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  1. Should be in sequence. But I haven't tested specifically so i can't be 100 sure
  2. I'm not sure that can apply to Crowfall simply due to the discipline system. When combat was reasonably balanced between classes in the past, I found incredible success on a rapier duelist build even though almost everyone in the game was saying duelist was purely a 1v1/ganking class and useless in group fights. Smart theorycrafting, disciplines, and playstyle all enable classes to find success in roles otherwise thought out of reach for them. The caveat being that class power budgets have to be somewhat reasonably balanced. Its an issue as old as the game has been around and I've
  3. Well thanks for opening my eyes, greatly appreciated :thumbsup:
  4. If this is true all my theorycrafting has changed lol. I definitely misunderstood the tooltip
  5. Did I say harvest basic mats? No I didn't. You can still farm low-level resource nodes without training granted you equip the harvesting disciplines and make yourself a semi-decent harvesting tool. Not to mention you can just start stockpiling resources regardless of whether or not you can fully utilize them or not. You actually can get plenty of drops without harvesting trained, that's part of the reason why we have harvesting discs. You just said in your OP that you didn't actually play the game once so...ok. Find this hard to believe either way. Yes, you gained
  6. Ive been trying to get a feature that allows you to designate which inventory slots you want materials to go to automatically for partly the same reason as "stack all". There are so many types of resources id like to designate a 3x3 square for example where all my ore would fill first before going to the first open default inventory slot. I think QoL stuff like this will be very important for such a resource heavy game.
  7. Agreed. Would be a nice QoL feature, though I'm not sure how long it would take to implement. But +1, would enjoy having
  8. No, not as far as im aware. The only buffs to movespeed come from racial abilities or disciplines like friar and bard. As well as bloodworms
  9. I mean if you want active stuff to do in the game you can still level your vessel, make your intermediate gear, farm lower level resource nodes, look for fights (though the difference between advanced and intermediate is a little much imo at the moment), look for a group to play with that may have higher skill training that you can join with, farm chests for advanced mats, etc, etc. There is definitely plenty to do while you are progressing through the basic trees. It seems you just didnt want to login and participate in the above suggestions. Just because you dont see a reason to login
  10. I think the best solo classes are probably ranger, duelist or assassin. A well played champ can be a monster as well
  11. I never said i could. I just said under the current iteration ive made multiple builds work in open-world settings. If you look back i actually agree that pip generation is an issue, but that's not what we were discussing these last few posts
  12. Uhh...That was quite the wall of text. Look man,if you personally can't find success with anything, that doesn't mean that nothing works. Maybe it means you need to think about using your tools in a different way. Troub is actually really great on templar. I dont theorycraft anything for 1v1 and ive built and tested at least two very different but very effective open world builds.
  13. Agreed with you guys. Pretty nervous about the current system. Crit scales insanely well in this game at the moment, as is the case for most games, but not keeping it inn check will lead to even worse damage numbers than we have now imo
  14. The breakdown is only base kit. I have thought about the impact of disciplines on them, but my gripe is that I wanted disciplines to either specialize your character further into it's role, or force you to give some stuff up to be more of a broad role filler. As is, I feel as though disciplines do not offer much customization in the sense of roles but rather just give you more access to different abilities of stuff you may already have. I want classes to NOT have access to a majority of roles in the game, and then force the player to use disciplines to make hard decisions about what the
  15. We may be done with the tank/healer/dps/specialist roles. Thats not how i define group roles though. Im more along the lines of CC, survivability, damage, support, and healing. But if everyone has access to most of those roles in their base kit, it doesnt leave much "specialization" for your class. I prefer classes being kept to 1 or 2 of those categories rather than 4 or 5, and then using your disciplines to define your role more specifically or more broadly. I prefer to start small and branch out into a tree, not starting with a tree and just adding more branches if that makes sense.
  16. Some classes play differently (tho not by much) than others. The issue is that as a result classes dont have any defined roles, and it will always come down to tuning as a result, meaning classes will be pushed out of groups because another class does what it does but better. Its not a matter of how the class individually plays. Its a matter of how the class plays in a group setting. And i mean, yes rapier duelist and knight are very different because duelist is primarily based around being a stealth class. But if you look at Myrm, knight, champ, templar...theyre basically filling the sa
  17. I tries to get expose needed by not working on LMB or RMB. I was shot down because "you can just not use abilities" to counter it.
  18. No but the templar and champ both have ample CC, a mobolity jump, charge abilities, aoe, as well as some sort of high single target damage output. Rapier duelist and knight are different, yes. Im not saying classes play the exact same to other classes. Im saying the base abilities of those classes are very similar and in my eyes homogenized and boring. Regardless of the melee you play, youre basically getting the same stuff. A mobility skill, ample CC, aoe, defensives, and some single target high damage ability. That, in my eyes, is boring and leads to this issue of "this class does
  19. Just popping in to say one argument ive thought of (just playing devils advocate) for blocks to use stamina instead of resource. That is: blocks are supposed to prevent CC, meaning you shouldnt need to use your stamina to retaliate, but ideally use it to block all CC. However we all know how much random CC is thrown around especially in big fights, and how unrealistic it is to block every CC coming your way. I mainly disagree with block using stam but that was just an argument i thought of.
  20. For sure, got ya. Misunderstood your post.
  21. Mm they definitely do in my eyes. Most melee at least feel pretty much the same. Obviously they have some uniqueness like myrm has berserk, but in terms of the base abilities a lot of them are very similar
  22. It's really not. It's just a breakdown of what classes have access to, and regardless of how many trays a class has that doesnt mean they should have access to that many more abilities in each category. # of trays should have no effect on the # of CC, etc, etc they have access too. That being said, I think everyone knows dual tray classes will have more options in their kit, however, I dont think just because a class has more trays they should have access to a larger pool of abilities. Probably the biggest offender being ranger. Edit: take duelist for example. Dual tray class
  23. If you think standing on the frontline in large group fights is 1v1ing a champ idk what to say man...get in there with champs, knights, Templars, etc. You're gonna get blown up. So until i see a vid I gotta say I dont believe you. For rapier it 100% is a must take actually or you're definitely gimping yourself
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