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  1. Just hit some of the new addditions after taking a few months break. Here are a couple things I noticed. First, not letting players into the campaign until level 20 means players can't join their friends; don't like this move. Updated graphics are nice and character controller feels a lot smoother. Not able to name your character felt hollow after being able to name them in previous versions. Not sure I like the removal of the altar/XP trade in at the Pre-Earth starter area. New players should get a chance to level up higher before even going to "Earth". Changing the "F" to interact with the gate to a hold and press didn't feel right. I liked the simple press "F" from before. Love the "Throwing Hammer of the Irekei" great to see more nods to SB. Pulling items out of the Account Vault should be a right click anywhere on the bar, not just the little 1/2" x 1/2" icon. I was trying to take items out and it wouldn't work until I accidentally hovered over the image icon and it worked. The Account vault is one of the biggest negatives currently in my opinion. I'm not sure if I missed it, but when entering into God's Reach I didn't get the option to choose which faction I wanted to belong to. Previously you could be seperate of your guild. I'm not sure if I'm part of one big faction in this round of testing, or it was auto selected for me.
  2. My first thought without reading anything, is why didn't we get the Aracoix as a playable race? Overall more things to do in CF besides straight up fighting is good.
  3. I do not like the idea of vessel decay, the core concept was never about vessel decay it was about dying worlds. Having said that, there is a way to still make necromancy viable, and that is through the use of dying pets. Necromancy would be the perfect path to create pets (which are supposed to be in the game anyways). As to the OP, I like the idea of being able to sacrifice an old vessel for the points. Yes we would need a change to the overall sacrfice mechanics so points did carry over. Also agree with some posters that we should get the value of the current vessel at a reduced rate. Personally I would like to see where a white vessel sacrificed was able to get you to level 15 of a green vessel, a green vessel got you to level 15 on a blue vessel etc. Leveling up and not having access to your powers right away was a partial complaint on having to re-level a new vessel. Being able to sacrifice an older vessel and immediately open up some of the beginning skills would go a long way to not feeling like a grind all over again. Level 15 allows the player to get their first Major rune all of the minors and both exploration slots.
  4. EvE also made the 0.0 resources scarce for moon goo. We don't need the best materials spread over the map (I don't like their spawner algorithm), instead we need a secure area that guilds control. Imagine a locked door, that keeps most people out, but if a large enough force breaks the door they can come in; that was how EvE worked. Space in 0.0 was safe for the miners, what was in danger was access to the safety of mining in owned systems. Wars were fought over the areas that safely produced high end resources. Control a system, you can safely rat or mine in it, want a system to safely mine in, you fought over it to take control. Crowfall needs a way to allow us to safely harvest in zones, and then provide a way for that area to be transfered via PvP. In my opinion that was the beauty of the Wolf vs Sheep in EvE; the sheep were protected, and for the most part didn't complain in 0.0 (hulkageddon being an exception). The wolves would then gather a force to try and take over the systems so their own sheep could harvest in safety. Shadowbanes safety net was twofold, you had track, and you had summons. Both of these much needed mechanics are missing in Crowfall and it really hurts the sheep having a desire to play in the open world. Where this hurts the most is the single or small group players. Guilds will put groups together and deter by numbers or reinforcements. However the solo player (yes they will be drawn to this game too) is not left with too many mechanics to protect their gametime while harvesting. As for scouting, I specifically asked the question to Gordon about whether we could see something similar to EvE's scanning for plexes; the answer was positive that we could get something like that, but probably after launch. Things change and I'm not stating positively it will happen, what I'm getting at is ACE is aware of the need for other things to do besides just PvP. Points are just bad.
  5. The art for the food items are nice. While complexity is good, please remember that sometimes we need simplicity too. I love the variety, but could it be made simpler with just one recipe being used instead of make "A", then "B" then combine? The system for crafting armor seems so much simpler than for crafting food, and I feel like it's due to the base ingredients we start with while cooking; thus my suggestion, make cooking complex by needing lots of ingredients or having lots of variety, but make the cooking process simpler by making the actual recipe a 1 step process.
  6. This makes me wonder what will be used for frostweaver. Confessor and Frostweaver were going to share the orb.
  7. Point systems in a game like Crowfall don't make sense. This isn't baseball or basketball, where the highest point wins after time has expired (at least it shouldn't be at it's core); it should be more like capture the flag, either I have the flag or I don't. We need solid mechanics for territory ownership, with future maps being so volumous that no one alliance can own the whole map. Faction warfare IS the problem. I think that even within the 12 god ruleset, we would see better results. The dregs breaks it apart even more where there are hundreds if not a thousand guilds that act as mini factions. The small nature of 3 factions is creating problems with prizes during a pre-Alpha.
  8. I always wondered why Crowfall didn't make the gods and favor with them something like EvE has with earning rep with mission givers. Choose a faction and it would take real work to change faction by doing deeds for another factions gods. I want to be able to see personal favor with a god, and each god gives a unique in game perk. However you could never have more than 1 god's favor at a time; a threshoold where you are positive with them, but just not in favor with them. Again work hard and you could change who you were in favor with. However factions in and of themselves are not the big draw for the game, that would be guild play in the Dregs as Mandalore mentioned.
  9. He was talking about the difference between getting your first white vessel leveled, and then having to relevel everything when moving to a green/blue/purple/orange vessel. When you get a colored vessel you start off at 0 xp and have no skills. A vessel (any color) once leveled, will stay that level in perpetuity. The problem is that a lot of classes (read most) don't have access to their core skills until level 15+. So we are stuck grinding out opening up the skills over and over.
  10. Pets as a durability item is a great win for the necro. I am partial to no durability on the vessel, but absolutely like durability hits on pets.
  11. Yep, I loved being able to come home from work and miss out on sieges tonight. It was a great game experience. Going from 1830PST to 1630PST was too drastic; a simple one hour change to 1730 would make it so much better. Of course wife and kids may not see you when you first get home, but hey gaming comes first right!
  12. Also your map is specific to that faction, not all factions have that layout. For instanced, Order, has the Crypt out of your "Main Gate"; nothing out of the "Crypt Gate" and the "Temple Gate" leads to the Runegate. Everything within the walls is the same across all factions, but not where all of the other parcels are at.
  13. Our differences come from personality, and I don't like being able to make something and then never having access to it again. That would frustrate me as a player, to get a cool new recipe with a limited amount of runs. So I recognize that's my personal stance. I still don't think it will be an issue to have them be permanent similar to how BPs were permanent in EvE. Material scarcity and, as I suggested material quantity could still play a huge part in why some times arcana items wouldn't be crafted, even with a permanent recipe. I've seen this same type of recipe/BP system work in EvE and think there is room for permanent recipes, and consumables. The reward of hours of searching and having dozens of consumable recipes and 1 permanent is a great driver to get out into the world. If training becomes an issue then put a restriction on higher tier recipes that you can't use the recipe until x% of that crafting tree is skilled. It means being able to move into training experimentation pips earlier instead of going g straight for recipes. The biggest argument for permanent that I brought up earlier is an implementation of researching the recipes in order to lower the material cost. In this scenario you might want 2 or 3 of the same recipe. Recipe 1 is used to start crafting right away, while recipes 2 and 3 you start researching. When recipe 2 has x hours invested then you stop researching it and start using it to craft with, for a significant profit due to lower resources. Recipe 1 starts to get researched and 3 keeps getting g research. Leap frog all 3 recipes until 3 is at it's limit, then sell off the first 2 to someone else new to the game. No matter how they handle the system, the arcana recipes have a lot of natural flexibility built in, and it looks to be a good system that will make crafting deeper.
  14. Overages will be tedious. When one has multiple accounts, they will take a certain amount of overage points and apply it to one of their alt accounts (using tomes). Then take that same amount of points from the alt account to give back to the main in a different area. End result is the main account (and probably the alt) end up with the points allocated exactly where they want. When we can bypass the system, why make it harder? Just allow us to queue a new skill when a tree line is finished. I will share on a lot of things, but giving points from my account to a new player is not something I will do.
  15. Making these permanent does not negate the need to explore for more recipes. They should be lootable (unless equipped), but beyond that I want to see them as permanent and not a consumable. My wish would be for these recipes (later down the road) to allow classes to use a variety of weapons, and not be limited to one or two. This is an after launch item, that would help to differentiate builds. I don't like Krakkens idea of having the recipe be like a rune, that is destroyed is replaced. These should be swappable, but not necessarily easy to come by. Permanent recipes are not a bad thing. If they really wanted to get bold, go the route that EvE took and allow crafters to research the arcana recipes in order to lower the cost of resources. When you first get the recipe it is better than a normal item, but also takes twice the materials. Researching the recipe would lower the material cost. Two crafters could have the same permanent recipe, but one may make more profit because they have a researched recipe. These are the type of exploratory things I hope ACE will do with the Arcana.
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