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  1. I have other reasonse why I like this idea, but based on your reasoning I still like this idea. I would love to see a mechanic that counts all gold a player has on them, so we aren't limited to stacks of gold. That gold while on a player should able to be looted, but the transfer of gold is a lot quicker into the bank, and avioids limiting inventory storage if we had a separate holding mechanic.
  2. Personally I think the idea of individual campaigns is a bad one, and I would rather see our "campaigns" just be zones/islands that are all interconnected within the game (i.e. you log into the game once through the lobby, and can then move about to other campaigns via portals). With interconnected campaigns, you then tear down the wall and have no imports/exports at all. The game then has a full loop economy similar to EvE. CF could be so similar to EvE, just not in space, yet ACE has left out the best parts that make EvE, the interconnected game. By connecting campaigns, players that
  3. Point #4 really resonated with me. The desire to keep tweaking and building characters in SB was what made the game so much fun for me. The PvP by all accounts was not great, but the atmosphere surrounding the reason to PvP was amazing.
  4. Thank you for stating this! I understand that arena type mini games will bring in more players, but at what expense to the RPG aspect of the game. While I like PvP games, it's not the only thing I want in a game; I also want the immersion of a fantasy world.....crafting, socialising, building, sieging, harvesting, exploring and some PvP mixed in with all the other components to make it a living MMORPG.
  5. I think we need a type of chest that can hold only a few items but can be placed on the ground like the walls. I would love to have a way to have contests, like geocaching, or scavenger hunts etc. Give the players simple tools, and we will create our own content.
  6. Most of what you say I agree with. I was hoping for exploration to be part of a guilds strategy to end a campaign earlier than natural. Actually I had hoped campaigns had no set time, and that the players determined when the campaign ended by the triggers you mention. Territory control would have been one of those triggers, and not just some arbitraty number of how many ouposts/keeps/castles you have, but actual territory. It would have been great to have offerings to the Pantheon play a part in how quick a campaign ended. One guild sacrificing to end quickly because they feel they are
  7. King Stephen......of Dragonscale. I knew of him on Mourning. His guild was very new player friendly, and I almost think his guild could have done a lot more, execpt his ambition was to help new players and not conquer all. Your own history:
  8. I suggest running a better control test by using a 3% Bleed Badge instead of an armor piece that uses both bleed and a natural 2.5% Damage Bonus. I look at this video and I see the damage bonus from the armor raising the overall damage bonus; I don't see bleed doing anything. This type of build reminds me of the Big Bomb Sentinel from SB, and we desparately need more diverse builds. While I enjoy group strategy in large fights, the counter play in large fights is somewhat missing. Where are the doomsayer type classes that drain other resources from players, so they can't cast/use their
  9. Why do we need leaderboards? Why do we need win conditions? I realize this is a game, but I was hoping more for a game like EvE, where there are no "win" conditions. In an environment where there are no forced/arbitrary win conditions, then a small guild can absolutely win at what they are trying to achieve. Allow the players to determine their own success, or at least what the community would consider success by the games social standards; don't give us artifical win conditions. Having different rules for different campaigns is one thing, but that doesn't mean we need to "win" at thi
  10. Might be nice if Int contributed to mana by say 50% or even just 25% of the rate that SPR does. High INT builds shouldn't suffer from a lack of mana. The other avenue ACE could choose to go is by allowing a higher INT to increaes the rate at which mana is increased while in combat. SPR = larger pool of mana, INT could equal a faster regen time.
  11. I was really hoping that the current pantheon would play a lot more into the dregs. First the dregs can't just be x amount of forts/keeps/castles, but it needs to be a place where any guild could freely build a castle if they had the resources (Shadowbane style). Then I was really hoping that each city/castle could build a monument to one of the gods in the pantheon, and sacrifice items to get the buff. Automatically getting the buff in faction vs faction would be fine, but make it cost a little bit in guild vs guild for a 2 hr buff. The more cities a guild owns, the more variety of buffs
  12. Faction vs Faction should have its own real campaign though; the NPE tutorial should not even crossover to Infected. Faction vs Faction was supposed to be its own complete campaign with their own winners, it was just the import/export and loot rules that would have been different. Maybe they bring back the Shadowed lands to be a full campaign with current Infected rules, but it's still faction based.
  13. If ACE was writing their C# code correctly it should be a minor issue. Each snippet of code is a self contained block, and you put all the blocks together to build a house. In this case they should have built the code for the towers to trigger off of capture, which leaves a simple flag of is it captured, and if so then by whom. Then a second piece of code references the first and uses that stored information to determine how bonuses should be applied to a parcel. A 3rd piece of code should have been written for the parcels, and a 4th for resources; and that code references many others.
  14. I'm curious what was taken away. I use a mouse to move, but I have a mouse that allows me to reprogram the buttons, and I've always played this way going back to hunger dome. I support mouse movement for others as you stated in the OP.
  15. Color coordinated chat in one window would be nice. Shadowbane offered those options, and they allowed us to change the color of the chat to our preference. I always did red for damage, green for heals, and blue for guild chat; basic but it worked.
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