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  1. Yeap its early for make decisions ... my first obj is find a group for play together but last time i joined a group they have obsesion about overplay at beta tests which is not my priority at beta state at least till open beta period. Thats why i decided to wait till open beta for find group then i ll decide to my race/class/proffesion which will suit with my play time and group needs.
  2. ACE said tombs will not be in game at start as I know so do not needed worry about it. If you are saying buying tomb is pay2win there are always some whales try to do it. But there is no point worrying about it because there will be % effect for buying tomb for example if you buy 10 day tomb you will get 0,5 day effect so it will be useless in advanced skill trees. And you can always get friends instead of trying do everything as SOLO. I guess this game design for playing together not solo. Every MMO has alt problem there is no such thing to prevent it since whale can get another PC and IP for it so there is no direct solution except get more friends. Furthermore, alt account need to reach that tree before sell that tomb so they need a lot time to do it. And I disagree for paying each campaign. Game motto was pay once play4ever so all buyers has to reach all content. They do not need to pay for reach content or enter CWs
  3. so what will happen at realese ? 4 standart passive + 1 racial passive + ( 1 extra power slot if you are human ) = 5 or 6 passive at the end? Is there a topic writen by ACE about this ?
  4. too many passive couldnt fit in 3 slot what ever i did so i ll change my strategy no point to pick 3 of 11 passives
  5. hmm so its looks like i have to choose minors with ability or item otherwise it is not looks possible or change my race&class
  6. As you know we get passives from race major disciplines minor disciplines and weapon discipline but we only got 3 slot so i dont understand logic behind that. If i can use only 3 passive why all discipline runes got passives buffs? Are Minor discipline runes pointless? We just have 3 minor discipline for amulet ring etc? or there will be any mechanic which gives extra passive skill slot ? Not understand the idea behind this. We are already choosing 2 major+1 wep+3 minor disciplines from many disciplines, why we got 6 slot if we only use 3 of them (it is only posible when we dont use racial passive otherwise we have less slot for disciplines in passsive skill bar) ?
  7. This is an mmo there no such a thing mmo without multiple accounts. There is always a way to use 2nd account you can not prevent it. VM Second pc,third pc, maybe more Multiple internet connection This game mostly depends on your conversation and relations so make a good social connection and you wont need second account and dont need to worry about it. Game design direct you to go talk other or work as a group. There is no point of cry for multiple accounts. Yes of cours they will be used as spies and i believe this is a strategic use and a gameplay style which we used since the start of strategy games!!! Crafting- This not a problem if you succes well orginized with your team. Bec most of the time your guild will need sustainablity for weps armor and food so there must be ppl who working for harvest & craft 7/24 and need ppl who protect them. Moreover, as I understand you still not realized that crafting is group activity if you check leadership skill tree you will see.
  8. No spam name tags!!!!!!!!!! it has to be part of learning harvesting. They should understand by color. Even they are color blind there is a difference between nodes
  9. Looks like there is plenty job to do in skill tree. Whn it finish i hope they add info how much effective to each lvl of a skill lvl 1 - %1 criit lvl2 -% 1 lvl 100- %0.5 crit something like that so we can be sure is it worth to go 99 to 100. Moreover, I hope we shouldnt have to search till lvl 100 maybe a percentage will be fine for open next skill bec hitting max lvl is not look as freedom of make your own specialization
  10. early backers always get better deal thats why its +3000$ atm. Dont worry they are useless because you can not bring them to CW. At least if you dont want to loose them
  11. During the solving process of paper work (figuring out what need for craft) in crafting screen you can not exit Since they cover all the screen transparent will be better
  12. Is there any option give us transparent charecter- crafting - skill screen because atm we are realy vulnerable when doing these action. At least give us option to choose the transparency of these screens thanks
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