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    one day soon I hope
  2. How will races/class training be now? So before you choose your world.. you would choose your race? Then train your class from there? You would have to choose 3 races I assume, that is if they are allowing 3 classes to be trained. Before we were the "crow" that could change AT anytime. Can I now pick an Elken race play as a Ranger.. and change to a Elken Confessor at any time? Obviously wont be able to chose classes outside what your race allows, but curious if they will allow swapping of classes within that race. Otherwise we will be locked to the race/class you choose.
  3. I am all for this. It would be fun to have a guild vs guild EK siege battle, things get destroyed but no looting (Dont like the idea of Looting anyway). This is what I would like to see if they do something with EK
  4. I like the sounds of this, making group comps actually matter.
  5. The small testing ( more playing around) with seals, to me seems seals increase the durability as well as apply some minor stats. The durability of the item seems to be the biggest part of it. After using a seal my durability went from 50 to 100.. then 109 with experiment phase.
  6. As far as "Zergs" go. Does anyone even know the amount of people its takes for a max group? What if they keep the group sizes low and work off more squad based groups or something. A lot of the zerg posts I read have the thought groups will be 20+. That could be the case, but what if your only able to have a group of 6-8. Changes a lot and cant you only heal people in your group?
  7. One thing people forget about is the FOOD system. Big guild means a lot of people to feed. I don't know how the food system will be, But if your running around in a zerg and half them are starving or hungry cause not enough food for the guild. Especially in winters, when its suppose to be rough. Food could be a nightmare for giant guilds, or really any size group but especially later on in CW's
  8. One bug that I really hate is the one where Items will get lost going into your inventory. Finish a Weapon Blade thin hit the "take" button and its gone. I avoid the "take" button on crafting and just drag my things in. Still has disappeared on me but much less. Anyway, a fix on this would be much appreciated. Minus that I had a ton of fun, played all day really.
  9. The EK's looking amazing. Wow thanks for the information, great post
  10. Awesome Thanks for the Info. First time trying it out excited!! been a backer for awhile cant believe taken me this long.
  11. I have one question. Can you move while casting abilities, or are you rooted for a sec? This game looks pretty appealing have to test it out,i'm a noob and new to MMO type games. Just not a massive fan of the slow pace rooted when casting things. Minus that from what I have read, there seems to be a lot of unique things.
  12. New Backer! Cant wait for Crowfall!!! How is everyone doing?
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