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  1. Promo? I'm a backer... i paid the $$$$$$$$$ LMAO I play a druid
  2. Natural Spiritual Shadow Etc What are the powers that be? THe resources must come from the powers that exist! Is there a loremaster? Sir Todd...??
  3. there must be a magical force that all entities tap into.. this should be intrinsic to the game????
  4. what are the caster and people tapping into? how does the loremaster explain class based resources? it's totally preposterous.... ???
  5. It's ILLOGICAL! I'm all for novel ideas, but resources are not the place to do it. THIS WILL TURN OFF 90% OF PLAYERS!
  6. I think there should be a MANA based resource.. (WHY CLASS-BASED? IT's ILLOGICAL) Does this game have a LOREMASTER?
  7. I've been switching Z to U... nothing changes... this is not gonna work for an MMO.. THIS IS A NON-STARTER!!!! this must be addressed for all classes. You cannot have a stagnant resources for classes!
  8. My char doesn't regen "essense"... I can use sacrifice a bunch of time to get some. Then it sits at ZERO REGEN. This is way too convoluted. I havew no idea how I can or should regen it. RESOURCES SHOULD NOT BE TIED TO CLASSES. Please go to a Health/Stam/Mana based system that auto regenerates maybe?? This will turn off almost any mmo player in the world. You cannot do a class-based resource system like this. I admire the novel concept, but mmos are too old for it to even be acceptable.
  9. Hey all... I used to be the channeler advocate back during Shadowbane days. I’m looking forward to lots of fun, epic sieges, and kick-ass pvp in Crowfall. Cya around.
  10. Aloha, I'm sure some of these issues may already have planned solutions but here are my suggestions and general feedback: Campfires Requiring meat seems counter-intuitive. Sure, organic material degrades into coal, but with immense pressure over eons or via burning. Requiring meat to spark a campfire is putting the chicken before the egg. Makes no sense. Why can't we just make it with wood? Meat cannot be harvested until a hunting knife has been crafted which requires intermediate materials and the ability to harvest ore. Why is the duration so short? Perhaps we can input a cer
  11. I'm having lots of problems with trying to create an Eternal Runestone Hammer. I created the initial one with no problem and worked well with it up until now. However, it has broken after extended use. Now, even if I make one, and click "take", the new item is never moved to my inventory. For some reason, that makes it so that I cannot equip the other [high level] basic runestone gear such as the pick axe and knife, tho I even have multiple instances of both in my inventory. I applaud the overall approach to crafting basic runestone harvesting tools, but I think it would be most logi
  12. I agree this is an issue. it would be awesome if all the testers would just abide by a code of conduct and not fully loot corpses or maybe not totally kill everyone you encounter. I don't have hours and hours to go reacquire basic crafting tools just to do the basic testing. If you are in testing, don't GRIEF other players! The game isn't even balanced so you're only proving you're a unpleasant ___. If you have an itch to grief, don't loot their stuff. The game isn't live yet.
  13. similarly, could we have the same kind of delete confirmation for deleting a toon? I clicked it by mistake and it was no going back LOL.
  14. Mine too. I had unzipped and installed it on the C:/ and just moving it to the desktop corrected the problem.
  15. This is my first time joining a playtest. Is it normal to see in red "The server list is not available. Check your internet connection," followed by the login fields and at the bottom: Server Checking Crowfall Servers... then a spinning time wheel? Is there anything else I need to do or is there's just a queue to wait in?? if so, any avg queue time known? Thanks, En Edit: Solved.. Extract and install to desktop instead of other locations.
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