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  1. A few things I have noticed. For Wood Elves, the dissipate does not play the animation anymore, you just see the jump. Also, they can not dissipate up hills. Druids orbs and healing rain powers are unusable on outcroppings, bridges, and in buildings; they just fall to the ground, not the floor. In 5.5 you used to be able to aim your AoE powers, such as healing rain, by holding down the key for them and you would see an indicator that would show you where the ability would affect, it no longer works that way. Now, it would fire off right where you are pointing. The druids resurrect at least, it requires that the target corpse is in the center of the ability in order to resurrect, given the aforementioned bug and the immense recharge time for the ability, if you are off by just pixels, then the person in question just haves to respawn. In the command tree, it appears that only the combat skills actually modify anything, the harvesting and crafting ones do not as far as I can tell. Going into details on the character sheet and switching the leadership passive on and off I only see my critical hit damage, attack power, critical hit chance, and support power change even though I should also be giving a beneficial harvest chance, critical harvest chance, crafting basics assembly, and crafting basics experimentation.
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    What definition are you going off of? Because what I see is a specialized market. In other words, it could pretty much apply to just about any genre of game. FPS fulfills a niche, RPG does too, etc. Then again, I am pedantic.
  3. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Do you know why I don't play MOBAs? Because I don't like that feeling of starting new every time I play. Leveling the exact same character, the exact same way, even if it's just a different order, every day. It's boring and repetitive. It has its supporters and fans, its niche. This game isn't that. Too much to do, too many skills to train, for it to be. Plus, the issue with EVE Online isn't the skill system. If anything, it's the active hate some of the player base has against another of the player base for having badwrongfun.
  4. Yes, losing so much durability on your gear when you die discourages PvP. I mean, look at EVE Online, no PvP in that game because when you lose you usually get your ship destroyed, and you can also lose your implants, and you might also lose your skills when you actually die! Let's not make the same mistakes of one of the longest lasting open world PvP games! We must think of just the immediate effects of losing a battle, and not about the economy as a whole. We must stand fast and say, when I buy something, I expect it to last until I find something better! I only want to run around in armor I can not afford to lose! Trading is the key. Buddy that likes to harvest and craft making the armor and weapons and such, you paying and then a killin' you shall go! Though, I'm not a huge fan of the 'action' harvesting. Counting pips and making sure I execute the action on 4 pips instead of five then getting just one hit in before I use the action again. I think they should just break it up into five different actions and the more pips you use for one the more powerful it is, I hate trying being at four and the tree only needs one more hit to be felled. Edit: grammar, punctuation.
  5. Player Created Content - EK Campaign Scenarios

    I don't think being able to lock into more than one campaign world at a time is a good idea, especially if you can only take out all of your earnings if you win. If I can lock into three worlds at once then I'd invest my time into the one where I have the biggest chance of taking my earnings with me. So if my side is losing in two of the three but winning in one, I would only go to the one where I'm winning so I can get my stuff. As a side effect of that, there would be fewer people to contest the winners in the other worlds, thus there would be less meaningful engagement. If I can only put all my eggs in one basket I'd make sure that basket is as well protected as I can make it.