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  1. @thomasblair I appreciate the answers for numbers 1-3; however on number 4 I have to disagree, and will propose 2 routes that I think would be better while still maintaining your goal design. Over the last few months @Gradishar has been bringing this issue up, on the tray real estate. Personally I would like to see each race/class have access to all trays (harvesting/melee/ranged). Then there is no issue with with allowing auras/songs to stay persistent (except for when stripped by hard CC). Since this is not the direction it seems you want to go, then here are my 2 proposals. Allow a song/aura to be put on pause when leaving one tray, but when switchting back to the original tray the song/aura automatically starts back up. This allows for the design goal of not having persistent buffs, but it also allows players not to have to fumble around with the 2 second restarting of songs/auras. Change the skill from a 2 second cast to instant cast with a 5 second cool down. Yes this would also change songs and how they are woven, but I still believe it gives more options. What it does for tray swapping is allows a player to more quickly get back to their original state in that tray. You gave us the trays to use, so allow us to actually be strategic in using them. I would not combine the above 2 suggestions, just pick 1. One last thing; I believe you are complicating the rules of tray swaps, and going against what should be K.I.S.S. @Tinnis brings up a good point on how this will eventually effect the Druid, which when first introduced was such a unique idea for different trays and tray management. However the current approach seems to be more in line with traditional RPG games where you were given extra hot bars and could switch between them to use additional skills.
  2. Ok, another thing with skill trays; don't auto slide a skill into an empty spot. When harvesting, it's a logistical pain to keep having to move the Energetic Harvesting skill if my axe breaks. I place my axe in slot 1, but when it breaks, the Energetic Harvesting skill has been auto appearing in that slot. If an axe breaks, then just leave that slot open. We shouldn't have skills changing on us, just because.
  3. The below video shows how the Bard Songs and Cleric Auras do stack, but they won't both show as running at the same time on the tray. Both Vengeful Aura and Speedsong should be "raised" up, but only the last aura/song to be played is raised. The upper right buff bar, shows both aura and song running at the same time, but again no raised skill, and the one that isn't raised also doesn't have the moving bar across the number. *Edit* Also there is no benefit to having the speed song in the harvesting tray if it won't persist through switching to ranged tray. I was looking forward to more tray real estate, but this just makes you double up on some skills, instead of being able to slot out unique skills on each tray.
  4. Ok, first impressions are good. However here are the things that don't feel as crisp as 5.2: Skills don't seem to fire as quickly, you have to wait a tad longer in order to make sure there is a delay between the end of the animation and start of new skill. This "felt" a lot better in 5.2 A nice quality of life issue would be to allow us to change stances while we are in "alt" mode. When I'm trying to load out my tray, I should be able to go from the Harvesting tray to Ranged tray and back, all while in "alt" mode. I believe this was mentioned, but I'll mention it again. Allow us to "weave" our harvesting pips in and out of the harvesting. In fact I would completely get rid of any type of animation associated with the Energetic Harvesting pip bonuses; simply allow them to fire off, when we need them. Auras on Cleric: why don't they persist through changing trays? Now this can actually happen for Vengegul Aura, because you can place that aura on the harvesting tray and it keeps the aura up. However you don't have that option for Holy Aura, and as soon as you switch to the harvesting tray, you lose the buff. No buffs should be dropped just by switching trays.
  5. Tracking and the Compass

    Radar style tracking is what the harvesters will need, in order to escape. Anyone comes on track, and you better be cautious; I don't believe this aspect of SB needs to be changed a bit.
  6. With those pictures at the end, I keep thinking of seating for medieval tournaments. With this change, a roman style coliseum can be built.
  7. IF, and I stress the if, this is the way the game actually plays out, then it is barely any different than a MOBA. Campaigns should be going from months to maybe even a year, where players even in the Dregs need a fallback haven in order to regroup and make another charge. More than likely if a guild is crushed out of a campaign they will also leave the game. I was thinking about it last night, that there should be several win conditions for each campaign, similar to how the Civilization series allows for economic, military, scientific victories. In EvE players can always head back to safe space (.5-1.0 security) do missions to raise more Isk and build back up a Battleship armada. Small corps go this route all the time when they first start the game. It's how my corps started until we were big enough, recruited enough to be picked up by a smaller alliance in 0.0, finally getting into a larger alliance. But EvE is very different, in that while you can lose everything, and the core of the game is founded on PvP, there is so much to do in EvE, that not everything hinges on direct combat. There are solo traders that have more Isk than some large alliances; they influence the market to see their profits rise. There are some traders who trade to make money to fuel the war machine. Not everyone in EvE is there for the 0.0 PvP. While your statement of being able to lose everything is accurate, it's only accurate to a point, because CCP built in a fail-safe, where any pilot can always have a new frigate upon being podded, and they can always take that small frigate and do level 1 missions to begin building back up their wealth, which translates into more ships. No one is ever truly out of the game in EvE; the only thing it takes is time. This is what the dying worlds forces upon the players of Crowfall, limited time to recover. I don't see the banking mechanics as bad for the game, I think it will allow more players to feel like they are competitive and desire to stay with the game, instead of up right quitting.
  8. Imagine a guild that is winning early in 3 different campaigns, and in each of those 3 campaigns everyone leaves because it's a clear win for that one guild. However each of the 3 campaigns continues for the next month because, while the guild winning will win, the actual win mechanic has not been triggered. That winning guild would be sitting around doing nothing for a month. That's just bad design. Keeping things interesting, and allowing for a more free flow of goods is better for not only the economy as a whole, but for the longevity of campaigns. This isn't LOL, Paragon, DOTA etc. where matches end in less than an hour.
  9. I would like to see vessels stored in the temples. No storing of vessels in any type of bank.
  10. Limited on Forts, unlimited in Keeps. Gives another reason for guilds to live out of Keeps.
  11. Just now reading the article... I really like this approach, and even if they never allow for imports during specific campaigns the option is there. I like the idea behind this statement, but also caution that in campaigns like the dregs, making it hard for the enemy to equip themselves should be a valid strategy to winning. Hopefully ACE can be persuaded to reach the same affect through a slightly different mechanic. Allow players to sell their personal banked goods, and then transfer a "bill of goods" or cash only through the world bank. This keeps items purely local, helps spur the economy, doesn't overly hurt the losing player from accessing something of value, and still gives the winning side control over who/what items are transferred out of the area the bank was in. Although this may be null and void, since this particular mechanic shouldn't be in the Dregs (hint hint, no beachheads in the Dregs). Still I think a mechanic (that is heavily borrowed from EvE) could work in the Dregs.
  12. How do i change my guild's crest?

    I understand what ACE has said, however we will need some type of guild system in game, for things like KOS lists, so the npcs know who to attack, or guild alignment. Somewhere there will be information from out of game, fed to in game and used. These systems need to be closer rather than farther apart. On a tangent, I would say that this is another way ACE is ruining immersion. At a minimum we should see guild controls in the lobby. Not everyone looks on forums, or wants to deal with forums. There should be in game guild requests and approvals, along with guild management tools. So I go back to my original statement, why limit the guild crest creation to a one time thing (with new variations each time new content is added)?
  13. How do i change my guild's crest?

    The function of the code happens in game, so while I get what you are saying about the social structure of guilds outside the game; we will need a coded effort of "guilds" within the game "server". I believe it's silly to think that all players that want to create a guild will want to use an external portal do so. Flexibility would dictate that they give both an external and internal mechanism for establishing a guild.
  14. How do i change my guild's crest?

    I don't understand why they can't allow us to update the crest as many times as a guild sees fit. It's been awhile since I changed the Corps logo in EvE, but I thought it could be updated unlimited times. I understand the idea of locking in etc. but I believe that these should be handled by ACE on a "need" basis. If there is a good reason for a guild to change logos, then let them do it. In game how are guilds going to be established? There should be a way for an established player to pass leadership of their current guild, and then start a new one. So why are the logos be limited? Sure it's a bit of a hassle to have everyone rejoin a new guild, but not so much that people wouldn't do it.
  15. New guy questions on eternal kingdom

    I'm going to chime in because I'm one of those players that does believe that Crowfall could have a 1:1 model with EvE. EvE has 0.0 and wormhole systems, Crowfall has Campaigns; EvE has hi-sec systems, Crowfall has EKs; EvE has pods, Crowfall has crows; EvE has ships, Crowfall has vessels. I would love to see some neutral trading happening within each campaign, however small changes are needed. You could never have a 100% winner take all approach, you need a minimum of at least 25% of goods to be exported for just participating in the CW. This allows neutral/non-guilded traders/merchants/crafters to export the most valuable items they want in order to continue making/trading in EKs. The winners then get a bonus for winning of double any raw materials they saved in the embargo, and they get to keep all items. The other part is we need to take away the lobby, and then move to portals that are initiated within each players EK. This brings us even closer to the EvE model, where ships jump through gates to get to a system, and vessels use portals to join campaigns. We know that a crow can join up to 3 different campaigns, so it would be great to have a portal that takes you back to your EK instead of having to go through the lobby; just bypass the lobby altogether. The war between guilds will not stop just because a campaign stops, and there should be economic wars going on all the time in the EKs between guilds, or solo investors wanting to see their profits go higher. The importing of new items into a fresh campaign (via the dying worlds mechanic) was to help hinder the "uncle Bob" effect. EKs and Campaigns could really be thought of as just different systems like in EvE, and our houses/buildings/castles are the stations of EvE within each system.