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  1. It's possible he wants to try a hybridized MOBA. Crowfall's development history shows a pattern of admixing two separate systems into unique concepts, some of these mashups have been brilliant, and a couple have been poorly made dog socks. But my guess is only he and Gordon, maybe Blair, have eyes on the final draft for launch. If I were to go out on a limb even though I don't know Jack Socks, I'd say it sounds like the wining guilds from the first round of Dregs campaigns move up to an all-star campaign. Maybe that campaign will last one year with a rule-set including free build, terr
  2. Yes I remember, that's when Crows had talons made of iron, and weren't the cardboard cut outs they are today. Back then crows understood what it meant to provide content to one another in a sandbox sort of way. And then the Trials of Malekai happened... But I digress, Few classes, and even fewer players could solo cap a tower. And if you weren't paying attention and aggro'ed one most likely you were gonna fly in Crow form back to the beach head. It was desirable to capture one, because they were great for dragging your victims into, both player and NPC alike. We should start a 'Remem
  3. Hold up guys let's stop before the panties get wadded up any deeper. ACE can put top tier weapons and Gear racks into the test server in one small patch. They have this ability, it used to be the standard spin up for early campaigns, remember? I do not make this suggestion as the way forward to a successful launch. But this will get us through the temporary testing for 6 man grouping. Also it will test if the gear is easy come, will it still be fun to loot orange gear. Carry on mates,
  4. I wasn't always a hate speechifier, I got hooked on crowcaine. I mean all the cool kids were doing it. I just tried a little bit because I thought I could handle it, but now it's an addiction. I know my behavior is atrocious when I lose at PvP, I fly into rages, throw my headset, dergslord on forums, and gorge on hot pockets. It's gotten so bad the fatcheckers can't help me. But then I found this thread, and my problems now seem small and insignificant, I have hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better crowfall , one without skill, or knowledge, or experience. Just different man
  5. Yes I like stale, and I love toxic. Never played any mmo's or PvP either. I know that makes me different, but being different will make me successful. Diversity is my strength😁
  6. When the King is dead, he's dead. They kill his dog and horse, dump them along with his big shield into his dragon ship, tie his queen to the rudder, set it all on fire, and sink it to the bottom of the fjord. We could do the same with the alliance leaders points. He is no longer a king, he is now a banner man for another king. Set his points on fire and sink them.
  7. Oh this looks like a fun thread. Quick someone take a survey, am I Elite, or just an Elitist... Polls are for Proles.
  8. Confiscate or Liberate To enjoin battle Thomas and Todd have to concentrate their forces, putting all gear at the center of one nexus for confiscation. In poker terms They ‘Go All In’ and the loser has to leave the poker table until he has a new stake to ante. Instead of a strategy to confiscate weapons and gear, Todd can implement liberation of the raw material from Thomas to make weapons. Thomas can spread his farm teams out and syndicate those losses from Todds shark teams. Both guilds can still field an equipped army, and both still have a stake at the table, the gear attrition h
  9. Never been able to cut down to six packs, ever. But I have cut weight down to as light as WKA super middle weight. Carbo-cramming is necessary to maintain the training regimen and never allowed my body type to lean up like that, but we are off topic now
  10. No I don't, show muscle is a waste of time in my line of work. Lifting weights causes the muscles on both sides of the joint to contract. Punching and kicking is the action of elongating the muscles on both sides of the joint. So it would be dumb to train your muscles to contract when you want to kick or punch. Dips, push ups, and overhand pull ups, are much more suited to my needs. The only exception I would make to this rule would be to resistance train with weights for six weeks, with no cardio, to move up a weight class. Hope this explanation helps, Cheers
  11. Oh you poorsadsillygoat, you can’t even imagine the things already nerfed out of crowfall that you will never experience. The legends that were, and are now lost to the past, because progress moves forward like an arrow shot from a bow that travels into the future. You will never know Facerip and the Epic Chase. Or the sublime experience of rolling up stealthy, on a squad of ore farmers, friends and foe alike, and hijacking their doobers into your own inventory without ever being detected. You will never repeat the epic naked unarmed beatdown -W- gave 4 squads of geared interlopers that
  12. I am not against a full loot rule-set. However if you want to make a full loot world in Dregs, plan the world around paper doll looting. Don’t just throw it on top of every world’s rule-set. My argument against full loot in the campaign rule-set we have now is it increases the losing guilds rally time, or negates their rally altogether. It encourages the wearing of cheaper lower tiered gear Both of these items decrease, parity, fun, or revenue. Instead make a weregild purse slot that holds 300 gold and every time a player dies it pays 100 gold to his lootable cairn al
  13. Nice rule-set for a Dregs Campaign, I noticed with the new 6.4 patch on test, the first graphic someone sees when they login to the game, is the universe rings. And there were 3 planets in Dregs and five in Infected. I wonder if the artwork subliminally predicts the developers intention. Anyway it’s a shame this is a dead thread. This community would better serve itself with ideas for multiple rule-sets for numerous worlds, instead of throwing out catch phrases like, Friendly Fire, Handshake Sieges, Risk vs.Reward. What they are really asking for is structure, as in a structured ope
  14. I'm a little concerned about you Mr. One you should get out for a little fresh air you're looking a little peaked. Things to do while you wait: Update your Bios Run Heaven 4.0 and test your overclock stability Make sure you have enabled the correct refresh rate to match your monitor Watch World of Warcraft Pornography in 4K, at 144 hz, with a 1ms response time
  15. Dude you're like an ACE Development partner you should know the answer to this. Anyway May/June 2021 for NA maybe, but Sept/Oct 2022 for EU. One year later like it should be😝 Because I have no idea when this game is going to L-word I'll just copy paste my favorite quote of all time. "There is a deadline, there is the deadline, then there is the real deadline, then there is the really real deadline." - Rnjesus.
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