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  1. If I understand correctly, min/maxing is basically the way to discover good alloy ratio for the product?
  2. I am in the opposite situation. I played SWG but not EvE. In SWG there was 1 to 1000 quality system but this game uses tier system. I was hoping that this won't be something like WoW crafting. I think what I said was too one sided. I agree that better materials should give you better quality. If I use cars for example, T1: Honda, T1 car Civic T8: Rolls & Royce, T8 car Phantom It would be a foolish even to try to compare but you won't have a problem in Civic for everyday driving. Even on a highway driving faster than a speed limit, Civic will do just fine. Phantom is most definitely better, no, one of the best car in the world but if you think about the cost, not so practical for commuters. Assuming there is a car company 'Nerd' and they make a car '50'. It is tier 1 but very cheap, only $1000. You went for test driving and found that max speed on that was only 50kph. Maybe someone will buy it and use it until he get a full driver license. Will he ever come back to Nerd 50? I am sure not. That is what I meant by the quality that skilled smith can do with ore1. It should at least meet the quality of average gear for high level players.
  3. It seems like the crafting system is not in the game yet but I do have questions about tier system. First of all, crafting in CF looks very promising as it was stated that you can play a full-time crafter. I like mmorpg with the idea of not everyone has to join the fight. 1: There are 8 different tiers of resources planned. Then, if you are a master of sword crafting, is it possible to make a sword with ore1 and the result to be an acceptable quality of sword for those high level players fighting in Dregs? I expect the sword will be just a plain sword with no magical effect but what about its physical quality? 2. Is tier 1 going to be practice materials for beginners that eventually nobody will be looking for or will be literally common materials that majority of players will be using because of its affordability. I personally prefer the latter. In my opinion, what makes a stronger gear should be the skill of a crafter not the rarity of materials. Otherwise, a player with strong combat profession who can access to higher tier materials with ease will be considered more important. 3. I wonder how big the gap in between each tier is in terms of quality or power. In my opinion benefits of using high tier materials should be certain magical properties rather than more power(defence, damage etc..). For example, however strong the ore1 sword is, it can't kill a vampire. You will need a silver sword. Another example, an ore1 sword can be as sharp as an ore8 sword but ore8 can contain powerful magics while ore1 will always be plain. Thanks.
  4. Achiever: 40% Explorer: 100% Griefer: 27% Socializer: 33% Yep, I already know that I am explorer type. I didn't learn any magic in UO and couldn't even use recall. Always run to moongates to moongates to travel around Britannia. My friend gave me a bunch recall scroll one day and I still had to cast several times to use it successfully. One of my friend in UO got surprised when I visited his house on foot in the middle of a forest.
  5. Follow up question! Does centaur have a running speed matched to a mount or at least faster than other biped species? Ultima Online was my first mmorpg and because of that it became a kind of measument or a standard when I look at other games. Mounted combat is not a must have feature but I still think that if there is a tamable, mountable and killable character in game, fighting on a mount is also natural. What I don't like is that "dismount/mount unsummoned back into inventory" became a norm in mmorpg, even though mounted combat was common in the history of wars, and many mmorpg worlds have medival concept, some people worry about mounted combat ruining the game balance. In my opinion, that is only due to the most mmorpg being incapable of handling mounted combat.
  6. Is that only for amber+ during kickstarter? I am wondering if amber 2016 will come with physical package too? I have no idea but it makes sense physical package delived with released version of game.
  7. One fallen founder here... there is so much dust on my Locust I liked Firefall because of its SWG like crafting/gathering. So yea, I like SWG and also UO. If I have to pick one, it will be SWG. The gathering/crafting was done very nicely in that game. Gathering is usually very tedious work. Although, in UO being a trademan was very rewarding, still so boring without macros. In SWG, you still had to do some footwork and find good quality of resources and creating a good quality of blueprint requires a certain level of skill but hey, idea of using harvesters and factories was so brilliant. I don't see why no other game has done somthing similar. I am in one of early access mmorpg and still have to click 'craft' every time. Some people need to learn....
  8. In my opinion, FF is better thing to have, if the system can support it. I think in Ultima Online the term Friendly Fire didn't even exist while other players could actually get hurt if you cast area spell such as fire wall. Though, noto pker would be pleased to see somebody casting fire wall so it was not popular spell. It was just based on natural logic of ours, not for the purpose of 'what FF can do in the game'. There is no FF in most mmorpg and many players are maybe more familiar with that. I think one of the reason for no-FF is because of tab-targeting combat. In the game with tab-targeting your attack is not deployed over the certain coordinates of the map. Your attack is directly transferred over to your target character with all kind of calculations. FF is just not possible because there are only you and your target in the calculation. In order to have FF on in that system, players should be allowed to target friendly and activate offensive skill/spell. There is no 'accidental friendly fire'. You targeted the guy and attacked! Unless the game also has 'murderer system' FF is pointless and not offered. Instead, the duel system is there. As far as I know, Crowfall uses non-targeting combat? So you swing and anyone within will get the swing? In my guess, anyone within the attack range or arc of swing will get hit calculation. Under no FF rule, friendly characters will have friend/foe identifier and won't go into the damage calculation. Turn off friend/foe check? FF is possible easily. Somebody here metioned Mount & Blade. I have played cRPG multiplayer mod for a few years and really love the combat system of it. It has full FF but that only adds more fun to the game and nothing bad. There is differences between CF and MB though. (I am only a supporter of this game. Watched combat only in videos. Just so you guys know.) In CF your attack will be registered to an enemy within your reach of weapon and certain width from the targeting reticle. So basically you have a box, an arc or a circle of attack range in front of you. MB has 4 way swing and 4 way block, and you manually control it. 1. If you swing a sword from the left to the right, the sword will move in an horizontal arc and your foe has to block your attack to his right. 2. If he blocks to his left, he will get damage because the sword will hit the body before the weapon trying to block your sword. 3. If there is another player standing beside to your left within the reach of your sword, your sword will hit that guy to your left because the sword swing starts from your left side. (and this causes friendly hit so often...) So in MB, weapon swing makes an arc but will hit only one guy whoever standing the closest. CF does not have directional attacking, as far as I know. So damage will be dealt on anyone within the box(arc or circle) of attack. 1. If you have one enemy and one friendly withing your attack box, and if each of them occupy 50% of your attack box, who will get hit? 2. in MB you can stop your attack in mid swing and retract your sword. Players with good skill often see they could hit his teamate and stop swinging before hitting anybody. In CF attack is attack, is it not? I like the idea of having FF. It only makes sense to the logic. If the game can support the logic
  9. In SWG a player in scout profession could have 'Terrain negotiation skill' which could help you to climb up stiff hills faster. Something like that in this game will be awsome in my opinion.
  10. Hello, I just joined this forum today. I have participated in a few kickstarter/early access games and none of them went well.(Thanks god, I didn't buy EQ next. Too bad, didn't even have a chance to be born) So I feel I have to ask more questions before pledge anything but still I had to show a little bit of support to be able to ask a question.(hmm......) Anyway, this is my first question. Is there a mounted combat system in this game or is that going to be in the game? I read QnA about mounts and unlike many casual mmorpg these days, a mount have own hp and also can be killed as a character. (+1 on this for sure or more if I could.) So my guess is that mounted combat is also possible but I wouldn't know. In many mmorpg, mounts are not really mounts. They are just speed buff item with mounting animation and when you dismount it just disappeared as if it wasn't there at all. In fact, the same speed buff can be achieved without mounting animation and nothing else will be affected since there was no mount as a killable character. It is just disappoting, at least for me. I was a fan of UO and SWG as many of you guys here in my guess. I hope this is the game with a good consistancy. Thanks.
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