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  1. Elii


    I think a shade would be a good idea, I didn't play a lot of SB but weren't they an almost zombie-like race? I think if you go this route it would be important to really separate them from the Vessel system because we will all be kind of an undead soul already. To make them fit in with the lore of the game I would think the Vessels of these creatures would have been prepared for death properly before the Crow takes over. I think you should really see the effort that was made to prepare the bodies for a crow to take over. Lots of makeup, jewelry, basically a bejeweled race that really stands out on the battle field. Thank : "GLAM-ZOMBIE" !!! and the males should have mandatory Man-buns as the only hair option. It would be cool if you could make frostweavers of this race really shimmer blue for that extra sparkle! Eli
  2. Ill be sure to bring it up again next time u and chuck in discord
  3. Not going to make it after all, Life came up maybe next time. All I really wanted was one of the Crowfall Coffee Mugs I have seen in some of the videos. Those should be on the store, and maybe a highball glass.
  4. Elii

    Next Archtype !

    Could do it the Uo wall of stone Way if it were only as wide as say 75% of the keep entry way, you would have to have 2 frost weavers working together or using it to block a door to a house or a small amount of cover on an open battlefield. Give Forge master a good counter for it In Sanct Yelm
  5. Elii

    Next Archtype !

    the PvP happens just as much in our voice comms as it does in our game or game forums... its probably good we don't do many real life meet ups im sure there would be hospital/lawyer fees..
  6. Elii

    Next Archtype !

    Dolmar, If the rest of the guys are making you uncomfortable, I have made you a safe space in my basement. Eli
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Gordon, What's your daily Carry? Glock 17 here. Nice looking place u have there. Did you go to a permaculture design class, have someone design it for you or just winging it?
  8. some of the survival games had an option to capture someone in some way. Ark, H1Z1, Miscreated but my favorite was Reign of kings, you could catch someone with a rope and if they did not have a way to cut themselves free you could take them home to the stocks, gallows, an iron cage, or several other devices. but my favorite was when I used the Building blocks to trap 2 people that were apparently friends that were trying to kill me and lock them in the bear pit, I told them if one would kill the other in a battle to the death I would set the victor free and give him the crown! They refused for about 3.5 hours locked in the pit trying to figure out a way to get at me. after that time one decided to murder his friend. I got some recording hardware for Christmas this year because i'm sure some of you will think this is BS. This is also why Dolmar and WeaponsX refuse to allow me to host a guild meeting in Texas.
  9. Yup, then the vessel would be mine and I could wear their skin!
  10. Will any of these Houses have a basement with a lockable (from the outside) Door? I need a place to keep my Weaponsx and Dolmar.... Also will chloroform rags, tranquilizer darts, and/or snare traps be added to the store anytime soon? Eli
  11. I can confirm that the female Gingers steal souls. I am married to one and she used some of my soul to Spawn another Ginger. She keeps me in the basement.... please help.
  12. Farmlord Eli here, Yes I believe I like Gathering more than the crafting, I love to have Large stockpiles of resources in a bank or house somewhere. In fact when I joined my current guild my 2 requirements to my sign on package when I stopped being a guild leader and joined up were that I would be given pickaxes in every game they took me to, and I would not have to be in a position of leadership. While they forgot about rule #2 and made me a quartermaster, they have never failed to provide me with pickaxes. While I do not feel the need to force everyone to gather as much as I do, I do like the idea of features that will encourage people to purchase from me rather than just go out and farm their own. I believe the NPC vendors will go along way to making this happen.
  13. I am truly sorry for upsetting anyone, I sometimes take for granted that not everyone is as well versed in the subject. I am not sure how this applies but its always a good time for a refresher. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Every firearm is loaded! Safety check the firearm as soon as you touch it Everytime! Always Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Do not point your firearm at anything you do not intend to destroy. I hope this will suffice as a "Trigger Warning"
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