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  1. *Found a Guild, thanks! Guild criteria: Region: NA / East Coast Atmosphere: I 'm pretty flexible, I like to goof around and have fun while we play but still want to go out, get in some fights, and try to get better at the game each time I play. Casual/Hardcore?: Somewhere in between i'd say. I dig into a game hard when I get into it, but I don't get to sink countless hours in these days (though my play time can still be pretty substantial) Size: Doesn't matter, just want some cool folks to play with. Play-Style: PVP and Crafting all the way Commitment: I'll stick with any guild that is fun to be a part of and plays the game together. As far as time, just depends on life and what is going on in the game. Miscellaneous: I've had experience with MMO's going back to UO and Vanilla EQ, I love the genre and really want to dig deep on Crowfall. I'm flexible on voice chat, use discord a ton but not opposed to any of them really. Experience: Ultima Online, Everquest, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies, Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Albion
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm Pizza, just backed today and starting to dig into the game. There's a boatload of information on the forums i'm trying to sift through but if you think there is anything (beyond the new player guide) that you think is a must know right away please help a newbie out and let me know. If anyone other newbies want to get together, or if someone doesn't mind dragging one around, i'm down to play. Hope to see you out there! -Pizza
  3. Thanks for the awesome guide. It's succinct and saving me time as I poke around and get my poorly made socks together.
  4. Hello Everyone! Just backed and can't wait to dig in to the game and the community. I've been stalking this thing forever and finally was in a place and have a decent enough schedule to play. Hope to see you out there! Pizza
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