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  1. @Zatch Thank you so much sir, and do please repeat yourself! This is one of the problems with relying on forums for information. No reasonable person has time to search for and read through years of posts to find what they are looking for. It is also a clue to the community and website folk that certain bits of information need to be highlighted better in other portions of the site and via other marketing efforts. The guild systems (along with eternal kingdoms) sound like a fantastic way to solve what @ramshack is looking for. They might also enjoy the map exploration features when they prefer to PvP solo. I've even read you can make maps of explored PvP territory and sell them! How cool is that.
  2. Or potentially two thirds of the game. But you see, this is precisely what i was talking about. A positive contribution could be to talk about what people are doing with guilds, city building, and eternal kingdoms. How this might work to provide a space for those that enjoy crafting but not PvP to thrive -- how mechanics might exist that allow players to protect gatherers -- which then could give purpose to folk like me that prefer to spend time in PvP rather than resource gathering and crafting. I'm not calling your baby ugly friend. If these systems are designed well there can be synergies to support various preferred play styles. There is no need to encourage people to bugger off just because they do not like all the things you like. We just end up with a fractured community and a dead game. I have great faith in at least a few of the folk directing this effort -- these things can be accomplished. I am willing to bet a good bit of what people are asking about has already been planned for. Now let's see if we can really trigger people. I enjoy roleplay and purpose to the fighting. What is changed in the past two years that might encourage this type of play?
  3. It is not BS, and it is not cool to assume someone has not done their research. Double so when you obviously have not done so yourself. Bless is working on their 4th failed release. The numbers are out there and reliable news is out there. The OP was simply giving you an example anyway. There are plenty of failed promises and failed releases with precious designers stubbornly holding on to failed or worn-out ideas. Crowdfunded or not. To the point of this post. I am not at all interested in any of the mechanics of survival, resource gathering, or crafting that i've seen thus far in the game. I stopped contributing to the tests when i saw the game heading in that direction. Now, if we can play without doing these activities then awesome. Some folk are explaining how this might be possible (thank you so very much to those of you doing so). I am interested in controlling and protecting resources. Let's go there instead. It will be a much more positive conversation.
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