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  1. This^^^^ Games could change drastically with every new update, so if a new skill or something comes out that makes a build totally worthless, why should the players be punished when it wasn't their fault? Don't be mean B( Not to mention, if something works for a lot of people, why is it suddenly a crime to use it? Especially when you can respec your skills and whatnot to change something you might not like about that cookie build into something that really does fit your play style.
  2. (hello again blaze ^^ psst, it's Necro from central, although I changed my name to DustyCat there xD) I'll be honest, I've never really played a game where looting is involved, mostly because I don't want to be farmed over and over by guildfuls of PKer's farming noobs like me over and over. I'd really hate that B( Even if a game is more skill based than gear based, I tend to get a little attached to the gear I get xD. But... If there were a few safe slots for the types of gear you have (weapons, armor, etc.) and a limit on how much you lose when you get looted, plus the above^, I wouldn't mind playing Crowfall if it had looting like that. Being able to steal from players sounds kinda fun once you think about it, as long as the looting system doesn't let people go overboard. Full looting is a big turn off for casual players like me (I'm ugly and I'm proud) =(
  3. "Now go back to those same mobs and get me ten rat tails!" (╥﹏╥)
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