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    Teufel got a reaction from Dao in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    Thank you for stating this!  I understand that arena type mini games will bring in more players, but at what expense to the RPG aspect of the game.  While I like PvP games, it's not the only thing I want in a game; I also want the immersion of a fantasy world.....crafting, socialising, building, sieging, harvesting, exploring and some PvP mixed in with all the other components to make it a living MMORPG.
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    Teufel got a reaction from pantaro in Crafting and harvesting progression should be addressed   
    As someone that likes to craft, I don't feel useful when dropped mob gear is so much better than anything I've been able to make so far. (This is for 6.4 live on infected)
    Your idea of making PH scale the quality is interesting, and might help with the above crafter situation above.  Make the R10 nodes give the most amount of resources, but the R4/5/6 on infected currently would give a % of the R10 value.  The difference would be that now PH allows you to get higher return of greens thru orange, but at a lesser quantity on the low tier nodes vs getting an abundance of green thru orange on R10 nodes.
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    Teufel reacted to damebix in Game Direction - Losing Crowfall as an MMORPG Throne War   
    This post has reached 200 replies, which means there's a lot to talk about here, but I hope we all agree that something needs to happen.  The specifics can be argued over, but the current systems are NOT making Crowfall fun.  Since this post, 6.51 has moved to the live environment, and many more issues were introduced that just make the game less fun, while none of the actually issues brought up in the original post were addressed. 
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    Teufel reacted to dolmar in Game Direction - Losing Crowfall as an MMORPG Throne War   
    I have been screaming for awhile now that Crowfall is not a MMO. I keep hoping they will put out a static world GvG. Or as Jtodd called it the shadowbane ruleset. 
    Then we have a reason to go to dregs win and bring that stuff back. You could see a guild that had nothing. Go to dregs build up and come back and win territory in the static world.
    It would have to be large though so as to allow multiple guilds to own city's and areas. The campaigns should be the big game. But, there should be a area a guild can own that is static. The EK does not fill this role. 
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    Teufel reacted to VaMei in Game Direction - Losing Crowfall as an MMORPG Throne War   
    I'm still hoping for a salvage mechanic that will allow us to extract components from tribes gear, allowing us to add tribes stats to crafted gear.
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    Teufel reacted to VaMei in Game Direction - Losing Crowfall as an MMORPG Throne War   
    I strongly agree with this.
    *If* Crowfall is going to be a MOBA then so be it, but if it's going to be a progression MMO & throne war simulator, then HD is a distraction from that and will draw opinions contrary to that vision.
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    Teufel reacted to veeshan in Game Direction - Losing Crowfall as an MMORPG Throne War   
    there currently a huge market for a good pvp MMO cause our options are trash and were desperate as players, however MOBA have a huge amount of good options sooo realy if they want to maximise there player base they realy want to hit the nail on the head for the MMO part however i think they will screw it up going by the there development cycle there just spamming the easy thing to do on there to do list and adding thing as distraction to buy there time to get to the most important parts of the game and this is gonna screw them in the long game they might be ok for fiorst month or 2 but plasyer will fall off if the only thing worth doing is hunger dome over and over again. How things are going here i might be waiting for ashes of creation at this point cause i feel they will screw themself here due to overhead pressure by shareholders to just release it in the poorly made dergs state it might be in
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    Teufel reacted to damebix in Game Direction - Losing Crowfall as an MMORPG Throne War   
    Crowfall is quickly moving away from an RPG, from an MMO, and from a throne war simulator and morphing into a MOBA (yes, even the "MMO" side of it).  I'm going to start by highlighting how this occurring, why this is a problem, and then how it can be fixed.  I make this post as a strong urge to reconsider some of the game direction philosophies and mechanics changes that have happened over the past many months.  
    Crowfall is no longer an RPG:  There is no progression.  The "Easy come easy go" mantra that has ruined the game has made the crafting system near worthless, and 100% not worth the time investment.  On day 1 of the dregs campaign, you can run to a wartribe and pick up epic (purple) gear with top end damage and stats that a crafter will be lucky to make within a month of torturous grinding (by the whole guild) and leveling up.  The crafter needs to have legendary disc and legendary belt to have a hope in making a weapon better than what can be picked up on day 1.  In MOBAs, you can jump in at the same level as everyone else and compete just the same as everyone else.  The difference is, in MOBAs the only thing that really matters is player skill and team coordination.  Crowfall does not have a robust enough combat system (especially at larger scale) to where player skill really comes into play (at least to the extend of a MOBA).  So what you end up with is 2 blobs of people going at each other with practically the same skills and abilities, but the lack importance of player skill so it turns into (in a lot of cases) who has more numbers.  This is NOT working! Crowfall is no longer an MMO: There is no sense of progression.  People play MMOs for different reasons, but they are almost always played to win...something.  In WoW, you have end game raids to get better gear and progress your character.  This works the same is most other MMOs.  When winning a campaign, you should be rewarded for doing so.  You should be getting items that otherwise are not attainable.  There is none of that in CF (or almost none if you consider sparkly mining tools that let you knock down a motherlode in 4 swings instead of 5?).  In most cases, the time and resources the guild puts into the campaign is far more than the victory rewards we get, all of which can just be farmed in less amount of time instead of trying to win.  We've lost what an MMO is about unless we're working towards something. Crowfall is no longer a Throne War Simulator:   There is no victory.  "Easy come easy go" has ruined the sense of ownership, the sense of controlling territory, and the sense of securing your borders.  There is very little incentive for me to own a fort in my zone because it doesn't really do anything for me if I own that fort or a fort on the other side of the map.  It's easy enough for me to get anywhere so why bother owning the single ingot fort in my zone if there's a double timber in the next zone over?  The forts and outposts don't really provide any benefit or hindrance to the people who have nearby keeps so who cares who owns them?  Why bother with forts and outposts when I can just claim and rank a castle with the same amount of resources as any other keep and get 2.5x the points of other keeps immediately?  Where's the challenge when I can just import hundreds of stacks of building materials and level my town up within a few hours of claiming it? The Solutions:
    Wartribe Loot (fixing the RPG): Reduce wartribe top end damage and stats to max out at blue quality, and have appropriate damage values to what a blue vesseled crafter would have with a blue crafting rune and a blue belt on average Reduce wartribe armor to max out at blue quality, and adjust armor values and stats to reflect what a blue vesseled crafter would have with a blue crafting rune and a blue belt Rationale - Crafting should mean something, and crafting should be able to compete with wartribe gear at lower end crafting levels.  Currently the system requires Leg Disc/Leg Belt to have any hope in being comparable, and even then you have to hope for good rolls. Campaign Rewards (fixing the MMO): Campaign rewards should include "end game" additives that can only be acquired for winning conquest or divine favor.  These additives can be like hunger shards, but should significantly improve armor, weapons, jewelry, potions, or vessels. Campaign rewards should include cosmetic upgrades - people love their sparkly things.  Campaign rewards should include weapon/armor additives that are unique to the campaign and are visually appealing.  For example, these additives would allow your sword to glow red with fire or blue with ice.  These cosmetic rewards should only be available for winning conquest or divine favor. Campaign rewards should include skins for not only weapons, but mounts, and maybe even siege equipment. Rationale - If "uncle bob" is holding you back from making meaningful rewards, you are truly misguided.  We need to make a game that rewards logistics, planning, training, skill, hard work, and effort.  People like shiny things, give the people what they want. Meaningful Assets (fixing the Throne War Simulator):  Forts and outposts should mean something.  We are moving in the right direction by giving them loot chests, but they need to affect the outcome of the game.  Have the points earned by owning the asset work towards a pool that increases the defenses of your keeps.  At different tiers, you could have the buffs give you access to more wards, increase the health of walls and buildings, increase the power of the guards, etc.   Have these assets freeze in the zone when a siege starts, so that attackers are required to "prep" for the siege by trying to take forts and outposts ahead of time. Rationale - Owning an asset should mean something and the owners should have ownership over their land.  Give them a reason to keep the forts in their zone or to fend off people trying to take outposts. Conclusion: 
    The original vision has gone completely off the rails this past year, because loud voices want to turn this game into a MOBA that they can pop into any time and be just as competitive as the people that spent the last year working towards something.  That is NOT what an MMORPG is.  This is NOT an MMORPG Thronewar anymore, and if we don't start to right the ship, people's interest will quickly wane after launch, just as so many MOBAs and "MMOs" before it.
    (P.S. This is not an exhaustive list of what needs to be changed.  The point of this post was to bring to light the dangerous path we are on if we continue going down this road.)
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    Teufel got a reaction from Persephone53 in Logging Out Takes Too Long, and Storage Needs Explained!   
    I think we need a type of chest that can hold only a few items but can be placed on the ground like the walls.  I would love to have a way to have contests, like geocaching, or scavenger hunts etc.  Give the players simple tools, and we will create our own content.
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    Teufel got a reaction from Xarrayne in Frostweavers and their lack of Spirit   
    Might be nice if Int contributed to mana by say 50% or even just 25% of the rate that SPR does.  High INT builds shouldn't suffer from a lack of mana.  The other avenue ACE could choose to go is by allowing a higher INT to increaes the rate at which mana is increased while in combat.  SPR = larger pool of mana, INT could equal a faster regen time.
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    Teufel reacted to Saladid in Everything highlighting!?   
    I believe someone else asked the question as well.  Calling it "exiting out of deco mode?"

    It for sure is an ugly issue that everything highlights in your EK after placing it.  Wish there was a way to mouse over everything after placing wiht out it suddenly beaming highlighter yellow.  Its very distracting and honestly i feel would detract from possible RL money sales of EK deco because you don't get to enjoy the way the item is suppose to look.
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    Teufel reacted to Bellson in Custom Buildings?   
    There is no denying, there is a hunger for the Lego style games...  Minecraft, Valheim, etc...  The first thing I said to myself when I popped into my EK is, why can't I chop down my own resources and build buildings the way I want to?  Clearly, there is a huge market for that level of customization in building design.  I think adding that layer of functionality, not only into EK, but into Fort and Keep design would be a REALLY cool way to keep the player base hooked and motivated. 

    Not going to lie, designing the custom keeps in Shadowbane was was truly made that game fun for me. 

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    Teufel reacted to McTan in The Puzzle of Imports, Exports and GOLD   
    Always remember this PvE to PvP chain in Shadowbane:
    Farming group needs gold, powerleveling new characters PKer seeks out farmer, kills, takes gold Farmer lets guild know PvPers respond, either by killing ganker or counter-PKing opposing farmers The precondition is the farming, and it only rarely happens now. Had some good ganks by W on me today @galvia @Darthbunbun and others, because I was farming discs. Spiraled into a back-and-forth where they ganked, we rallied, they rallied, we rallied. It was awesome.
    That should be a 24/7 potential - with gold as the crux. While you're at it, don't allow gold to be deleted.
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    Teufel reacted to McTan in The Puzzle of Imports, Exports and GOLD   
    It would be really fun if the worlds were actually linked in the game, and didn't require logging out and in again. I think it's too big to ask ACE to do, thought, TBH. Making Gold important to maintaining power would not require significant changes other than city maintenance costs.
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    Teufel got a reaction from McTan in The Puzzle of Imports, Exports and GOLD   
    Personally I think the idea of individual campaigns is a bad one, and I would rather see our "campaigns" just be zones/islands that are all interconnected within the game (i.e. you log into the game once through the lobby, and can then move about to other campaigns via portals).  With interconnected campaigns, you then tear down the wall and have no imports/exports at all.  The game then has a full loop economy similar to EvE.  CF could be so similar to EvE, just not in space, yet ACE has left out the best parts that make EvE, the interconnected game.
    By connecting campaigns, players that live in one campaign are used to their rules, but have to adjust to other rulesets if they want to fight an enemy that lives in another ruleset.  Think about the AL and NL in Major League Baseball, it's the same game, but the AL has designated hitters.  It gives the defenders an advantage in sieges, and which builds are best in their interconnected campaign.
    By linking all campaigns, ACE also alleviates a spreadout playerbase, and joins all players in the same economy loop.  New Players get to start at the very fringe of this interconnected world, and can choose any of the 12 gods for a starting area.  This almost mimics the BR, but on a grander and more persistence level.  As players move past GR, they can move inward toward faction vs faction, and finally hit the lawless/godless worlds of guild vs guild.  Let ACE create routes through all of these interconnected campaigns, again similar to EvE.  Dying worlds is still possible, and rulesets would change, and could go one of two ways, the world is either linked differently to the portals, or the portal links stay connected the same way to the new opening world.  I like the idea of keeping the portal links the same, because you never know who your neighbors may be.
    The other great thing about interconnected worlds, is you can start having trading being a real thing.  Because now you can have some worlds that only have 1 or 2 resources, which  means limiting resources and creates more fights for guilds that don't have access to a material.  Interconnected campaigns allow for more freedom in experimenting with different biomes, while not losing the RPG feel of the game.
    While I think that the suggestions above are good, I also think the game needs a major vision change and go back to the root of an RPG.  This one big happy interconnected world of campaigns is accessible to anyone, because all campaign types are represented in the world.  The only technical aspect to figure out is how to link the different campaigns via different portals.
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    Teufel got a reaction from MacDeath in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    Thank you for stating this!  I understand that arena type mini games will bring in more players, but at what expense to the RPG aspect of the game.  While I like PvP games, it's not the only thing I want in a game; I also want the immersion of a fantasy world.....crafting, socialising, building, sieging, harvesting, exploring and some PvP mixed in with all the other components to make it a living MMORPG.
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    Teufel got a reaction from Wrain in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    Point #4 really resonated with me.  The desire to keep tweaking and building characters in SB was what made the game so much fun for me.  The PvP by all accounts was not great, but the atmosphere surrounding the reason to PvP was amazing.
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    Teufel reacted to Toadwart in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    Well, thats why pure pvp games are ultra niche and while hardcore pvp players think they are some large community, history shows they are very small and can not or will not support hardcore pvp games. Yes, there are freak examples like Eve that are contrary to this, but Eve is the only game of its type and there is nowhere else for that type of player to go. There are lots of places for fantasy gamers to go conversely.
    I dont remember when I backed the game anymore, but it was a few weeks after kickstarter closed. I dont play this game and have no desire to as long as the playable ruleset has you dropping inventory or items. I enjoy pvp, I do not enjoy doing tedious gathering and crafter ad naseum because my stuff got looted.
    There are more players like me than there are players who will accept dropping/losing their stuff as a part of the pvp experience. The major difference between the two groups is that we have the numbers to support a game while the hardcore players....well, the 25 people logged on currently tell the story.
    The game will fold quickly if it only caters to the hardcore.
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    Teufel reacted to Wrain in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    Oh boy...
    I'll try to be positive, short, and constructive on this one.
    1. Hunger dome why?  Time, resources, population...all being wasted in something that will NOT, CANNOT, and will NEVER compete with a real MOBA/FPS that was DESIGNED from the ground up/start as that type of game.  Why are you wanting to FURTHER split the population and character attachment in a MMORPG?
    2. You mentioned bio's...Jungle and swamp?  We already have trees everywhere and you have snow build up.  Wouldn't it be 10x easier to just make a "snow" region and then have your artist sand/desert" for now?  That 3 drastically different bios for EACH faction done QUICKLY and effectively making your 3 realms feel "unique".
    3. I heard the word "Shadowbane" eeked out...PLEASE, just accept that game should be your blue-print.  You want cash flow and you want hype/#'s returning...Keep your changes coming in THAT direction and your money/players WILL come back!
    4. The discipline/rune changes, skins, freedom to build, and optimization ARE WHATS GOING TO SAVE YOUR GAME.  Those topics you hit on are what players WANTED from the start on this backing.  Please just focus on bringing back CHARACTER ATTACHMENT/DEVELOPMENT.  Stop messing with crafting, farming, pvp "spin-offs" and bring it back to a ONE-WORLD fully functioning MMO.  Pull us players into ONE constant war environment and then sell "tradeable" in store skins/mounts flashy items ect (with NO game stat advantages ) and you will have your positive cash flow.
    I REALLY appreciated the upcoming layout, but hunger games kinda just made me shake my head....Why???  
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    Teufel reacted to PaleOne in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    what happens if Crowfall goes the way of Fortnite and the battle royal outshines the mmo/survival?
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    Teufel reacted to QuasiDoc in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    All I've seen is a lack of sensibility and a desperate attempt to bring in more players. I feel we've either been lied to for the past 4+ years about the type of game that was being made or you really have no freaking idea what you're doing! Need more players? Here's a thought, invite more players! Still need more players? How about advertise? 
    I really do not get why you guys have wasted so much time on building a "open-world" game only to introduce a BR/arena style game! BR/arena kills open-world; It always has and always will! As its been stated many many times, outside of Dregs and Siege, what incentive do I have to play the game? With the answer being "nothing" why not improve on the already existing game rather than try to recreate it original purpose? 
    In short, nothing you are doing is new. Its not refreshing and certainly does not offer anything that isn't already out there. As a pre-alpha backer I so wanted this game to work, but its painfully clear this is another DOA project that needs a huge red sticker reading "Cash Grab!" 
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    Teufel reacted to McTan in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    Honestly, we held out for so long against so many people asking for it. But it is, in my opinion, a bad decision. The world is already unpopulated. Pulling people into arenas makes the game feel like it competes with MOBAs, and this game cannot compete with MOBAs or FPS for set player versus player content. It can absolutely compete with PvP open-world, uneven games. But we need literally every lever pulled to push people into conflict with each other.
    If it were me, I'd erase Infected. It's not me, and instead we get arena worlds.
    If they can find a way to integrate into the world, in some interesting way...but it's just going to be a separate thing, contributing to the downward population spiral.
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    Teufel reacted to veeshan in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    You know one thing that scares me about this hunger dome is will it provide content or remove content. your removing players from the open world and putting them in instances so there even less things to do in the dregs sure we have the hunger dome now but it get to the point if it popular why did u even go about making a MMORPG in the first place. The gamer will resemble more of a game called Fury (Was an areana pvp game with a lobby system for vendors and things) Its will basicly be an areana game with extra steps with character creation and not much else going on inside the actual game world.
    Maybe it a quick fix for the time being while you make a proper game since it seems the game wont realy be there until you hit mid term goals in 6-12 months after release (Which is when the game probaly should get released but u cant due to financial pressure/pressure from investors and so on) to me you need the parcel to parcel interactions before this can even feel like a proper mmorpg that you advertised back in kickstarter.
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    Teufel reacted to McTan in "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion   
    The reward for being online, and exposing yourself to risk, should be generating value. A fundamental problem in the game is that gold is just not valuable enough. There is no economy, there is not a strong enough sink because there is no city maintenance. I was disheartened to hear that city decay (and likely maintenance) didn't make the short term. I don't see the game having any modicum of success without city building and maintenance taking centerstage. Not sieging, building. Sieges should be rare and expensive. Building should be very common and very expensive. 
    Building my city, and therefore establishing my sphere of influence, should be directly proportional to the amount of time I spend generating value. It is not that way currently, because the time-value is way, way too low, and is a one-off. We should be building larger cities over time, that demand more resources than the things that came before, and require more substantial maintenance, so we need to widen our sphere of influence (ownership of camps and gold), and therefore competition springs naturally. Now it's no problem for me to sit in an alliance because all our poorly made dergs is built and there is no need to worry about maintaining it. I just sign in for snoozefest auto-sieges.
    Tomorrow, within an hour, multiple alliances will have nearly fully built out cities. All because we farmed in extreme safety and can import that into the danger. We do not need to do anything in dangerous dregs. Incomprehensible to me to cripple your own game loop with imports. People will likely be like "different campaigns for different folks," but those who play import will not understand nor experience the potential of a slower, no import, SB style world.
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    Teufel got a reaction from Xarrayne in Small to Mid-Sized Guilds   
    Most of what you say I agree with.  I was hoping for exploration to be part of a guilds strategy to end a campaign earlier than natural.  Actually I had hoped campaigns had no set time, and that the players determined when the campaign ended by the triggers you mention.  Territory control would have been one of those triggers, and not just some arbitraty number of how many ouposts/keeps/castles you have, but actual territory.
    It would have been great to have offerings to the Pantheon play a part in how quick a campaign ended. One guild sacrificing to end quickly because they feel they are winning, and one guild sacrificing to another deity to keep the campaign alive so they could maybe change the victory for themselves.
    I'd love to see actual cycles of seasons, not just a spring through winter and be done.  How about preparing for a long winter, and coming out into a new spring (in the same campaign) with food to spare.  I'm not talking about too many seasonal cycles, but 2 or 3 would have been neat to see.  In a sense we do have those seasonal cycles, but they are locked behind imports/exports and new campaigns.
    What about hidden victory conditions, or hidden points that only the guild leader knows about.  Enter a campaign and the guild leader is a given a special semi-unique quest, that if accomplished gives bonus points to their guild.  Some guilds should have the same quest, and thus create non-player driven competition (along with the other player driven competition).
    The items above should be available to any size guild, and it could mean small guilds could win a campaign.  If a system is created that ultimately comes down to 1 or 2 large alliances vying for the "win" every campaign, uncle Bob is still around.  The game needs a way where 30-40 guilds are all vying for the win conditions because no one knows who actually will be the "winner".
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