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  1. Mine too. I had unzipped and installed it on the C:/ and just moving it to the desktop corrected the problem.
  2. This is my first time joining a playtest. Is it normal to see in red "The server list is not available. Check your internet connection," followed by the login fields and at the bottom: Server Checking Crowfall Servers... then a spinning time wheel? Is there anything else I need to do or is there's just a queue to wait in?? if so, any avg queue time known? Thanks, En Edit: Solved.. Extract and install to desktop instead of other locations.
  3. Aloha everyone! I've been keeping informed about the game since I first heard about it but didn't pledge til recently (waiting for student loans ya know). I go by Enlil in most games and what drew me to Crowfall is the similarity to the underlying design concepts of Shadowbane. Being able to build towns/cities/nations like in Civilization, PvP in small groups or go rune hunting at any hour, have large-scale war involving various parties with dynamic and consequential outcomes that modified the map, as well as the politics that bled over into the forums--these things all together have not been duplicated in any game since SB that I have played. SB was my first MMO and I played mostly on Entropy/Vindication. I was guild leader of Obsidian Overlords, but soon merged with Ministry of Chaos and fought under that banner on Entropy. I love Shadowbane's rich lore and was the class advocate for Channelers. I really loved how the dev's solicited direct feedback from the community and took actions that incorporated that feedback in subsequent balancing updates and implementation of the lore-based-charters ruleset. Since then, I've played short stints in other MMO's like Age of Conan, Aion, FF IV, and Elder Scrolls Online. I used to envision that an Elder Scrolls MMO could be a spiritual successor to Shadowbane, considering how readily the RPG games and lore could be adapted to a sand-box mmo. Unfortunately with ESO, the rich environment for potential open-world PvP and player-built cities was forsaken in favor of a theme-park experience with artificial zones/alliances created to fit the pre-conceived design model and appeal to the broadest player base possible ($$$). Crowfall's kickstarter model gives me hope that the designers will be able to make an awesome game that can capture all that was good about SB and other sandbox MMOs, while not having to cave in to, or change plans to appease corporate overlords. Professional school keeps me very busy lately and I haven't had a chance to look over much of the forums yet, nor read the first 40 something pages of this thread but I'm super stoked about this game and just seeing familiar names from "Forumbane" is sweet as f*k.
  4. Enlil

    Centaur Druid?

    I won't deny wanting to re-live those days. But that premise maybe for a cent/sent group. I think centaur druids were well balanced in SB, and a very fun and versatile class to play solo, but also perfect additions to any group. I usually used mine for rune hunting or small group PvP. I am just now starting to pay attention to this game so I guess I need to see what's possible. I do think that one of the enduring legacies of SB that set it apart was the very large number of character creation possibilities (Race/Class/Runes/Disciplines/etc). Clearly it's a resource question when considering the need for new models, animations, and such. I hope over time, races get more fully fleshed out and this "locking" of a race to one class and vise versa (implausible from a lore/realism standpoint) is diminished. People want to create their own stories, especially in sandbox games. Every centaur kid won't wanna grow up to be a legionnaire, especially if some crazy human druid found him/her in the forest after his mother was slaughtered and raised him/her as their own. On that note, where do we find the lore about these races and all?
  5. Huntress > Scout (until they made OP vamp scouts)
  6. Enlil

    Centaur Druid?

    Has this been discussed? I would love to play as a male centaur druid...
  7. Aloha peeps. Entropy was a lot of fun. Those maps bring back sweet memories. I played mostly as Enlil in Ministry of Chaos & Obsidian Overlords.
  8. Wow we got our own sub-forum huh? Sweet!! I'm Enlil from Ministry of Chaos/Obsidian Overlords on Entropy/Vindication. Former Channeler advocate and cent druid enthusiast.
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