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  1. Loving all this carebear alliance drama and asshattery so early in an alpha!
  2. Looks pretty good. Long way from the stationary bulwarks of the past. Will there be ammo types? Like smoke screens and/or shrapnel damage with ability to 'time and prep the fuse?
  3. Keaggan - I'm sure there are many 'crows' who enjoy fighting on multiple fronts. The more elements thrown into a conflict only make the fights that more interesting and exciting. Not sure about 'flopping back and fourth concept, thats not my style but I do partially agree with your statement. Keeping two factions at bay and maintaining harmony between both sides and across campaign worlds IS a pretty sweet dynamic. Till later! Ralin EQ/TB
  4. If you really wanted to make this interesting ACE should add another team to represent 'Balance'. I will gladly represent this team -Ralin.
  5. The 'Like' love with this kid is real
  6. Congrats ACE. Can't wait to see what you guys have lined up for us for the new year! Let's get some new goals up so we can spend more money -R
  7. A good portion of the points addressed were major concerns for me. I'm really glad you guys released a video to put some concerns to rest. Top notch guys! -Ralin
  8. Great pic. Here's my take (some already known..others just ideas): Introduction to an early look at character progression within campaigns. Introduction to Siege - Assets can only be captured by defeating NPC defenders first before crow teams can control them? Introduction to new NPC - Soulless black knights - Minds and souls warped from the effects of hunger? introduction to the 'walk of shame' back to your body/fight upon death? Hunger death debuff on respawn? Tmer increase when killed by Hunger. Lower if killed by player? We know the 'Ranger' is coming soon but why is the Fey in this pic? Is the Fey going to drop as well? While we are on the Fey... Fey in the pic does not have wings. Perhaps Fey wings are 'power' or the ability based (character progression choices). Maybe the ability to spawn wings is tied to a kill counter that grants the ability? Wings will only spawn when a character's health or warmth hits a critical number? Limited use. Wings may work like Z-Rush on Confessors? Fey is dual wielding what looks like katanas. Progression choices on daggers or swords? Stealth ability tied to weapon choice? In all the Fey shots I see different types of masks. Are the type of masks tied to progression choices as well? Example: Solid stripe mask (covering the eyes) = Stealth Jagged masks = wings. That would be a great indicator as to what type of arctype your engaging in a fight. Can't wait till the big release! -Ralin
  9. FF is a major feature set for the PVP community - We all agree here but there are far more important things to focus on before the FF hurdle is reached.
  10. This thread makes baby Jesus cry..
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