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  1. Miss you, Cool. <3

  2. I hope it brings back the pure fun that the unintended Fessor Jump Scoot created. Imbalancing at the time? Ya, maybe. Fun as poorly made socks? Absolutely. I'd spend hours just seeing what places I could get to with it, jumping over duels or even full scrims when I was watching. The creativity it allowed was amazing. Hoping this brings some of that feel back, with counterbalance considerations.
  3. Very nice. Fae Druid sounds very interesting as a debuffer to me.
  4. I'd hate for them to have to create a new damage type just for the class. Give them some type of Organic damage IMO. And why the hell does the CF website always switch to German on my PC? :/
  5. I wonder if they could just use the Human model and art with a pale skin and bald, with markings? Might be cheap(ish).
  6. Perhaps a better way to balance SB would be to give it the Field Surgeon treatment: it works on others, but not yourself. It's more of a problem in small scale situations because it can be synergized far too well with passives and other mitigations by a single class ... including some of the very high DPS classes.
  7. They just need to slightly nerf SB's heal and restrict SB and RC to tank classes IMO.
  8. The Archer disc can be restricted to only contextual classes and races.
  9. Has a little bit of the old SB intro feel to it. I like it. I hope ACE comes up with something dark and ominous like some of these scenes for their official intro.
  10. This is the mic drop point, really. The "pro alt account" argument is internally inconsistent. Either alt accounts are bad for the game and amount to a "pay to win" situation or VIP giving the same content access would likewise not be bad for the game nor "pay to win" and would result in fewer alt accounts and greater player convenience.
  11. The animation for net needs to be longer. It's all but impossible to dodge, even when you know it's coming. I'd say the hurlbat is a far more appropriate ray cast than the net, but a longer animation at least would allow some counter-play.
  12. That's all true. Its the reason I prefer adding actual value to VIP by simply offering additional content ... just like buying additional accounts offers additional content ... on a similar value basis in dollars to alt accounts. Manufacturing perceived value using a training stick is better than doing nothing to motivate players to buy VIP and de-motivate players from simply buying alt accounts, but it seems overly complex and artificial to me. That said, who knows what Todd has up his sleeve to add to VIP that might push that VIP purchasing motivation over the hill.
  13. For some of their mitigation, yes. However, they have that choice and their HP pools are larger (and sometimes far larger). They also have other massive mitigations like UW x 3 for Champ, Berzerk for Myrm (which needs a small boost in duration). They have a choice to trade a 10 meter crap dodge for massive mitigation. Otherwise its a very fair observation. I don't think it changes the point: soft characters have relied on greater mobility. Taking that away and making them less mobile than heavy melee would have a substantial impact on balance.
  14. I was thinking more about the "ranged advantage" for Confessor and Druid in a world where their dodge is the same as the high HP and high Mitigation characters argument last night and a few things occurred to me that render it a fallacy: In CF range is only an advantage where it can be maintained, because ... RMB was already normalized when it was moved to race from class. i.e. every RMB a squishy has, the tank has it too, if it chooses that race, and ... Each of the high HP, high mitigation classes have other, instant cast movement abilities in addition to their dodge that h
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