive. Breaking that up with other tasks will make it less grindy
  2. Just got done listening to the Q&A. I'm not liking how much of the vessel system is getting put into the background. The removal of the passive tree is putting it into more of the background. I think the passive system should be made active, but everything about it should be tied to the crow soul, with a unique UI. Maybe even having a soft cap on what you can learn or some other "permanent." I would also say add crow quests and achievements that give you exp bonuses to those now active trees.
  3. One of the unique things about the game is slowly getting pushed more and more into the background: VESSELS. With the removal of passive skill gains, there is less of a tie to the crow and more of a tie to the body which it inhabits. I think it would be good, from both a design and RP perspective, to put the fact that the bodies are ephemeral, back in player's faces. One of the ways to do this is to make more of the skills tied to the crow. This can be accomplished through making crafting, harvesting, and few other things tied directly to the crow. I'm thinking take the entire passive skill tr
  4. If we want progression at all, the small guild vs big guild will always be a problem. Always. Developers should give small guilds things to do to get progression, but trying to make it completely even regardless of size is folly.
  5. That leveling system is grindy af though and there's a reason why it's been abandoned. I've been playing Albion lately and I think that is a decent middle ground between the two. It might seem like a small difference, but it's the difference between spamming a single skill to level and doing tasks.
  6. Another possibility would be to make the top rated vessels easy come and easy go and turning some gear towards sac to level them up
  7. Disagree with auto looting as a permanent feature as there needs to be a risk to looting.
  8. Darkfall? People would have siege bags and junk bags and the bad pvpers would be farmed by the good pvpers due to lack of stuff to do besides fighting over stuff and it lead to all the bad players either zerging it up OR simply wearing junk gear all the time. The reason EVE works is because of the high and low systems that allow the non-good pvpers or the more casual players to feel like they are contributing and getting ahead before they are eventually lead to a no sec space, if at all. I had thought that Crowfall was going to mimic this system with the infected worlds of RvR (God wars
  9. Sounds like the same issues basic issues from Mortal Online, ArchAge, and Darkfall (1 & 2) sigh...
  10. Has the point system been fully fleshed out yet or are they still working on it?
  11. Yea I know how test is. I'm just going to jump in and get my feat wet. The way I look at it, remaking a body is part of the game
  12. Thank you for the response. So... the character slots we get from backing the game, are they for bodies/vessels or are they like an additional account?
  13. I was going through my reward today and I noticed that the physical collectors edition and a few character slots have been redeemed for CrowCoins. I was really looking forward to a physical edition of the game with fancy art work and stuff. Has the physical collectors edition of the game been removed and is no longer going out, did I somehow accidentally give up the physical edition of the game, or is this extra reward for the wait. Someone help me out please! Disregard, support is quick in helping me out!
  14. To me, vessels* have always been end gameish content.
  15. It's been a really long time since I've played the game and there appears to be a ton of changes, especially around classes. If someone could help me understand all the changes I would be ever so grateful! Are creating skill books still a thing? I thought that feature was cool to help getting new players beefed up by old players. I liked that 1 soul, multiple bodies concept. It appears that this is now in the background where you get passives and you just make alts to play different builds (with the low level cap this isn't a huge deal form me, I hate leveling alts TBH). I believ
  16. Love the direction of the game. Let's do this!
  17. I don't think the campaigns should be persistent at all, what you suggest here is fine for a game world rule set, which they already have planned IIRC. But it would still be beneficial to make it a season, but perhaps longer, say 4-6 months. All games with heavy factional PvP stagnate over time.
  18. If you are trying to do everything in this game by yourself you are going to have a hard time. Crafting is complicated by design. There are this many materials in crafting to create a meta game and allow people to have proprietary recipes so people actually seek out the best crafters and the best will be far an in between. As to the items space issue, that's known and they are working on a solution. Pre-Alpha games are always a ghost town in testing IMO. The difference is people bought the game and think the money they spent should be reflected in the quality of the product now. I've p
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