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  1. I do not like the idea of vessel decay, the core concept was never about vessel decay it was about dying worlds. Having said that, there is a way to still make necromancy viable, and that is through the use of dying pets. Necromancy would be the perfect path to create pets (which are supposed to be in the game anyways). As to the OP, I like the idea of being able to sacrifice an old vessel for the points. Yes we would need a change to the overall sacrfice mechanics so points did carry over. Also agree with some posters that we should get the value of the current vessel at a reduced rate. Personally I would like to see where a white vessel sacrificed was able to get you to level 15 of a green vessel, a green vessel got you to level 15 on a blue vessel etc. Leveling up and not having access to your powers right away was a partial complaint on having to re-level a new vessel. Being able to sacrifice an older vessel and immediately open up some of the beginning skills would go a long way to not feeling like a grind all over again. Level 15 allows the player to get their first Major rune all of the minors and both exploration slots.
  2. I've trained all recipe nodes in blacksmithing, and all the basic nodes, and I did not see coal or carbon last night while testing on a blacksmith character.
  3. Except that on the current version of test, Coal is NOT on the Blacksmithing major disc. This would not be such a bad change if the minor recipes were on the respective Major discipline runes. @thomasblair Will there be a change to to have the Artisan Crafting recipes put back onto the appropriate Major Crafting discs?
  4. I think there are 2 different categories; on the Live server you need to be on the leaderboard to get anything, then to get gold you had to be on the winning faction. As I understand the test server, you just had to be logged on for 4 hours (no leaderboard requirement for test).
  5. I've been able to get back into the Test server and verify that the recipes in "artisan crafting" were not just added to the artisan disc, but they have been taken away from the other major crafting discs. @jtoddcoleman This is a quality of life step backwards. It will now require 2 characters (from same account) to do the work that was previously done by 1. While it's not the end of the world, it does make me question why the devs felt this was a good solution, to a problem that didn't exist. Oh and as others have stated, taking away the gold giving vendors makes me not want to log in to test at all. Test at least had a few things going for it, test different builds without all the grind, work with higher level materials without having to go harvest. Without the free gold and mats, test is simply a different zone with lots of grind.
  6. EvE also made the 0.0 resources scarce for moon goo. We don't need the best materials spread over the map (I don't like their spawner algorithm), instead we need a secure area that guilds control. Imagine a locked door, that keeps most people out, but if a large enough force breaks the door they can come in; that was how EvE worked. Space in 0.0 was safe for the miners, what was in danger was access to the safety of mining in owned systems. Wars were fought over the areas that safely produced high end resources. Control a system, you can safely rat or mine in it, want a system to safely mine in, you fought over it to take control. Crowfall needs a way to allow us to safely harvest in zones, and then provide a way for that area to be transfered via PvP. In my opinion that was the beauty of the Wolf vs Sheep in EvE; the sheep were protected, and for the most part didn't complain in 0.0 (hulkageddon being an exception). The wolves would then gather a force to try and take over the systems so their own sheep could harvest in safety. Shadowbanes safety net was twofold, you had track, and you had summons. Both of these much needed mechanics are missing in Crowfall and it really hurts the sheep having a desire to play in the open world. Where this hurts the most is the single or small group players. Guilds will put groups together and deter by numbers or reinforcements. However the solo player (yes they will be drawn to this game too) is not left with too many mechanics to protect their gametime while harvesting. As for scouting, I specifically asked the question to Gordon about whether we could see something similar to EvE's scanning for plexes; the answer was positive that we could get something like that, but probably after launch. Things change and I'm not stating positively it will happen, what I'm getting at is ACE is aware of the need for other things to do besides just PvP. Points are just bad.
  7. Since I can't get into the test server I will just ask here. Is the change to some component recipes on the Artisan Crafting rune, the only way to access those recipes? Won't this cause a future problem for crafters needing to have access to those recipes for their main line of crafting; but would now need to sacrifice a minor rune for the Artisan Crafting? Eventually discs will not be "free" like they are now, they will have to be searched for, correct? So in the future we won't be able to easily switch from Artisan Crafting to an actually useful crafting minor that helps us get better quality. Again I haven't checked to see if a major crafting disc like Blacksmith will still have the appropriate recipes that are Artisan, but if those recipes were taken off of the crafting majors, then I believe that's a step backwards. Also I'm saddened that you "fixed" weapon tassles.
  8. First time I've had this happen to me; I recalled from an adventure zone and ended up at the noob starting area. Normally recalling from an adventure zone takes you back to your temple area.
  9. Devotion from Templar is able to be placed on the Survival Tray, and be activated.
  10. I think this is a bug, but if it is, please think of keeping it. When using a Greatsword (old one from tranfser, new one made tonight, doesn't matter) the tassle at the end sticks straight out. I personally really like the look and think it would make a nice piece of variety to the look of the weapon.
  11. The art for the food items are nice. While complexity is good, please remember that sometimes we need simplicity too. I love the variety, but could it be made simpler with just one recipe being used instead of make "A", then "B" then combine? The system for crafting armor seems so much simpler than for crafting food, and I feel like it's due to the base ingredients we start with while cooking; thus my suggestion, make cooking complex by needing lots of ingredients or having lots of variety, but make the cooking process simpler by making the actual recipe a 1 step process.
  12. This makes me wonder what will be used for frostweaver. Confessor and Frostweaver were going to share the orb.
  13. Point systems in a game like Crowfall don't make sense. This isn't baseball or basketball, where the highest point wins after time has expired (at least it shouldn't be at it's core); it should be more like capture the flag, either I have the flag or I don't. We need solid mechanics for territory ownership, with future maps being so volumous that no one alliance can own the whole map. Faction warfare IS the problem. I think that even within the 12 god ruleset, we would see better results. The dregs breaks it apart even more where there are hundreds if not a thousand guilds that act as mini factions. The small nature of 3 factions is creating problems with prizes during a pre-Alpha.
  14. I always wondered why Crowfall didn't make the gods and favor with them something like EvE has with earning rep with mission givers. Choose a faction and it would take real work to change faction by doing deeds for another factions gods. I want to be able to see personal favor with a god, and each god gives a unique in game perk. However you could never have more than 1 god's favor at a time; a threshoold where you are positive with them, but just not in favor with them. Again work hard and you could change who you were in favor with. However factions in and of themselves are not the big draw for the game, that would be guild play in the Dregs as Mandalore mentioned.
  15. Confirmed was happening to me as well last light. There are 2 models showing up even when fighting them. When a spider dies, one model flips over, the other stays on its legs.
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