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    Jjohnsin reacted to blazzen in Do bow disciplines only work with that specific advanced bow?   
    That's what I was doing also. By the time the berserk animation plays and you've swapped tray you've lost almost 2 seconds of the 8 second berserk and then have to use the iframe at 1 second mark which means you really only have 5 seconds to do anything. When the bleed arrows were working that would trigger the taste for blood buff (hence sharpshooter on a myrm) which could do some good dmg. I think it's bugged now though. 
    I get what you're saying about DPS uptime - I completely agree there. In 1v1's and small scale it makes sense. The larger a fight gets the less you need to be good at everything and the more you need to fit a role. That's when I find taking something like shield breaker is better than a bow disc for a melee pusher. 
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Tinnis in Will all classes be getting one shot mechanics?   
    "Will all classes be getting brainless spammable LMB mechanics?"
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Gummiel in Will all classes be getting one shot mechanics?   
    Nope. Druid orbs definitely don't need to be nerfed. If you actually get hit by these orbs AND actually get 1-shot...you deserve to lose your stuff imo. Like yah, it's area control that can hurt a lot. Good thing we have stuff to counter that sort of gameplay like, oh I don't know; iFrames, block, rescue, etc. 
    These druid orb topics seem like a waste of time and resources for ACE in terms of moving forward in the game. There is plenty of time to react to any orbs exploding in your face. I say to these people upset at druid orbs: git gud
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Tinnis in Do bow disciplines only work with that specific advanced bow?   
    I'd care to somewhat disagree. I wouldn't say any non-ranger with a bow is OP...but I would say that taking a bow on any non-ranger class makes that class much much much stronger. Imo bow damage is just wacky rn. I took a basic bow on my champ just to play around and was instantly hitting for like 500-700 on LMB's. 
    I don't think bows should be gated behind bow types with discs. But I do think bows need changes because as of right now, I think you're gimping yourself on a non-ranger class if you aren't taking a bow disc. 
    *and let's not forget the FREE 8 power slots you get for taking any bow disc*
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Xarrayne in Druid Orbs Suggested Change   
    Druid orbs don't need any changing offense-wise. Regardless of it being 5 orbs or 15 orbs...you still need to hit someone to be effective. Like, this stuff is so easy to dodge, in any scenario. You press Retaliate, and then literally any of your movement keys and you're safe. If you're running into a choke point...you better believe to expect some bombs in the way. Just have a knight go block in them, or bait out the blight and dive in afterwards. Really really don't see druid orbs needing any sort of buff/nerf offensively. 
    The only druid orb change I want is for scimi druid blight to pull every orb you have within range to you and explode where you're standing. Buuuuttt....we wouldn't want to make Scimitar druid orbs meaningful or anything right? 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Druid Orbs Suggested Change   
    I have literally no issue seeing/predicting/avoiding enemy druid orbs. I don't think any change really needs to be made personally. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Tinnis in Druid Orbs Suggested Change   
    I have literally no issue seeing/predicting/avoiding enemy druid orbs. I don't think any change really needs to be made personally. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Time Based Skill system But why???   
    Uhhh...post launch people will do what people always do post launch? Realize they are late to the start of the game and may be at an initially lower power level than people playing the game since release? I'm not a fan of tomes in the first place but I don't really care. I just think this idea going around that "oh no I bought the game late, I'm worse than someone in something so I should get babied" is lame. 
    It's like a week or two ONCE in your whole accounts lifetime. Just a drop in the bucket if you ask me. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Time Based Skill system But why???   
    You can be rewarded for grinding in CWs. But the passive system itself obviously does not.
    Most of the progression you will feel day to day will all be in the CWs. Disciplines, vessels, gear, etc, etc. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Time Based Skill system But why???   
    That is definitely a wall of text but I'll try to decipher it.
    1. Yes of course you need to train crafting to craft the best gear. Why would you be able to instantly craft the best gear your first minute playing? It's just the same as say, leveling up a professional to max level in WoW or something. 
    2. They are skill wiping at soft launch I believe so that will be an even starting place for everyone, including those who are behind in training right now. Moving forward, the devs have been considering some sort of mechanic to help newer players catch up though it won't be anything too crazy. Plus the initial crafting skills don't take too much time to learn. 
    3. I'm not sure what you mean by hot bar skills interrupting your LMB. However I believe they actually do interrupt your LMB if you're gathering. You can also move while gathering (holding LMB rather) to reposition on the node. 
    Don't worry to much about the crafting skills and passive system. Everyone will be in the same boat come soft launch.
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Kith in Uncle Bob's guild   
    Well Uncle Bob is the notion of a strategy game that never really ends so one person ultimately rules everything and everyone gets bored. I'm not sure how that really relates to guilds? 
    If you don't like the guild your in because they're controlling or something, just leave and find a group more to your liking imo. But again, I'm not sure how the question relates to guilds. 
    In what ways are you thinking guilds are an Uncle Bob?
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Sepowchu in Soul Power   
    * 'ultimate' Q power* ;D
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Tinnis in Soul Power   
    * 'ultimate' Q power* ;D
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    Jjohnsin reacted to mhalashace in attack power maths help request [lets try and work out how AP works?]   
    10 AP = 1 weapon damage, which is what I meant to say but my mouth said DPS. If you have a weapon that does 60-70 damage and you add 10AP it's exactly the same as having a weapon that is now 61-71 damage.
    We used to have a Weapon Min and Weapon Max damage stats but I removed most of those since they're basically just another way of granting Attack Power and I didn't think we needed them. So again, 10 Attack Power = +1 Weapon Damage Min and Max. If you're using a 60-70 damage weapon and you add 300 Attack power it's like using a 90-100 damage weapon. And obviously this carries over to abilities such that if an ability adds 100% weapon damage, that +300 AP will result in 30 more raw damage (before armor and buffs and debuffs and defenses and everything else).
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    Jjohnsin reacted to ZYBAK in WTB real crowd control class   
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    Jjohnsin reacted to goose in Please nix the term "early access", for our sanity.   
    You are not wrong. It says it in large, screen-dominating letters that it forces you to click through and scroll past twice every single time you download the client, plus more times when purchasing the game. They are pretty ham-fisted about it. People just don't read.
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Frykka in Should all accounts start with X days in the time bank?   
    say he/she starts playing the game right and he sees he can specialize right away in crafting. Hey great, that's awesome for him. Oh wait, he/she has no resources to even craft with besides basic stuff. Oh wait, he/she hasn't played the game at all to be able to trade for anything. Oh wait, he's a new player more than likely without a guild to give him/her any low level premium resources. Oh wait, there is literally nothing he can do with that instantly specialized path he/she took. But maybe if he played for a week or two and built up some stockpile of mats...when he does specialize he/she can actually do something since he was actually able to get some mats. I mean, even only crafters are gonna have to get their hands dirty in CWs, so this notion that crafting is the thing he enjoys so that's what 100% of their time will be consumed by from the very start of his journey is daft.
    But let's just say that this crafter logs in, instantly starts training blacksmithing, gets a bunch of slag and stuff from somewhere are starts crafting. Oh wait, more trained crafters are doing the same thing but with factories blowing him out of the market anyways. 
    Like, skipping basic trees does nothing for you unless you have physical mats to use with it. And I guarantee you that new players will not. So either way they are training "pointless" skills for a while either way until they get materials or a group. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from BarriaKarl in Should all accounts start with X days in the time bank?   
    I mean...oh no, you need to wait a little while before crafting? You more than likely won't even have premium mats to craft stuff and take advantage of any skills you do have if you just bought the game anyways. Maybe it'll feel better for people when there is an actual game loop and stuff to do that is meaningful in game to fill that basic training time. 
    I don't think it's too much to ask for people to just chill and play the game for a while before specializing. But hey I really don't care either way and whatever ACE ends up doing won't impact my thought much. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Gummiel in How will tanks play the role of "tank" in Crowfall?   
    Just gonna chime in here on GW2 PvP as I played I competitively at their highest levels (ESL tourney's, pro league, etc) for quite a while. 
    GW2 PvP and combat feel really good. But that's just about it...movement is fluid and combat is fast, and if you're a good enough player allows for tons of outplay potential. It's not reactive at all, I'm not sure who got that idea. It's PvP...if you're playing reactively then you're losing. 
    Where GW2 PvP went wrong was ArenaNet ignoring the PvP scene for years until the first xpac came out and they actually put some time into refining it. But that's where the game lost its PvP since they introduced elite specs and those specs are just massive upgrades for every class. Elite specs basically gave GW2 the same problem CF has currently, and that's that it made it so everyone could do everything. It made it so previously squishy DPS classes (Mesmer for example) became unkillable. It pushed the game towards tank meta's which is incredibly boring to play and watch (I remember a game where both teams literally just AFKd). Other than that, ArenaNet has no idea how to balance and PvP became a poorly made socksty show. 
    The combat itself felt really good though and I really enjoyed it for a long time 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Durin in Should all accounts start with X days in the time bank?   
    The way I see it is that...why even bother giving new players head-starts? I don't think many people will come into the game and be so upset that they need to train basic skills before specializing that they leave. I mean, we all have to train them and I think they should too. Like was stated earlier, imo the first couple weeks of a game should be spent doing THE BASICS. I don't log into WoW and expect to be like 700 blacksmithing right away, I don't even expect to be level 2 blacksmithing right away. I expect to spend time leveling it up...and you could argue that the basic v specialization argument is in WoW too with things like gnome engineer/goblin engineer versus regular engineering. 
    Seems like just extra headaches to me holding new players hands. I think it's overblown how new players will react to having to start from scratch, and there should/will be plenty of other things them to be focused on. Imo they should be spending time in game actually playing before deciding a specialization. If anything speed their training by 2x or something, seems like this is the is being made more complicated than it needs to be. My .02. 
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    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Xarrayne in Assassin is op needs nurf   
    This topic is all over the place man...
  22. Haha
    Jjohnsin got a reaction from Xarrayne in Duelist AP affect by Str or Int?   
    Duelist of course, it's a no-brainer!
  23. Haha
    Jjohnsin reacted to Vectious in Assassin is op needs nurf   
    Agreed, the animation times are way to short so she basically does no damage.
    Please buff animation times.
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Tinnis in Announcement! New Series! "Jj Builds Builds!"   
    stamina retaliate might!
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    Jjohnsin reacted to Destrin in Announcement! New Series! "Jj Builds Builds!"   
    I believe I was saying "I'm a big strong cleric and nothing can stop me"....
    Very convenient that you didn't record the Audio!
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