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  1. Ok... I understand, that a booth probably won't be worth it at this early state of the game. I really appreciate the event though! Keep it up! It is good to know, that you don't need a gamescom ticket. Maybe I'll be able to reschedule on Friday >_<
  2. Does anyone know, if they'll be only there on Friday or on some other day(s) too? Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it on Friday. Would be awesome, if there will be a stand, booth, whatever ACE or Crowfall related, at Gamescom.
  3. I really appreciate, that ACE seems eager to reflect the tester's feedback and try to implement the most noticeable issues testers are initiating. Thumbs up!
  4. Is the onboarding still active? If so, please count me in! I love the idea of a full-time crafter!
  5. So stand es in der Mail. Ich würde ACE daher den Gefallen tun und "meinen" Link nicht weitergeben TS? Ähm, äh, was muss ich machen?
  6. Hast du einen Link bekommen zum offiziellen Fragebogen? Falls ja, solltest du den komplett dort ausfüllen, mit Hilfe Akinekos exzellenter Übersetzung Falls du auch was in die freien Felder schreiben möchtest sind wir gerne bei der Übersetzung ins Englische behilflich.
  7. Seeehhhrrr fleißig! Daumen hoch! Besonders gefällt mir der Anker "armselig" Finde es auch zu oberflächlich, aber irgendwo müssen die Fragebögen ja auch ökonomisch sein. Denke, die wenigsten haben Lust auf ne 60 Minuten Mammut-Umfrage
  8. Although the idea of a complete voxel-based world sounds truly awesome, I don't think, that voxels are a key element to make Crowfall an awesome game. My first thought, when they introduced voxels, was "wow, this will be a big mess... falling debris, crashing walls, digging tunnels...this will get really complicated giving it the right structure and framework to create a balanced (or even playable) gameplay". Especially a digging feature appears to me as a mixed blessing. I think, digging will only be viable, if it is very laborious with a lot of effort. If everybody is able to just pick up a shovel and dig themselves under a wall in less than 10 minutes (like in Minecraft), why even bother breaking the front wall or using heavy siege machinery. In my opinion, voxel technology should not be a high priority. Crowfall will be an awesome game, even without it. Right now, I see more risks (i.e. performance, balance) than benefits. But hey, I'm optimistic, so please ACE, feel free to impress me!
  9. https://crowfall.com/client/ There you go
  10. I like the concept of EVE. It is not the ultimate goal to be THE best of all. Your goals, your rules, your pace. You simply can't achieve everything. This promotes playing at your own style, rather then rushing to the "end game". The ultimate goal is to have fun with what you do. Not that tedious grinding that so many games feel like playing. I agree, that a "healthy" PVP circle is a key issue of a long lasting MMO. I don't want to play Risk with Uncle Bob
  11. Will there be an actual "throne"? I mean, they call it a "throne war MMO"
  12. Ich bin seit letzter Woche offiziell dabei! Ich bin für alles offen
  13. I was wondering, do other games use this kind of icon-shape distinction? In theory, this concept appears to me as that good, that I was wondering why no other games / MMOs came up with this. Or is it just me, only recalling games with square shaped icons for skills / abilities?
  14. This is a big improvement, great work! I love the logic behind the shaping and coloring. I noticed, when I picked up an archetype for the first time, the icons were not very informative, nor very distinctive. They were just nice looking placeholders. With the new system, every Icon has inherent information stored within. This will facilitate the understanding and utilization of an archetype so much!
  15. Q1 2017 might be possible. I wouldn't be too optimistic, you might get disappointed.
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