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  1. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Silkhe in The way of the CAREBEAR   
    uhhh...wtf did i just read
  2. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from KrakkenSmacken in The way of the CAREBEAR   
    uhhh...wtf did i just read
  3. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The way of the CAREBEAR   
    uhhh...wtf did i just read
  4. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from 1304049 in The way of the CAREBEAR   
    uhhh...wtf did i just read
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Anti-blob mechanic vs anti-zerg mechanic.   
    I'm not sure that can apply to Crowfall simply due to the discipline system. When combat was reasonably balanced between classes in the past, I found incredible success on a rapier duelist build even though almost everyone in the game was saying duelist was purely a 1v1/ganking class and useless in group fights. 
    Smart theorycrafting, disciplines, and playstyle all enable classes to find success in roles otherwise thought out of reach for them. 
    The caveat being that class power budgets have to be somewhat reasonably balanced. Its an issue as old as the game has been around and I've always brought up, if one or two promotions do everything better nobody will play something else simply because so many promotions have role overlap and no direction. 
    It doesn't really contribute to a meatball meta but does contribute to why the meatball only being champs.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Jjusticar in Suggestions to Assassin Promotions   
    After looking through all of the promotion trees for each class and seeing that a lot of the promotions lack role fantasy, I thought it might be a fun activity to rethink the existing promotion trees and try to create some more unique gameplay and ability interactions for them, while trying to level out power budgets between similar roles. However, putting all of them in the same post would be too much...
    So I decided to start with the first class on the character creation screen, Assassin! Here are some of my suggestions!
    When looking at the talents within the Cutthroat tree, I think a lot of them really add to the fantasy of being an opportunistic assassin. It has the tools and dmg stacking to burst low and out of position players. However, as of now there is really no incentive to stay in a fight after your Ambush/backstab combo in terms of abilities and damage and I find the constant restealth type of gameplay both unfun to play as and against. Hopefully this talent would give Cutthroats an incentive and reward for positioning well and navigating  well within a fight. My suggestion for this promotion really doesn't change much, but adds a little more to the assassination specialist theme. 
    Remove Kiss of Death (stunned enemies take 10% bonus dmg) and replace it with Unseen Shadow.  Successful attacks from behind on enemies grant a stack of Unseen Shadow. At X stacks, your next Backstab will act as if it is Ambush. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I think the Blackguard has some really great potential for a unique gameplay fantasy that we don't have in the game: a life-steal bruiser. The talent tree for this promotion was kind of blurry in what type of role it was going for. It doesn't give the player the defensive capacity needed for truly being a tanky/bruiser promotion (compared to other tank promotion trees), goes half hearted towards a life-steal type game play with the 8% on Poison Paradise capstone passive, and CC class with Assassin's Point (30% CDR on Kidney Shot/Backstab). These changes would push the promotion into much more of a life-steal game play style while doubling down on toxins and poisoner style gameplay.
    Move the 8% life-steal while having a toxin equipped to be baseline when you choose the Blackguard promotion. Replace Zoned Out (In The Zone duration increase node) with Toxicology (30% toxin damage increase). Replace Assassin's Point (30% CDR on Kidney Shot/Backstab) with Leeching Spin. Leeching Spin enhances Dagger Storm to do more damage to poisoned enemies and life-steal X% of the total damage done to poisoned enemies. Remove the Poison Paradise capstone (making it baseline for the promotion) and replace it with Yaga's Gift (basically cheat death) from the Vandal promotion tree. Having a cheat death style ability simply makes more sense to me on a bruiser than it does on a CC based promotion. This form of Blackguard encourages and rewards getting into the fray of things with your added tankiness and AoE damage and I think that Yaga's Gift really fits that game-play style. Remove Payback (Barrier when you hit enemy with Kidney Shot) and replace it with Excruciating Diffusion. Excruciating Diffusion enhances your Diffusion ability with stronger effects: Poison Toxin: Heal for X% of damage done to targets. Disease Toxin: Increased heal absorb on target hit by the ability. Nature Toxin: Nearby enemies already afflicted with Severe Corruption will explode dealing X amount of damage in 5m around them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The Vandal promotion tree was pretty solid, although it seemed to lack cool ability transformation and lacked a specified role. It was half of a DoT class but really had no talents to accentuate that game-play style, while also being half of a CC class with less meaningful CC talents that other CC promotions. My suggestions would move the promotion into more of a single-target CC type of game-play that rewards landing lockdowns on a priority target with increased damage.
    Move Flow State (attacks can refund pips) to capstone passive to fill void left from Yaga's Gift being moved to Blackguard. Flow State gains an added effect of "Successful CC's against a single target grant X% bonus damage against that target. This bonus can stack". Assassin's Point (Reduced CD on Kidney Shot/Backstab) replaces Toxicology. Payback (Barrier granted when successfully landing Kidney Shot) moved to where Flow State used to be. Double Down (Severe Bleed on Kidney Shot) replaced with Kiss of Death (10% bonus dmg to targets stunned by Kidney Shot). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    So, those are some fun suggestions I think for the Assassin promotion trees to incentivize and reward specific game-play styles. I personally think specified roles are a big aspect missing from the game and most promotions are either blurred between multiple roles or just fall into either Damage, Healing, or CC. I really think adding more unique and interesting game-play based upon these basic roles will allow greater customization, creativity, and fun. 
    Anyways, let me know what you think. I had a really good time just brainstorming how, if I was making the game with these promotion trees as a starting point, I would set them up. If you have cool ideas for any of these top promotion trees let me know as well!
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    Jjohnsin reacted to mandalore in I'm a Spy in Crowfall   
    We recently promoted Tyrannical to spy master and are planning a military funeral for his lost phone.  Press F to pay respects.
    All this finger pointing when everybody does it as though its required is odd to me.  Just admit we are all poorly made socksbags and move on but this morale high ground posturing isn't fooling anybody. 
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    Jjohnsin reacted to moneda in Zone Caps   
    Hyperbole is not an effective argument.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to jtoddcoleman in Zone Caps   
    we're pushing as hard as we can to get the new server performance improvements out to you guys, because the higher the cap, the less this issue will matter.  we could put in a temporary faction cap (something like 33/33/33) but my fear is that people would just abuse this with alts and it wouldn't actually help the situation -- in fact, it would make it worse, as everyone would be forced to queue pretty much all of the time.
    we're aware of the issue, and absolutely understand that it's incredibly frustrating.  if there was more that we could do, we would.  server and client performance is our #1 priority for the next milestone.
    once we're on the other side of that improvement, I'm more than happy to look at separate queues for different factions (or maybe just enforcing that during siege windows), but I want to stay focused right now 100% on improving performance.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Tinnis in Speed Bonuses, What Are They Good For? (Absolutely Nothing)   
    cries in bard
  11. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from DocHollidaze in Recon ray and 5.4   
    it just aims weird atm. I think its a similar issue to druid bear where it may either be fizzling out, going thru targets, and just weird aiming. 
    Yep. I exposed boars for about half an hour to get the hang of it.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Gradishar in ACE Q&A for March - Official Discussion Thread   
    Its absolutely true...although I'm not 100% what it has to do with today's Q&A video.  
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Gradishar in ACE Q&A for March - Official Discussion Thread   
    It actually doesn't say that. It says it grants a barrier (which means a barrier to all damage...which is true of all barriers) that also is immune to crushing. The key word is "with" in that sentence. The tool tip could be better...without a doubt. Don't worry...once you've played more you'll get the hang of it. 
  14. Thanks
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Armegeddon in Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!   
    I mean if you want active stuff to do in the game you can still level your vessel, make your intermediate gear, farm lower level resource nodes, look for fights (though the difference between advanced and intermediate is a little much imo at the moment), look for a group to play with that may have higher skill training that you can join with, farm chests for advanced mats, etc, etc. 
    There is definitely plenty to do while you are progressing through the basic trees. It seems you just didnt want to login and participate in the above suggestions. Just because you dont see a reason to login doesn't mean there is no reason to login.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Tinnis in Armor Mitigation/Penetration Breakdown Discussion   
    dammit, why was i drinking when i read this

    *rolls eyes*
    oh wait. this is why i drink!
    so fae debuff going to increase the enemies chance of healing crits too i bet! 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Destrin in Armor Mitigation/Penetration Breakdown Discussion   
    Agreed with you guys. Pretty nervous about the current system. 
    Crit scales insanely well in this game at the moment, as is the case for most games, but not keeping it inn check will lead to even worse damage numbers than we have now imo
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    Jjohnsin reacted to APE in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    Very true. When I play chess all my pieces are able to do all the possible moves and I destroy my opponent quickly. They get so mad because they are playing an old game... 
    I get what you are saying but neither is better and depending on how well the design is, both can offer high skill ceiling for the individual and team. What is more fun or entertaining is entirely subjective.
    The "newer" style of everyone doing everything leaves less room for counter play and knowledge skill coming into play. With countless possibilities, it's more about learning your own abilities well and trying to out damage/cc/sustain the enemy than counter play. Likely why most newer games focus on numbers over individual/team skill. Just stack, spam and laugh.
    As you point out, it is more about 1v1 or small play than a larger group based focus. Which is unfortunate as that is exactly what ACE is selling CF to be. Yet group tactics and class/build interplay seem to be pretty minimal.
    I like both ways of doing it, but CF doesn't really do either well in what I assume is an attempt to blend them.
    While this is more MMO specific, looking to other genres (MOBA) that are huge in comparison to MMOs, having specialized classes/roles for team work focused PVP seems pretty popular with a high skill ceiling. Some being more 1v1 while others more team support, a good design can put it all together without overloading each "class" with everything and homogenizing it too far.
    My prediction for CF: Whatever is OP/Broken will be FOTMs and with the vessel system, there is no stopping everyone from hopping on. Will get out of hand, ACE who doesn't want to "balance" everything will balance everything and the next day we'll see the new FOTM born. Or zerg away and laugh at all the "skill" go out the window.
  18. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Tinnis in Block Breakdown Discussion   
    I tries to get expose needed by not working on LMB or RMB. I was shot down because "you can just not use abilities" to counter it. 
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Tinnis in Block Breakdown Discussion   
    which also bugs me. they grant shields on scimitar and never do anything with it - or the weapon itself. ¬_¬
    i made a previous suggestion of a similar reactive "parry block" with an electric discharge / redirect attack for scimitar - would be sweet!!! instead we get call storm and a forgetable grounding! and then the rest of the limiting issues with that stone [compare to faceroll LMB cleric haha!]
    *cough* "avatar!"

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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Scorn in Block Breakdown Discussion   
    Just popping in to say one argument ive thought of (just playing devils advocate) for blocks to use stamina instead of resource. That is: blocks are supposed to prevent CC, meaning you shouldnt need to use your stamina to retaliate, but ideally use it to block all CC.
    However we all know how much random CC is thrown around especially in big fights, and how unrealistic it is to block every CC coming your way. I mainly disagree with block using stam but that was just an argument i thought of.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Tinnis in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    i am just talking generally and saying i have little interest in playing or planning the possible builds options on a single tray class compared to a double tray one
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Badwolfe in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    It's not the case of classes doing more things it's currently more of a case of every class doing everything.
    It really is getting to the point lately where classes literally have very little distinction in terms of 'flavour'. The amount of CC in this game as an example is starting to get out of control and its getting to the point where the most important skill in game is retaliate. There needs to be things that only certain classes can do because otherwise the game is going to end up with only high damage classes being rolled because these high damage classes also have CC, mobility, good healing.
    There's such a thing as too much choice being a bad thing and I think its certainly starting to become the case here
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Yoink in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    I seem to remember them saying that a lot of classes had abilities that were meant to end up on discs. Hope that is still true. I'd like to see each class get a very very simple base kit. Some basic abilities to be playable out of the box and maybe just 1 or 2 class defining abilities that make you want to play that class. Work the rest of the base kit abilities into Major and Weapon Discs.
    Base class kit - LMB attack and 2 abilities, passives
    Race - 1-2 abilities,
    Major Discs - 1-3 abilities and or passives, work all the extra abilities that were stripped from class into new majors.
    Weapon Disc - 1-3 abilities and or passives.
    Take fessor for example. Start them with LMB, Absolution, and firewave. Break down the other abilities into new Major Discs. Something like,
    Disc 1 -
    gives stats, a new passive and the firewave/tornado spell.
    Disc 2 - gives stats, a new passive and the stun and mana regen spell.
    Now you have choices. Do you go for utility Disc, or CC disc, or DPS disc, or defensive disc, or support disc?
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Rikutatis in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    i just wanted to put this up on the forums and ask everyone else what they think about it. I hate seeing each class have access to almost every important category when designing a class, and I think it shows in group combat (CC especially). Imo there is waaaay too much homogenization in class base kits, and when you look at it you can see how most classes are just reskins of other classes with maybe some different delivery mechanics. I'm not counting racial abilities (including dodges) in this as I wanted to focus on just the BASE kit so keep in mind these categories can be drastically improved with discipline choices, making it even worse. I wrote this up before assassin dropped but, they have access to every category as well. Apologies if i missed something, but I think it's a good overview.

    → CC: Stun, Knockdown, Knockdown
    → MOBILITY: Jump
    → Damage: Execute, Parry,
    → Defense: Parry, Divine Light, Holy Warrior, Faith, C power
    → Support: Devotion
    → CC: Knockdown, Stun, Pull, Vacuum, Knockback, Stun
    → Mobility: Dash
    → Damage: Onslaught Combo, Retaliate, Severe Bleed, C power
    → Defense: Block, Second Wind, Noble Blood,
    → Suport:
    → CC: Knockdown, Stun, Root,
    → Mobility: Charge
    → Damage: LMB, Pulverize, Whirlwind, Taste for Blood
    → Defense: Berserk, Taste for Blood, C power
    → Support:
    → CC: Snare, Suppress, Snare, Knockdown, Root, Knockup,
    → Mobility: Disengage Leap, Forest Step
    → Damage: Rapid Fire, LMB, Jab, Laceration, Ricochet Shot
    → Defense: C power, Archer’s Stake
    → Support: Bonus Damage, Armor Break, Armor Crack, Weapon Break, Flare Arrow,
    → CC: Stum, Knockup, Snare, Knockback
    → Mobility:
    → Damage: Gaea’s Wail
    → Defense: Forest Whispers, Shroud, Bark Skin,
    → Support: Healing, Armor Break, Elemental Armor Break, Nature’s Avatar, C power
    → CC: Blind, Root, C power stuns
    → Mobility:
    → Damage: LMB, C power
    → Defense: Block, Retaliate, Hushed Prayer
    → Support: Auras, Healing, Block,

    → CC: Stun, Knockdown, Knockdown
    → Mobility: Tunnel
    → Damage: Impale, LMB, Pistol Shot, Pepperbox, Go For Broke
    → Defense: Redirect Pain, C power
    → Support: Expose debuff
    → CC: Stun, Knockdown, Blind, Knockup, Snare
    → Mobility:
    → Damage: Absolution, LMB, Tornados, Flames of Truth, Righteousness
    → Defense: C power
    → Support: Black Mantle
    → CC: Suppress, Blind, Knockdown, Snare, Snare
    → Mobility: Leap x2
    → Damage: Stomp Combo (suppress/rend), severe bleed, Backfist, Massive Cleave, C power, Retaliate
    → Defense: Ultimate Warrior, Second Wind,
    → Support:
    What I hope this shows, and what is probably my biggest gripe with this game, is that there aren't really any specialized roles. Everything is just...kinda the same. There is no identity between melee classes for example: they all have mobility (except duelist), they all have multiple forms of CC, they all have some defensive abilities. I personally like to see classes that fill roles, that you can then dedicate discipline slots to doubling down on your role or spending discipline slots to make your class more rounded. 
    But that's just my .02, I hate seeing that almost every class has at least one or multiple abilities in each category in their BASE kit. What do you guys think? Just curious to hear your thoughts!
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Badwolfe in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    Have to agree with you @Jjohnsin The more I try out different classes the more I'm starting to think there's no flavour to playing class x over class y
    There's too much CC handed out to all the classes like candy.
    The game is becoming more and more of a CC fest as it is progressing  
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