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  1. There are more things that will affect the quality of the overall game world than how the zone is loaded during a siege window. I’m not posting them because Tl;dr Quite frankly the large siege experience is terrible at 175 cap because of performance issues. Whether Ace uses a handshake system, or first come/served, the cap needs to be dropped back to a playable state (100?). Then to engage as many players as possible the battle lines for any specific Keep window should be spread out over multiple adventure zones; attacking and defending siege objectives which directly affect what is happe
  2. Hello Valsyn, what's happening... Ummm I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow, so if you could be here around nine... That would be great, hmmkay. Ohh Oh, and I almost forgot... ummm I'm also gonna need you to come in on Sunday too. Hmmkay. We ahh lost some people this week and uhh, we need to sort of play catch-up
  3. No sorry. nobody here wants to play shadowbane 🤪 However in all seriousness, there should be some long campaigns available, but Dying Worlds preclude an indefinite campaign. But tell me more about your destruction campaign. What are the rules and structure of your campaign? What's the server size? Win Conditions? Rewards? Can any level vessel or gear be imported? what are the exports? Why do I want to play and for what risks or rewards.
  4. I have questions: Is this a split campaign where the guilds in the first heat week 1 (ABCDE) then compete in a second heat week 2-4, based on their win/loss status in the first round? Can you give us more on the game structure itself like, tennis we use racquets to hit the ball, in soccer we use our feet, or our you just using the current Dregs iteration available now? But I like the incremental increase in import/exports the more time that one spends in the campaign, that would definitely penalize quitters.
  5. Nice opinion piece, I agree with you. But maybe you could build us a rule-set based on PvPvE using those King spawns. As that could be very attractive to certain players. You have noticed a trend how can it be made into a rule-set I could try out?
  6. What is your win condition? How do I know we are the best at your rule-set after 8 weeks? You got a good start, but needs more.
  7. I like your rule-set, here's why. It sets a team size (50 guild members) It offers incremental objectives (Mk + 2 Forts opens access to Large keep > opens Throne) It has a win condition (Hold Throne X days) It rewards risk (holding keep spawns more guards) See now we're talking about a rule-set that limits big guilds for a specific campaign without arguing about guild caps for the entire game that is crowfall, in the futile attempt to limit all zergs. Big guilds might want to skip your campaign so they don't have to divide into separate guilds. And inste
  8. Well Atraeus this is about the most important question ever asked on these boards, and I mean that with no implied sarcasm. I saw this post a week ago and I waited to see what kind of response it would receive, and of course it’s underwhelming. Which reinforces my opinion that a majority of forum posters don’t understand the potential of Crowfall. Most see it as ONE game and try to convince JTodd to change core elements of the game into something they are comfortable with. When theoretically crowfall could be a universe of different battle grounds and rule-sets built on the basic
  9. Well let's take a closer look Mr. Ministry, you played 40 hours for 50 bucks that's $1.25 dollars per entertainment hour. To put that into perspective a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve would cost you $47.99 and if you drank the whole bottle you'd be drunk for 2 hours, vomit and pass out for 12 hours, and then vomit again. That would work out to about $3.43 dollars per entertainment hour. And you'd still feel like you where going nowhere but at least I would be entertained.
  10. See there's the problem right there, he 's a F'n bow hunter.... Won't even hunt during rifle season when everyone else hunts. I hope the deer smell your troll posts from a mile away and stay just out of range of your tree stand.
  11. Welcome to Crowfall... Please no MrEpicGoat. Thank You,
  12. I'm shocked...I thought James Goblin was the only one who read my post all the way down. You must've started reading it from the bottom up 😀 Yes it was a troll, could you imagine the gnashing of teeth over a campaign without Frosty's
  13. I played Eso, started in open beta and played up to the second year anniversary, good game I liked it. So welcome to Crowfall old friend. I am not trying to be rude, so forgive my bluntness, but this paragraph reveals to me that you really don't understand the concept of Crowfall campaign worlds. And I am seeing this a lot lately. People want to change combat mechanics for the whole game to defuse Zergs/Blobs, when right now ArtCraft just needs to fix performance, and balance skills, and that's a WIP. There is no "main campaign" in Crowfall, instead there will be a list of active cam
  14. Things not to do in Crowfall/Dregs for Newbies Don’t stand around loitering on the zone side of a temple runegate. Look at your map before you zone through, then haul azz off the platform as soon as you can. Don’t zone through a temple rune gate during a siege window if you see a lot of guild tags in Temple. Experienced guilds stand on the zone side, equipping frost armor, and zoning puts you into the middle of them. Give them several moments to clear the zone, you pad spy! Don’t zone through any runegate without some type of escape/immune skill slotted on your bar and be pre
  15. Hi guys. I like them both, zero import, and import campaigns. And guess what. In the future (like after launch) when the hunger eats your current campaign world... You get to choose from a list of available new campaigns with whole bunches of new and different campaign rule-sets. So... Why not do both!
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