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  1. Investigating. Edit: I can confirm that all download links are working correctly on the client download page. If this problem persists, please contact us at support@crowfall.com so that we can better assist you with getting this issue resolved.
  2. Additional forum threads have now been fixed as well.
  3. A quick update. We are still working on a few additional bugs with signatures being added. I am glad to see it working for some people though I will report back when this issue is resolved completely.
  4. I am working to resolve this issue with our third-party forum providers. I will update everyone whenever we get this issue taken care of.
  5. The resolution restriction is set to 500 (width) x 100 (height) . Upload as a .png. It seemed to have work for me, but please let me know if it is still broken for you guys.
  6. Thanks for the keen eye. This should now be corrected.
  7. We are aware of this issue, and we are working to get it sorted out. This is code that was written by our forum providers, and is ran on their servers so debugging on our end isn't really possible. I will report back with any updates as they come.
  8. I was not able to reproduce this using Mozilla Firefox (53.0.3). Please make sure there are no plugins you are running that could prohibit certain Javascript from being loaded.
  9. The store should be working properly for European customers at this time.
  10. Looking forward to seeing what is created from you guys.
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