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  1. If you are taking a sabbatical, to search for the Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... the answer is... Forty-two. Enjoy the journey and fly like you can't come down. See ya! Corvax
  2. Campaign date 5.22.20 Season change: I like the season color change effects, it adds interest to the biome, its function as a campaign timer actually feels organic, good job ACE. However, the blue color cast on winter is my least favorite, it makes me think, this is how the colorblind see the world. I’m concerned the blue/gray pallor might be irritating over a long campaign, or maybe I’ll get used to it after a couple of days, the testing window right now is too short to give me the full picture. Pack pigs: This is not what I envisioned. Having said that, it is still a decent activity. I think it can be made a better experience. Get rid of the caravansery sitting 50 meters from the spawn, right next to a temple gate. Caravans should travel long distances, and the Keeps and Forts should be the ports of call. At minimum Pack Pigs should spawn in adventure zones, independent caravansaries should spawn in siege zones, resource drop rate should be increased and tuned for the higher risk of going longer distances. If possible and if it could be done without a lot of extra coding I would put a system message in chat anytime a caravan went through a rune gate. Sieges: I like the higher wall health. I like that siege weapons can hit buildings inside Keeps, this makes sally forth necessary, and promotes field engagements during siege. Siege and counter siege weapons appear to be more balanced towards long range duels. However the Crowfall siege experience need something, and it’s something I can’t put my finger on. Something on the entertainment side of the equation is missing, there is a lot of waiting where nothing happens. Maybe pre-siege activities like outer defenses can be erected 30 mins prior to siege window, or mini-objectives or events during siege, something to enhance the experience, assassin infiltration just isn’t the complete answer to the total problem. Misc: Less hitching is good, Bog Bears are brutally efficient at knocking you down when you run past them Keep and Fortscapes look fuller with more decor, Keep needs additional sally ports. Good to know ACE can do larger maps, now make more biomes to go in those maps World visuals look better overall Crowfall gamers who played this iteration are top-shelf, let’s make more, by making the game exciting. If ya read this far, Thanks for reading.
  3. No Uchi-deshi, I will not teach you, one must learn by reading lore! Hi 😁 Thanks for the honorable mention.
  4. A Public Service Message A tweaker can appear normal - eyes clear, speech concise, and movements brisk; however, a closer look will reveal that the person's eyes are moving ten times faster than normal, the voice has a slight quiver, and movements are quick and jerky, causing misspelled angry post. These physical signs are more difficult to identify if the tweaker has been playing games such as Classic Wow; however, if the tweaker has been quarantined, his or her negative feelings - including paranoia and frustration - can increase substantially. A person should use extreme caution when dealing with an individual craving Crowcaine.
  5. Here's a little music to listen to, while you're waiting on Srathor pics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDD_LN-l3a4
  6. Today is not the day, everyone in America was sent home. The media laughs while 5.11 burns Bannerlord is a video game. We should play it, you and I. Or we could go surfing, I won't let Sars or Covid hurt you. Can the Pope carve?
  7. I went surfing today, the waters still cold, too cold for my spring suit and booties. Made my nose runny. Covid and Sars where standing by my board sock on the beach, hazing me, and calling me a wuss for not staying on the waves longer. I kicked sand in their membranes... Bannerlord comes out at the end of the month, most people will still be terrified of the flu, once there were iron men and wooden ships, now there is corporate media.
  8. Crowfall is not going to have Friendly Fire baked into the PvP default settings. It's already been decided by JTodd. However he has said he will put a campaign world up inside Dregs with FF enabled. JTodd doesn't think it will be popular, I agree with his statement. ACE has paid for an extensive professional poll, FF was addressed in that poll, and the results were shared with testers. FF did not poll very well as I recall. I am going to bounce from this thread, it's drifting into wishful thinking. Let me leave ya'll with this, if the proponents for FF want more Friendly Fire Campaign Worlds inside Dregs, you are going to have to come up with a rule-set that attracts players. How is your world laid out, what are the win conditions, what are the import/export rules, what are team sizes, what are the rules period. Dregs isn't a rule-set, it's where your PvP campaign world's reside. No one has illustrated what a Crowfall FF-CW would look/play like. I'm not too keen on taking 20-50% more damage on gear from my allies, to stand in circles like we do in Faction Campaign rule-set now, for the same reward I can get in a campaign without FF, sounds like crafting more gear and less fun. Like I said layering FF on top doesn't fix it. There have only been 3 rule-sets in Crowfall so far, Squad free for all Push/Pull Siege for Points If you're waiting for JTodd to do it for you, don't expect a very good FF campaign world, he's just going to turn a knob on or off. How is your CW going to play besides Ballista's being dumb, and zergs are banned. What is the product you're selling, and saying like 'Darkfall' is just going to get the same results the last 3 versions of DF got... dead campaigns in 90 days. Enjoyed the convo... See ya laters
  9. From my perspective Sugoi was hurting -W- more and winning a sleight majority of fights when ACE turned FF off and implemented faction rule-sets. I remember going back to the EK to lick our wounds and plan our return. But enlighten me, are you advocating the Dregs universe have friendly fire as default. or are you advocating friendly fire campaign worlds within the Dregs universe?
  10. MrErad I thought you deserved a reply, but first I want to take a second to disabuse those DFO Fanboys among us, JTodd has already posted that he is not making Tasos's Darkfall a better experience, he's making Shadowbane a better experience. When Darkfall is held up as the golden rule example for MMO combat, I am justified in making the claim Crowfall combat is solid compared to that piece of rubbish. Yes I find Crowfall combat solid and there is a lot of synergy between classes. Yes I have fun with PvP in Crowfall and have since Grey-box Hungerdome. I have seen many iterations of skills and powers, and with each pass it gets better. I remember when there was very little healing available, and testers cried about time to kill (TTK) and Artcraft listened. Soon we get to test dregs, and find new things to obsess about. I couldn't agree with you more about sieges if I posted my list of what I thought wrong about sieges you would TL/DR. However, do we really want faction sieges to be exceedingly engaging, with players never moving on to Dregs, living their entire existence in Gods Reach. And never feeling the burn of my fire, as they wait for my axe to fall on their neck; see even the 'dispatch mechanic' in Crowfall is better than DFO ever was. I'm not sure who/what you mean about FF points being comical, but I contend that layering Friendly Fire over incomplete design will not equal a better fix, and I have enough specific experience testing crowfall to know the difference between comedy and tragedy. What I really want ACE to talk about are rule-sets and how they are going to keep those ideas fresh. The problem with most MMO's is they get stale at the 3 month brick wall, and that's where the population attrition happens. Thanks for your comments.
  11. Yes, yes, I know friendly fire Crowfall. We did it, check. We still won the majority of engagements, check. Go back to friendly fire we will still win, check. We have fought engagements seriously outnumbered where the opposing faction filled the zone to level cap two hours before siege, and we beat their Zerg without FF. The combat in Crowfall is solid. Several Campaign worlds where run under FF rule-set prior to siege mechanics. It wasn't a big deal, it wasn't a game changer. If your group has coordination and communication the available powers right now, will break numbers, if used right. There will be FF campaign world's in the Dregs band, JTodd said so, many times. Play those campaigns and have fun, but if you can't stand toe to toe with us in open field... having 2X's ballista fire on your forces (ours and yours) ain't gonna help you win. One beats the Zerg with diplomacy, lies, and propaganda. I applaud your efforts to make Crowfall a better game and your ideas are not without merit if one just wants to play that type of rule-sets because one enjoys it, but FF is not a remedy for the state of Crowfall sieges.
  12. This sermon dear Pope has won my heart to your cause, I kiss your ring, and touch my brow to your red shoes. Your enemies are now my enemies, and I will strike them with sword and flame where ever I shall find them. Let those infidels that claim Darkfall as the one true game, die beneath the hooves of my pack pig.
  13. It's an acquired taste... Not for women, little children, nor monkeys 🤪
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