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  1. See that's the kicker people that play assassin/rogue types in MMOs accept that in group play they might not be super ideal but its made up for it by having slightly above average 1v1 play. You just listed Templars as the only class that has it worst solo pvp... and that is a class with use in groups small and large, I do agree knights will get adjusted leaving assassin right where I predicted two years ago. Its a core mechanics issues I have been MMO gaming at high pvp levels a long time seen what would happen two years ago when everyone was singing assassin praise. Duelist is abo
  2. Scoundrel is also a trope for being quick witted its not a negative think the pricess bride main hero as a example for a duelist. Besides its a playstyle breakdown more then anything based on what to expect from crowfall classes if you played other MMOs the last 20 years.
  3. What classes do you think are worst solo PvP and importantly are those classes still good in groups? Seems Assassin is the worst group class and about the worst solo, I can't think of a class in a worst spot at least knights don't instantly melt in group play. It's actually worst now from my perspective then when I first posted this due to the power of ranged classes currently.
  4. I understand like I said do not like ranged at all... it always feels boring quickly in any MMO I do it. At most its a getting used to the game spec for me as its lower skill cap. Melee is more active and tends to allow for more high skill plays balance is done around melee being higher risk but higher damage. Ranged dirge is very good but boring, melee dirge is fun.... but just too weak I dont are how fun it feels getting smashed gets old. I plan to give the stealth melee duelist a try next hope if viable for burst.
  5. The passive training is really good sometimes you need to take time off, life happens its nice to know you wont be left in the dust. Eventually a new player catch up system will be added I'm sure, so the early levels will go much faster. Not worried about those things the system is new in MMOs and I think very well thought out, my only worry is large power level changed based on gear...I hate god mode gear in all games, just make things a little better giving an edge to people that put in the time not an auto win.
  6. I tried both, the range is just too good there is zero balance right now between melee damage and ranged damage no downside to ranged from a damage standpoint at all. I don't look at it like missing out on path skills because you wont use them as a ranged dirge, more like saving two or three points by not going the melee route. Keeping Inconceivable up along with plenty of redirects uses alot of your pips, so you don’t have that many pips to spare for impale and being in melee range you need to use more redirects anyway. Regardless stunning and doing damage in a ranged cone is better then
  7. The second they lose items from pvp they will leave, but I suppose some PvE would be fine just the game has been in development for awhile now time to finish up and release soon.
  8. This is the best idea by far. Just make dodging cost more each time you use it so it can't be spammed. I hate suggesting what other games do but thats what ESO does and it works very well CC break uses stam as does dodge balances out very very well.
  9. Great XP rewards from pvp would be what I want to see, pve is always meh for me some content fun but only once after that don't care and that's on all MMOs even ones considered to have great PvE content. Its just an annoying step for me to level and get gear so I can pvp in most games
  10. Ill mess around with both then, thanks
  11. I do like the change to harvesting, however I agree Go For Broke is useless in all situations now PvP and PvE needs a rework for sure.
  12. Aye not as bad as it was last time I tested, still I'm really concerned with the population not being a massive MMO numbers (and that fine) that this dependency on others to make the items you are a master at making is going to really take away from the fun of the game. Its plenty painful in high populations MMO's getting what you need trading with other players. It actually has me leaning very heavy towards classes that have less gear requirments/slots.
  13. My second account will be the crafter, I would love the ability to mass make items. I want to equip the guild but not spend hours making equipment for them I also want to PvP in my limited online time.
  14. The codependency is a bit much even if you are a master of say metal armor you still need other items from others to make what you are an expert at. Forcing annoying finding/trading that part you need to make what you want is a massive time waster. There are a ton of gear slots you are going to need to trade/buy to get filled anyway no need to add another level of punishment by requiring 2 even 3 different crafting experts to make one item. There is plenty of codependency already the added. Otherwise I don’t have a problem with needing others to gear up with, would just like to be able t
  15. Well could probably just do the same thing with a knight slot support heals and do just as well as a support sin.
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