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  1. Good to know you will be here at launch and I mean that. I dropped my personal expectations about crowfall a long time back and I will leave the success /failure predictions to the prognosticating prognosticators. I listed out the battlegrounds in WoW not to be condescending , but to illustrate that World of Warcraft offered a lot of PvP options; however I consider it a PvE game. And I would group ESO, GW2, as PvE games that offered PvP on the side. And if DAoC has quest, missions, or story lines, I would put it in the same category but I have no direct experience with that ga
  2. Yep I played all those games except DAoC, and I left for one reason or another. I'm not going back to those games. Skip out on the first 60 days of crowfall if ya want, it's your money. You forgot WoW lots of PvP there Arena 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 Warsong Gulch Arathi Basin Eye of the Storm Twin Peaks Battle for Gilneas Temple of Kotmogu Silvershard Mines Deepwind Gorge Seething Shore Alterac Valley Isle of Conquest Battle for Wintergrasp Ashran
  3. I agree Blazzen and that about sums it up... There is nothing else out there large group PvP oriented. I might add whether success or failure, starting on July 6th the best 60 days anyone will ever have in Crowfall is here. My advice to everyone is to suit up and take advantage of what opportunity is available. Provide me content and I will provide it to you in return. Heads will roll... I would hate to see some of you miss out because your panties are all twisted up thanks to not getting the pony you were promised. "I vill drink from your skull" - Unknown Sea Raider
  4. Hot Zone. Is a hot new phrase with the same old meaning. POI was the original hot zone designed to funnel players into pvp. Then Forts were added to give us something to pvp over at a specified location, later castles were added to bring guilds into conflict during sieges.Then we put it all on a timer so everyone could be online at the same time and not have to hunt pvp. And still the most used strategy is disengagement and avoidance to starve the strong of pvp, this will not change because we added another POI and called it a Hot Zone. Even though the OP’s solutions are elegant and JTodds hea
  5. Everyday is April 1st when you're present and accounted for. The word April, and the word Fools, should be capitalized when written as April Fools Day. I do so hate sloppy trolling. 😝
  6. This is good feed back. The Devs do read the forums. Most new players stall out and log out, kudos to you for taking a second shot, and leaving very good feedback from a new player perspective. Your post was an enjoyable read without any bitchandwhine.
  7. Well that's not really Darkfall-ish, now is it. We gonna have the 'Easy come Easy go" part, but not before you waste your time clicking a crafting interface in your EK. So you're an intelligent guy, help me out here. So if a crafted purple gear set represents say 20 man hours to make, it's value is worth 20 man hours. but ya lose it every time you die, that's unsustainable. 2 deaths is a 40 hour work week. So to make paper doll looting sustainable you lower the value of purple gear to almost zero from Wartribes drops. Now a purple gear set has the value of free which
  8. Nice and mace you got there, be a shame if something happened to it. Like decay. Ok everybody Smackblith is the one holding the mats. If he is at the crafting table, focus fire and go.
  9. I have no desire to make a well crafted argument in support or opposition to Crowfall. So I’m just going to drop some random observations in no particular order. What happened to slag gear. I made it myself, and I wore it, until guild crafters could make better gear. Who here remembers it? 4 slag nodes = 12 doobers = 1 slag gear set, easy peasy everybody's a crafter now, and responsible for their first set of gear... And I hate crafting. Why do wartibes still drop gear? That was supposed to be a temporary fix to get new players competitive faster. How did it become the default way to
  10. Boredom? Hellz yeah bring it on, I say we ' No Show' their siege tonight just for payback. I stand with Yoink, let's porntube, err I mean YouTube during sieges.
  11. It's possible he wants to try a hybridized MOBA. Crowfall's development history shows a pattern of admixing two separate systems into unique concepts, some of these mashups have been brilliant, and a couple have been poorly made dog socks. But my guess is only he and Gordon, maybe Blair, have eyes on the final draft for launch. If I were to go out on a limb even though I don't know Jack Socks, I'd say it sounds like the wining guilds from the first round of Dregs campaigns move up to an all-star campaign. Maybe that campaign will last one year with a rule-set including free build, terr
  12. Yes I remember, that's when Crows had talons made of iron, and weren't the cardboard cut outs they are today. Back then crows understood what it meant to provide content to one another in a sandbox sort of way. And then the Trials of Malekai happened... But I digress, Few classes, and even fewer players could solo cap a tower. And if you weren't paying attention and aggro'ed one most likely you were gonna fly in Crow form back to the beach head. It was desirable to capture one, because they were great for dragging your victims into, both player and NPC alike. We should start a 'Remem
  13. Hold up guys let's stop before the panties get wadded up any deeper. ACE can put top tier weapons and Gear racks into the test server in one small patch. They have this ability, it used to be the standard spin up for early campaigns, remember? I do not make this suggestion as the way forward to a successful launch. But this will get us through the temporary testing for 6 man grouping. Also it will test if the gear is easy come, will it still be fun to loot orange gear. Carry on mates,
  14. I wasn't always a hate speechifier, I got hooked on crowcaine. I mean all the cool kids were doing it. I just tried a little bit because I thought I could handle it, but now it's an addiction. I know my behavior is atrocious when I lose at PvP, I fly into rages, throw my headset, dergslord on forums, and gorge on hot pockets. It's gotten so bad the fatcheckers can't help me. But then I found this thread, and my problems now seem small and insignificant, I have hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better crowfall , one without skill, or knowledge, or experience. Just different man
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