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  1. Well...it depends on the implementation of this "deck". From the article, we know that on failure the deck doesn't reset, because it increases your chances in the next crafting attempt. If it doesn't reset on success either, then it decreases your chances on the next crafting attempt. Blair didn't say exactly how this part works. Hence I asked when does the deck reset. It would give definite answer to this question. But I'm fairly confident. The developers have a lot of experience on these things. I would bet that the deck is reseting on success or they will soon change it to reset on success. If they implement it this way, they achieve the goal the described in the article and do not introduce the mirror effect of increasing failure change. He also hinted a bit in this direction. This is why I asked the other question about how many decks there are. Depending on the implementation one might "game the system" or simply do their crafting differently. If there is only one deck, the crafter can easily try something hard with low level materials to burn through his failure cards and then go for the real thing. If there is deck for each recipe, then it is more difficult to burn through the failure cards. The most "ungameable" system would be where there is a deck for each recipe with each possible material composition.
  2. Nice that you are trying to reduce the frustration of the players that stems from the way we perceive the world. Which is probably linked to our survival instincts: negative memories weight more than positive. Anyway...back to topic. Two questions come to my mind: 1) How many decks there are I.e. do all recipies have their own deck or are they somehow shared? 2) When does the deck reset? On success maybe? What I'm getting at is that depending on the implementation a row of successes might then increase your chances of failure. Which means that the crafter will feel that he doesn't want to craft anymore since failure possibility has gone up. Or maybe he wants to craft something useless to burn through his failure cards. Or maybe he want to start by burning through his failure cards before slapping the prime materials on the workbench. Do you care to share with us the details on this implementation?
  3. Even-tough multiple accounts are cheap to maintain, there might be some challenges in utilizing them in campaigns as explained by many in this thread. This will of course depend on the CW rule sets. And these will change over time. ACE has been quite clever with their system design. It allows them to adjust things and also player to vote with their feet and favor certain campaigns, which then will be more plentiful. All this said I think that the hybrid characters will be quite popular and also viable for 3 big reason: Vessel quality limitation, material shortages, decay. Because of these, min-maxing is probably not going to be such a big thing in CF. When you enter the campaign with your L33t-skills you are often not able to use them. You might arrive naked and finally get only a bad quality vessel limiting your skills far below what your crow would allow. And then you also find only poor materials and get to craft only the low level gear. Maybe there is also a lot of fighting and all your gear is often stolen or decays in use. Your choice is to opt for low quality gear anyway, which is easy to replace. In this kind of scenario, it might make more sense to build a jack-of-all trades. Once you have reasonable skills in combat you concentrate on crafting as you know that 95% of the time extra skill would go unused.
  4. I understand your the concerns, but I also understand that the devs want to do something different and increase the role of the crafters. What you propose would push crafters back to being a secondary thought OR the god-awful grind-advancement: "Make 5000 daggers and dump them". Also note that there is nothing preventing you to be a combat-crafter. You just need to dedicate some of your skill training to both. Also consider these few things: in EVE (were you can be both also) - you get one skill in training - when you pay a monthly fee in CF - you get 2 skills in training indefinitely: one for dedicated style of combat and another one that you can choose - with initial one time payment in CF - you get 2 MORE skills in training for dedicated style of combat - with a monthly fee in CF - you get 2 MORE skills in training indefinitely: one for dedicated style of combat and another one that you can choose - with additional one time payment
  5. So what do we know about money in Crowfall? (there seems to be another thread that keeps resurrecting and contains old information, maybe we collect some new data into this one) Mainly, I'd like to know 3 things: - Where it comes into the game? - How does it go out of the game? - What are the rules for importing and exporting in campaign worlds?
  6. Other way of saying that is: nuke everything and rebuild. I tried that and the game started to patch for a while (from scratch) and then it stopped on a next error. (Luckily, I just moved the CFTest directory and can put it back)
  7. Wow! Nice that I came to browse the forums. I had no idea Beta-2 has access already. I have a lot of stuff listed in my account related to testing (I'm a kickstarter early bird contributor). I haven't found out what most of this means: Play Test SP Access Entitlement Play Test 2 Access Entitlement Play Test 3 Participant Play Test 3 Access Entitlement Beta Group 2 Beta Group 6 I would much appreciate, if someone can enlighten me on the nuances of all these privlidges. Especially: - How does Play Test X relate to pre-alpha, alpha and beta? - Does entitlement mean I was allowed to enter these specific tests already? - What is the difference of participant and access entitlement? Normally I would know, but I have never participated to any tests so far. - How come I'm in Beta group 2 and 6? I suppose Beta-6 is redundant here as I'll already have better access with B2? - I never got an email about having access to a testing round. I suppose this is because I was on auto-pilot and unclicked the box that the team can send me news and information about the game?
  8. I'm quite glad that I failed in my process of deduction and dismissed this result. This will offer nice new options for the player community and it even has racial skills in it. Bold move from ACE to make it. (But it was now or never as they said). I was a bit worried how yet another layer raises the challenge of balancing, but I after seeing the big picture not so much anymore. I suppose one way to "balance" is to make infinite number of combos available to players and keep them in the doubt that they may not have found the best one yet as there is still so many to try
  9. Or if you really wish to play with words, it could be massive in (virtual) physical size. Like e.g. we have new planets as the campaign worlds. "Planets are massive, much more massive than vessels!" But seriously. They used many other terms also: "impactful enough", "big splash", "incredibly cool", "you're going to love it", "you're not going to believe it" etc. We can't get caught up too much on the massive.
  10. If you are e.g. referring to our discussions over the weekend, I was not saying that. I was saying that - given the facts - it is likely not the massive and impactful reveal (and that it is difficult to do well and cost-effectively, if you want to offer real and meaningful gameplay choices) But if I'm wrong, I hope I'm wrong in everything. Most importantly in the fundamental assumptions I took for the bases of my reasoning. Meaning that they are willing to rip the whole thing open and make the races impactful and offering real (and hard to choose) choices. Having the races just as an additional dimension of the vessel system with certain races gravitating towards certain stats would be quite an anti-climax. As discussed, if the races have some unique skills and these unique skills are well thought out, that would be great. If races are separated from AT, the vessel system also gives the ACE team some relief in balancing. Since players are not locked to their race, there won't be so loud "balancing uproar" as in other games. Changes in racial power will manifest mostly in the game economy as changes in supply and demand for certain vessels. Anyway...this small glimpse Frykka managed to give us isn't the whole thing. It will be interesting to see the big picture and what makes up the whole massive reveal.
  11. I acknowledge your comments on the possibilities of well implemented race-class-combos. But first I must emphasize that possible triviality of race-class-combos is not the main reason why I think the reveal won't be about them. As I wrote earlier: my main reasoning is that it would not fit so well with the systems they have published so far for this game and that it wouldn't be anything massive. Unless they make it massive, but I do not think they have the resources and more importantly it is very risky and few have succeeded. And as veterans of the industry they know this. I have played games where race-class combos made a big difference. And I must say I enjoyed them a lot as a player that used to like theorycrafting, but I also saw what a nightmare it is for the developer to keep their customers happy. Vikingnail mentions night-vision. And this is exactly the direction that can make a difference and open up a new layer of customization: race specific skills. With these you can make unique combos. To enable this, ACE would need to create these skills and it doesn't fit into the current skills system. Note also that the skills systems is linked to their revenue stream. (subscribes can train 3 archetype skills while pay2play customers can train only one). If they add race specific skills, they would need to change this too. And more importantly they would need to come up with a meaningful skill set that really offers some choices. A lot to do. Also there is the tendency of players to min-max. No matter how you implement the race skills, there will be a perceived best combo that most players will use. Other combos are seen as gimped. So, the race system easily offers just a lot of work for developers with minimal gains for the players. Unless all classes have multiple ways you can play them and certain races augment these playstyles. But if you do this, then you are mainly just creating more best in class combos. E.g. instead of golem (race) being the best fighter (class). You have golem as the best mitigation-fighter and wood-elf as the best avoidance-fighter. I'm already impressed by the amount of classes they have, I doubt they have the resources to open up the balancing nightmare with race-class-combos that offer real and impactful choice. More so as they already have these different playstyles inside the classes. There are several types of tanks, dps, support etc... The other direction for races in MMOs is the difference is stats. This is the direction that usually leads race being a redundant layer for game play and mostly a choice for RPers. In these games, finally the gear your character uses will mostly out-weight by far the characters stats. This is often a design choice by developers. When you make race stats meaningless, you have less to balance and your customers do not complain: "I have spent gazillion hours on my halfling-tank and now you made my race useless for this class -> rage quit!" So, I'm not in anyway against race-class-combos. They can make a difference in gameplay (but it is hard) and they are very important for roleplayers. It's also nice when the characters you meet look different. But based on what I know about Crowfall and it's developers, I have hard time seeing this being the massive reveal. I do expect the reveal to open up customization and character differentiation in some way. There are clear hints of weapon and armor options, even weapon and armor styles. This might be linked to some kind of faction system or master-apprentice system. The faction system possibly linked to gods. I'm not sure what they will do, but I expect that it will have some Artcraft twist in it. Tomorrow we will know.
  12. They used many things to describe the upcoming reveal: "massive", "impactful enough", "big splash", "incredibly cool", "you're going to love it", "you're not going to believe it" etc.. It's funny that you highlight the last one. If the reveal is going to be the race-class combos, it will certainly hit in the middle of the "you won't believe it" category for me and miss all the other ones like an archers who is shooting with his back to the target-boards and aims for the audience. As for you: race-class-combos won't hit the "believe"-category at all, but (if I understand you correctly) will touch some of the others. I don't think race-class combos is something that you can characterize with by massive, incredibly cool, big splash etc. This is quite traditional. I also feel that it is mostly cosmetic thing for the RPers. I agree that you can have an additional layer for character customization with stats, but more layers doesn't always give you more options in the end. Once you optimize the whole thing, some layers may become redundant. But I'm not going to argue what people like and don't. I see race-class combos as a cosmetic fluff, some may see them the coolest feature. And that is just fine. People enjoy different things. My biggest doubt - why this is not the reveal - is that the design team seems to have a vision and a clear path to reach it. I do not see any reason why would they go backwards and change some fundamental systems of the game against their design. Race-class-combo doesn't really fit well with the vessel system, skills system nor how they have presented the classes so far. The only reason I see them doing anything against their initial plans is when the current design would be broken. And race class combo is not fixing anything. Hence, I'm putting my money on NO race-class-combos. Note that the decisions is already made, I'm not trying to convince anybody.
  13. I'm really surprised by the amount of people thinking the big reveal is about opening race-class combos. I"m willing to bet big bucks that it is not that. For many reasons. 1) The game design and what they have communicated so far is not supporting this. 2) It would would be a major development strain with minimal gains for players. * A lot to balance. There is going to be a a percived best combo and most players will go for it. Once there is a balance pass this may change and there will be huge uproar. * A lot of art assets to create. 3) it's nothing massive. It's what all your WoW-copies do. This game seems to want to create something fresh and spend the effort on it. 4) The design team has limited budget, but they seem to have clear vision for the game and how to spend the nickels effectively. They seem to be clever guys with a a good understanding about MMOs. Race-class is not something fitting to this. And as said, they are expensive to do and againts the current plans.
  14. Good write-up. I was expecting some announcement about a delay. Quality before schedule is the best approach. My hope is that your soft launch will be with full product (i.e. the features planned during kickstarter). So, please try to repel the external and internal pressure to release the game to the wider public as long as possible. It will be the best for the game in the long run.
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