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  1. Hiya, Was on your website to apply. Unfortunately recruitment page is down or your not recruiting anymore?
  2. To be more specific on the 1st question. So in most games i played Tanks usually get a buff to increase their physical or magical or both at once to an extreme level. for an example 20 sec's buff gives u 75% of defense increase with a very long cool down as 5 to 8 sec's. Appreciate your prompt reply. Also shall check the link you provided
  3. After playing different tank and support classes in several games, thought of few questions that came to mind. 1. Will the Tank ever get buffs like Ultimate Defense or Ultimate Shield Block buff duration/cooldown? 2. Are there different attack speed on weapons? if so, will the weapon attack speed effect skill cast time and cooldown with Magical/physical element according to the class? 3. Will support class buffs/heals be effected with weapons power? or char points input? can the player receive more heals or stronger buffs due to him/her wearing different armor types? or some accessory that adds some type of element? 4. Can a player wear mix and match gears to have benefits from different element resistance? for an example Plate helmet/Chain chest piece/Leather boots or so on? 5. Can we swim in the game? if so can we pvp in water? 6. Will there be any plans on wings/flying mounts? if so can we pvp during flight time?
  4. Was on vacation in when i 1st saw this game on youtube. Been playing mmo's since 2003 and i got to say this game got me to instantly go ahead and buy it. looking forward to what comes ahead.
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