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  1. Alty is the only person I ever see in chat helping new players with questions, also gave me a fair trade on some dust when I lost most my EK crafting stations. So far most the testers with the exception of Alty seems to be a punch of pricks, myself included. Fully plan on trading with him and his guild as he already proved to be a fair dealer even with new players that don't know the market. I think he even takes losses at times to get people starting with runetools. That's my two cents
  2. Xomox


    When I tested about 9 months back they did not have the assassin, or myrmidon in yet also every class was locked in race and gender. Along with a huge number of other things, crafting was not even close to the same and skills trees not developed no discs, bars could not be customized. I could go on for awhile. They have one class to add, I'm sure they will get it in.
  3. Voted human as the best the extra slot and passive, thats exactly what a cleric needs. However Ill be running a hamster or stoneborn long term because my main will be a duelist, underfoot focused training will lock me into those two.
  4. I get your point, but dont waste time even bringing things like this up here. The old testers can go full retard when it comes to any feedback that is not glowing support for everything. What they should be saying is. Don't look at it like a pvp game atm, just learn the crafting and gathering systems, discs and class builds. If crafting is not your thing study the discs test rotations, comeback in 8 months when its closer to release. This is not a replacement for your current MMO or game right now. This is seriously alpha testing, if you seen how much they added the past 10 months to where they are now you would have more faith in what the game will be in another 8 months. I'm looking at it like information gathering/research I wont be playing the full ramp up to release but I will swing by time to time see whats changed. The game is missing alot of systems atm. Merchants is a large one, also the campaigns are pulling gear and mats from the spirit banks of people that have been testing for months they have a huge edge and it kills the trading market because all these old players are way past starting mats new players gather. They have piles of blue quality mats in spirit banks so never interact with anyone other then fellow long time testers. Release there will be campaigns that everyone starts fresh with mats. That would not work implementing right now as people want to test crafting find bugs etc... again its not really a game yet. Last thing to point out is the 10x training speed, it makes the time gap issue amplified as folks are already maxed out after a few months. Wont happen at release will take a year + and I'm sure Crowfall will have a system to catch up for new players. a 1 or 2 after release.
  5. The gear is a I WIN button 100% its not even close. My damage went up well over 30% with just poor quality advanced weapon over basic weapons. Thats just damage add in the mitigation better armor gives and you can end up being over twice as powerful. I know people don't want to hear it but that kind of power gap due to gear is unheard of in any MMO I ever played. I seriously worry it will drive people away in the long run. I don't know the power gap from low quality or normal advanced gear to high quality advanced I imagine its about as bad. I have mentioned this and been trolled with real venom for it, Ill stand by my statements that from starter to good advanced gear the power gap should be no more then 20-25%. Thats still plenty of reason to get gear without making it hopeless for all others. Also you need to add in other factors vessels etc, with gear and top vessels going to have unbeatable facerollers running around killing the game.
  6. Gap close, soft and hard CC all classes need it or a counter too it else you have 100% free kills walking around. Saying this is a group based game is pointless, people will roll the classes that are two man or 1v1 viable. The day of simplistic melee trains and whack a mole health bar fire hydrant healing spam are done, games that try to bring them back are DoA. No one will play that near 20 year old format not even the people that think they want it. Balanced around cooldowns, damage, mitigation, utility etc.
  7. Crowfall should continue along with each class having options balance around that, adjust cooldowns etc but don't take away peoples ability to make big plays. This is the newer style of MMO's each class can do more things. Older players like the being 100% tied to a group because individual classes can only do 1 or 2 things. I dislike the old style its boring simplistic low skill cap, the newer style is faster you need to know more, practice more to understand all classes skills and possible builds. There is greater room for skill gaps based on knowledge and counter play. People can also fill more roles in a group with their favorite class. Old DAoC, Shadowbane players I have run into in other MMOs have really had a hard time adjusting to the higher skill caps new MMOs bring. I learned to avoid them, the roles were so simplistic for all but a few classes these old MMOs pvper grew an over inflated sense of personal skill. I see them time to time forming groups beating up on pugs bragging about it, they get smashed by the younger bunch of elites I roll with. Do not look back on all aspects of DAoC and Shadowbane with rose colored glasses the newer MMOs combat is much more enjoyable fast paced with room for growth.
  8. Xomox

    State of Duelist

    Mostly agree, I don't think there are any 'must takes' you can build a more in your face in and out brawler with rapier, yes punch drunk is good for that but not a must. Or a mid range kiting double pistol. Can kind of forgo stealth if you want, just use the ulti it as an o-poorly made socks button I think that's what most people do. I personally would love to see another ulti choice that is damage related. Double pistol, LMB is sooooooooo slow the animation everything about it. I get making it fast as rapier with current damage would be an issue, but damn its clunky I've grown so used to super fast combat and animation canceling. Less damage with faster animation would be much more fun and give more pips, I think with the state of the damage even tanks are putting out that's not much to ask. Duelist is in a decent spot, the only huge issue I see is training duelist locks you into your choice where all others have a backup class you can play. Champ +Templar, Assasin + Ranger etc... Same with race, Duelist is locked in as only hamster so you are limiting yourself even more, sure you can be a hamster cleric or knight but those are hardly ideal choices hamster adds little too them. I don't understand why Hamster cant be an assassin or ranger. Third, training one handed range weapon if you go pistols also locks you down as the only other 1 handed ranged weapon is clerics hammer. Where Bow is a very good choice for multiple classes so worth training. Complaint is focusing on duelist is punished very heavy with the number of choices you have, even more so if you are a pistol duelist.
  9. I suspect down the road a vessel made with the best mats and deep in the training tree you will be able to reach cap on multiple stats. Making the other non-stat related parts of a race and its training tree more important in your build choice. Larger crit and crit chance boost Sylvan get in the end or humans boost to mitigation etc.. Starting out for the first few months and for those without the best vessel mats, race choice will mater reaching cap or close to it on stats that help the most for whatever the class is. Down the road If most stats can reach cap at some point I see some issues with races, Half-Giant really has nothing going for it other then huge starting str and to a lesser extent con. When stats are capped for a Half-Giant vs a Elken, Mino, Human, Centaur etc... Half-Giant quickly becomes the worst choice as it does not get a speed boost OOC or Perception or a Charge or immune to stuns from frontal attacks or an extra passive and skill slot, you get the idea.
  10. I find older MMO players are more prone to like the format of class X does X class Y does Y all of the classes need others (aka) a group to shine. The roles each person played in a group were set and key to winning, you built for group play because that's all that mattered, and all most classes could do. The newer style of MMOs has shifted away from that, its almost a system where every class can do everything. Lots of builds for each class intertwined systems and complex combos. Weakness outside a group for any class, mostly damage based ones is not accepted it feel wrong to newer MMO players (and some older ones). So when people are talking about an individual class having weaknesses that will be exploited 1v1 you have a larger number of people on the Crowfall forums shooting the idea down, because lets face it Crowfall has a large number of old MMO players who grew up on each class having a single role and that's it. While my first MMO's were DAoC/Shadowbane etc I have fully embraced the newer system of giving every class options with complex builds possible. I think many of the older MMO players have not adapted well to the newer MMOs, least that's what I have seen when I run into them. Crowfall seems to have a decent balance linking old style with new, some classes however will clearly not be good solo against other good players. I plan to play a class that either does both group play and solo well, or one group class one solo class. Templar as it stands now I would not pick as the solo class but would be a top pick for my group class. Really with the way Crowfall training system works its nothing to get worked up over you're not locked into any one class there is a second option for each you automatically train. (except duelist)
  11. @Winterblades Who made the excel files with crafting info on your website? Its very useful info, I promise to never inventory loot the dude as a thank you.
  12. Multi boxing would make sense. None of this will be happening soon after release. The damage will get toned down combined with knowledge of anti stealth anti gank settups and skills to run will lead to a whole different level of play one where burst combos will not drop plate to even below 60-70% on open. There are already options people can use to shut down that initial burst, my guess is we are not seeing it because it does not matter right now. You can farm for hours seeing no one, leaving your best option slotting for max gathering and just take the rare gank, what i do best time investment bank every few mins and its all good. When spirit bank is not a thing, you will see. Now is not what it will be, now is very misleading.
  13. What evidence? The vid you posted, I would be ashamed posting something like that as evidence, those people are clearly brand new had no idea what was going on. Dude was swinging at nothing.
  14. Legit concern, in general a class that is not highly mobile will have issues open field solo. Also a class that counts on people to make mistakes will shine early but will fade quickly once folks learn to avoid a prime mechanic of the class. That said, it heals/buff and it does damage giving it say Champ level movement and CC would really unbalance things. You could chose your disc to shore up those movement and CC weaknesses.
  15. You missed the point, It's an early warning perhaps something gets looked at.. but unlikely as was the case with Necro because everyone proclaimed it god. Then people learned to play and its glaring easy to hard counter mechanics kept it bottom tier forever. Same will happen to Assassin, it might even be worst folks really need to stop looking at stuff in a vacuum.
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