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  1. With this being Pre-Alpha(progression doesn't matter, resets around the corner, ect) I don't see the downside to loot boxes until there comes a time to actually test the 'game' Unless the test is wanting to focus on harvesting, then sure.
  2. So the FIRST LOOK of the Templar has been posted. There's a POWERS AND UI Discussion Thread In that, a couple of us discussed how the Lore should affect the powers. I feel as it was mostly on topic there but I could see where a real breakdown of the Lore would be more clutter than help in a Powers and UI area. Things discussed... General Lore about what a Templar should be and how should those be represented in the game? What changes do you want to see from the base Templar in the promotions? How do you feel the Righteousness / Sin mechanic should be represented based on the Templar Lore? Should it be changed to fit the Lore, or should the Lore be changed to fit the mechanic? I'm just curious how others view what a Templar should be.
  3. Since pledging this week.. I have three likes... two are from JamesGoblin. I feel accepted
  4. I agree with this, but I look at it like Confessors view that the Sin's of Man created the Hunger.... While Templar's view that the Hunger can cause Sin in man. Templar's aren't there to forgive Sin, but will combat it when faced against it. I mean they do have a big "subject to change" in the beginning... maybe when it's all hammered out, different promotions of Templar could effectively do different sin building styles.
  5. When I look at Crowfall combat system, I see more of a Moba/FPS hybrid rather than a MMO combat system, It's different, it's fresh, I feel as though how a player plays their character will out weight the dps bonus equipment would give. With as much customization there is in gear... unless some stat is broken/exploited (ex see crit with fire mage in WoW currently) I don't see cookie cutters working as well with others being able to custom build counter stats towards a "known build"
  6. I see where you're coming from... The way sin works for a Templar is more... if you strike those with sin, you gain righteousness. Which makes sense. I think they could make it lore compatible if instead of Devotion charging whoever's healed to strike sin into others.... enemies could only gain sin vs a Templar by attacking them during righteous stand or the Templar & allies during devotion or divine light.
  7. If you've purchased / consumed the $69 or higher bundle, then like Lumar said, Yes. You can download the client at https://crowfall.com/en/client/ You can get an early start by downloading what you need, plus log in server works and you can always start your skill research. No actual game servers will be up until Friday though
  8. I'm liking #Crowmunity...#Crowunity? #ASongOfHungerAndCrows and the silly one... #CawingAllCrows
  9. If you pledge to Beta 1, you get immediate access. They just allowed Beta 1 group(The game is still is pre-alpha, but the pre alpha, alpha, and beta1 test groups have access) in the past couple of weeks. Now this is all opinion on my part but, I don't see them inviting Beta 2 for a couple months unless they're trying to stress/break the server, and if they do that.. I don't see all of Beta 2 getting in. I could be completely wrong and I know there is said to be an announcement tomorrow. Might know more / have some type of schedule announced then.
  10. I had a similar but different problem last night, pledged yesterday, did my download and everything no problem, 2FA worked on website and the initial launch of the patcher, I launched the game from the patcher, it asked to log in again and kept saying my 2fa token was out of sync? Logged back into the website and disabled 2fa (worked flawlessly) allowed me to log in game after that.
  11. Hi everyone, long time lurker, finally a backer. Friends and I are looking forward to moving to this community, some of us are more committed than others. Soon to be 31, MMOs(vanilla wow, SW Galaxies, Ragnarok Online, on my list but have been quite busy over the past few years and slowly got back into the MMO scene dipping my toes into the newer ones and some of the older ones... After seeing the direction and idea of the game, this looks like what I would want. Ready to test and help make this the best it can be
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