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  1. LOL. You gotta be in game to do that tho...
  2. I advocate for this option...but for knights instead of fessors. They are just blatantly broken and ruining testing Fessors rather need something that can keep their enemies in place. Maybe a myrm net root
  3. George literally just addressed this above your post. You can setup a remote control system on your phone...easy. Second, the skill trees will more than likely not look like how they look now in terms of stat value. Sure we don't know what they will look like but i'm guessing they won't be nearly as powerful as they are now. This is a terrible argument for CF. Being an sandbox PvP game, with the huge amount of skill trees, etc...there are far too many factors that would go into a fight to even consider a situation like this. At no point in the game, besides maybe the very opening of a CW (where I imagine there will be very little fighting, similar to SC, while players get their initial infrastructure build), will you ever run into a situation where you and someone else have the exact same gear, exact same abilities, exact same skill tree choice, etc. Even if you did, the fight would almost always be determined by outside factors like; whether you're in friendly or enemy territory, whether your faction/guild/etc had better resource management and thus build a giant catapult that's attacking or you just straight up have better discs, etc. It's not only a PvP game. It's a RvR game based with PvP
  4. Champion suggestions

    Yah no, it's not too weak. It requires teamwork to hit effectively...but even then, just hitting someone with a hurlbat slow is enough to land it. Plus it's one of the hardest hitting C powers in the game. And you're asking for a better knight C power basically.
  5. Aren't they reworking all the skill trees? I'm sure this has been taken into consideration with this change
  6. Do that and make a skill tree "scavenger" that allows people to specialize in in-combat looting
  7. People acting like this is the end of the world lol. It's really not THAT big of a deal that you need to login more often to update your skill trains. I mean, it's inconvenient I suppose but you're only going to be really disadvantaged during the beginning skill trains that are much faster that later skill trains. Once everyone gets through basic training it's not going to have a huge impact either way imo because the training times are much longer. But I'm sure the negative posts on this thread will continue for another 14 pages either way.
  8. The problem I see with fessor, and other classes at the moment is no purity of purpose. Classes are too good at lots of things, and discs just exacerbated that even more. Base classes need defined roles, strengths and weaknesses. Is fessor a high DPS class? Is it a CC class? Is it a mobility class? It's everything right now. I much prefer a class to be great at ONE thing, ok at another, and bad at multliple things...makes for much more diverse group comps, builds, and not this homogenized "meta" we have the moment where you just say, "this class does everything better than these other classes so let's take 3 of them." Similar to how at the start of big world it was "myrm does everything better than anything else, take 3 of those. Grab a fessor. And legio does healing better than anything else, so take one of those"
  9. Idk, I think the issue with fessor is that it has the big 3 that you should never all give a DPS class: high mobility, high CC, and high damage in its BASE kit. The fact mana shield added continuous tankiness to it as well was just the cherry on top. That said, I think they should just make mana shield a longer defensive CD that you use to block high damage abilities. Make it last like 2-3 seconds. If you absorb more than 10-15% or some % of your max HP, then you get refunded for half the mana cost or something. Though maybe the NP nerf will bring it in line, the fact remains that fessor has the base big 3 categories needed for an OP/very strong DPS class.
  10. Champion suggestions

    This would be broken, you just need to aim higher than you think with hurlbat as the projectile has drop. After getting a feel for it, it's pretty easy to hit and the damage from 2 hurlbats would be bonkers on the low CD it has rn. This would just be a better version of knight C and is definitely not needed. Although whirling pain being moved to C power could be really cool...could even add in something like projectile reflection to it as well. Or it would be cool to have as an option for the class, and would add some more gameplay style customization
  11. Essence Burn Mechanic Changes

    It's too bad scimi druid can't use any healing abilties. It would be a cool mechanic to let scimi druid receive heals during essence burn, so you could potentially make a build around sustaining yourself through essence burn for some bonus that burning could give. So much potential...rather so much wasted potential, IMO
  12. And the only thing that can stop ZR is myrm root for the most part iirc. Plus you can still dissipate WHILE NETTED. FeelsGoodMan
  13. I'm not gonna share my meta defining builds that I have saved in a zipped folder on my external hard drive inside a 7 digit safe. But....fessor is weak rn, and should probably get some buffs. And I think Knight resource is too easily replenish able (I can use a full 4 combo, and another skill BACK TO BACK...and only need to wait 5 seconds for another ability).
  14. An In-depth Critique of Skill UI

    I'm fine with CF's UI designs for the most part. Honestly all I really want in a UI design is for it to look clean, which I think it does for the most part, and be able to move UI elements. Obviously it could be improved, as I really dislike the buff/debuff bar on the side and what not. But regarding skill icons my argument is this: anyone who is actively going to be a PvP'er or really anyone looking to fight other players, should spend the time BEFORE a fight figuring out what skill is which. I mean, it doesn't take long and it's not hard to memorize skill ranges/cast times,etc. At least not for me. So i prefer skill icons to just look clean and pleasing, whereas CF icons look kinda bloated and out of focus to me at the moment. That said I still have no problem memorizing the stats behind almost every skill in the game, and have no need personally for skill icons to be perfectly portraying every bit of info about the skill
  15. Scimitar Druid

    My issue with scimitar druid is that it has nothing given to it to replace everything taken from it. Is it supposed to be a ranged dps? Too bad fessor and ranger do that better, with sustain options, and group utility. Too bad staff druid does MORE damage with all the healing and waaaaay more group utility. Is it supposed to be a group support? Too bad we lose all the support discs and only support ability we get is lightning armor...when druid is the only lightning damage in the game. There is no reason...no reason at all to run scimi druid besides wanting to have fun. It's outclassed in everything, by everything, even it's own other disc that gets to keep healing. The resource is arbitrary with no control over it besides "well hope this fight doesn't last so long I run out" which they most definitely will when SP gets buffed. And then you're stuck there unless you wanna waste an ability slot for sacrifice, but you have no sustain to replenish your sacrifice. I think that: 1. Call storm should electrocute the area around your target as well, exploding druid orbs (or if not exploding druid orbs then at least snaring enemies) 2. There needs to be SOME sort of resource control. I'm not sure what would work best, I'm sure you guys could think of much better ideas then I could (but I like the idea of getting resource when you pick up stormcaller orbs) 3. Some sort of niche for it to shine. I agree with Riku that it should be AoE group busting.