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  1. Miss you, Cool. <3

  2. I hope it brings back the pure fun that the unintended Fessor Jump Scoot created. Imbalancing at the time? Ya, maybe. Fun as poorly made socks? Absolutely. I'd spend hours just seeing what places I could get to with it, jumping over duels or even full scrims when I was watching. The creativity it allowed was amazing. Hoping this brings some of that feel back, with counterbalance considerations.
  3. Very nice. Fae Druid sounds very interesting as a debuffer to me.
  4. I had the steam controller working flawlessly about 8 months ago for CF. Only stopped messing with it because it was a bit of a hassle to set up each time you switched classes.
  5. That sounds pretty cool, right? I hope it takes a boat load of resources.
  6. Lol unfortunately. You'll be seeing 90 meter 2k crits already from a Ranger you can't even see (or can barely see).
  7. Love it. Murderous deer. The division of races and which classes those races can take is interesting. I'm not sure how to make that efficient.
  8. I've been entertaining out of town guests and finally have a second to catch my breath and catch up on the news. First TY Zyback for the distilled info. Second, I think I like these changes. Third, I worry about scripts and macros that simply automate the non-VIP training, thereby circumventing this non-circumvention method. I'll need to chew on it more I think.
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