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  1. ACE plans on implementing an after-death revival system in addition to the regular re-spawn system (unsure on what it is) which was confirmed by Blair during the stream. Just sad about it because it's supposedly "A game where decisions matter." Did my decision to ambush an enemy guild really affect their decision to continue forth with their caravan if they have a buddy hiding around waiting to come up and revive them when the coast is clear? Did my decision to sneak into an enemy camp moments before a battle to take out their most valuable player really affect the imminent battle if
  2. The combo system is a part of the combat system???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It's crap compared to the potential that it has but as stated they're not done with the system and they're still working on making it better. (even though it's been ages) Combo chains will more than likely end up being affected by the skills and training that you choose and what we have now is just a strong base for them to use in future iterations. As to the comment on "skill based combat" I apologize for not making clear enough for you but I'l
  3. A lot of people need to understand this. There's a lot of complaints over an unfinished system. IF they're taking the EVE route that they planned to go with (which as of now seems like they're 100% going to go with it) then there WILL be a huge variety of skill paths and builds to take. I'm fairly sure the skills that they have now will only be base starting point that can be expanded upon and altered based off of how the player wants to play. If you think that most archetypes are going to be taking the same skill-build paths and maxing out the exact same skills (which will be plentifu
  4. Overwatch has had the largest hype built up around it and as a result they've got the massive player base that they have today. Not only that but the way they developed the game draws in players from other games such as Counter-Strike due to its shooter elements and team based gameplay, TF2 (been dying for a few years now and many people have been waiting for its replacement) many Blizzard fanboys play it as well due to it being a Blizzard product. Hell, a huge portion of the League community plays Overwatch, with many of the big time gamers playing it as well which causes their stream viewers
  5. 1. What are your plans for the Assassin and Stalker releases? Do you plan on having a double release so players can feel the interaction and counterplay between the two or are you planning on allowing the Assassin to run rampant for a while and then release the Stalker as a blessing to the crying players so they understand the importance of having one? 2. Do you have plans of implementing poison related crafting options? If so, to what extent would you use them? 3. How will the hunting system work out? Will it just be regular animals that will need to be hit over and over till they die
  6. actually something like this with the addition to a rare reagent for rez would be interesting. Wouldn't be able to just spam revive an entire group, but instead make tactical decisions on who to bring back. I can see the turf wars now... Would also make Necromancy more lucrative with a larger impact.
  7. I think what you're hoping for strays too far from the vision that the developers have for CF. Having the ability to just rez group members during or after a fight destroys so many elements of the strategic combat style that they want. Small groups of gankers, assassins and tactics (guerilla warfare, sniping or isolating one member) would become completely useless and have no effect on a battle or any of the countless combat scenarios that will be plausible once the game releases. What purpose do you have to do any of these things if the rest of the group will eventually catch up to the person
  8. Griefing honestly varies by game. In some games, you could sabotage a players base, group, etc whether it be from in-game exploits, betrayal or hacks. Griefing can also be someone getting mad and ruining relationships between guilds and the members within, a sower of discord.
  9. I think something like having to manage bodyheat would be interesting to see during the winter to add to the harshness and survival aspect of the end game portion of each campaign. Something similar to Don't Starve where you have to have food dried, warm clothes prepped, and a campfire to fight off the cold weather.
  10. EagleArcherz

    Run Speed

    The combat needs to be on the fly to where players can position themselves properly without having a TOTAL LACK of damage during the positioning/repositioning process. Channeled abilities that do high damage and etc should slow the character by a big amount though seeing as there would be a trade off of bigger damage for less mobility during a short period of time. The whole ranged vs melee gameplay just looks bad in general because of what you mentioned. Melee player X attacks ranged player Y, player Y is forced to run away until player X stops chasing due to both players having the inabilit
  11. I agree with this wholeheartedly but just give them some time to get past this iffy stage of development. Just against this idea in the current SoD that they're in. They must be dealing with God knows what kind of issues as far as the combat, latency, client-server side decisions and etc. I would imagine that once they've left this combat stage and the game is more refined (perhaps in about a month or two, give or take) that they would be in a good position to create something extra to give to the dedicated testers for the time spent during this grueling process. I think that once the larger s
  12. Not to sound like much of a unpleasant person but OP sounds really self-entitled. To some degree it's understandable that you would want some form of incentive and I agree that it would help bring more testers back seeing as many are just bored with the stage that the game is in currently but your form of volunteering your "precious time" to this game is a bit skewed. I do a lot of community service and other volunteer related things and the last thing on my mind is receiving a "reward" for the FREE service that I offered to give. You don't volunteer your time to do something with the expec
  13. Hello fellow Crows! I've attempted to register at the actual Serrated website but i've had no luck and am unable to receive a confirmation code to complete my registration. Could I get some help?
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