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  1. It's a video game that a uses a mouse and keyboard. Anyone who's argument is "they'll suck with it" has a really weak argument, using skills isn't something that will take weeks to master....
  2. If someone doesn't /want/ to play why would you make them stay? Do you really want to deter people from playing at all?
  3. more importantly why not zoidberg?
  4. This is huge. I'm calling it we're on the precipice of a much needed pc gaming renaissance.
  5. Fundamentally do you understand what the basis of this game is?
  6. Permanent CC and a Suicide button are in order.
  7. If thralls don't add unique ethereal animations as triggered by certain actions based on what aspect of you're character they're supporting I'm going to be disappointed.
  8. The EK's are poorly thought out/ intentionally half-assed and everyone on the "hype" train is going to experience an unholy period of anhedonia when the high runs out. Choo-choo all aboard the CRASH. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hype_cycle But seriously though a reality check from all the rampant hyper-positivity is going to hit hard. The first mass negative action crowfall takes (i.e disagreeable decision) will be a glorious day to behold on these forums and I eagerly await it so real feedback can begin instead of this hyper-backpatting period.
  9. Why are these interviews always an hour long christ I have poorly made socks to do.
  10. There's probably going to be some BS reason why they won't allow it. Why are all the fun things always skipped up.
  11. Will there be significant gm interaction in world.
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