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  1. And Eve online is a fundamentally good game and would be so even without full loot. Perpetuum was ripped and copied from Eve Online source code and had full loot, it was a fun game, it's gone now mainly due to lack of PVE /Bad PVE I disagree if you are talking about Claus Grovdal's Darkfall published by Adventurine SA. Heavy handed vets didn't kill that game. Opening the NA server split the population and ruined the economy . But I do agree Darkfall was a clunky game
  2. There you go virtue signalling again "I've played full loot games time and time again" Yeah me too, and most of them are ghost towns right now. You are just wrong... the weakness of zergs is internal politics, and boredom. Artcraft has promoted this game as a throne war simulator, so I'm assuming there will be politics, however I don't think campaigns will last long enough for boredom to set in. You are misguided if you think people in zergs are stupid untalented noobs. There are zergs clans here with founder packages and it ain't their first rodeo. They can have dozens of top players that can beat you 1v1 and take your stuff. They can field dozens of small squads, that can take you on squad vs. squad, and take your stuff. They can use their Cannon fodder to lock down entire islands at the Runegates and keep you from their spawns and you ain't getting jack from their farmers, and at the same time field capable roamers to harass your spawns. Yeah you can use fade away tactic and make them play a game of whack-a-mole, and that might be fun for you for a time, but they can do that too, and they can set up counters and traps to your small squad raids, because they have the manpower. Oh have you ever seen two zergs ally for a specific one time goal? Yeah they can do that too. Look a full loot rule-set would be perfect for a Speed Campaign, 1 day, unlimited import, last 3 hours opens the export bank, the guild with the most exported skulls wins. Winners get X2 training speed for 24 hours. eligibility 2 speed campaigns per week. Go back to your home campaign. Yep! you are right I'm a loot virgin, I've never given up anything of value when looted cause I'm not dumb enough to carry anything in my bags. Well maybe some stinky cheese. I'm like a bad slot machine, I never pay out. Killing me for loot is just wasting the durability on your own armor. So that brings us full circle. And what kind of rule-set would I like to see to help out smaller guilds instead of full loot. Well how about campaigns that have baked in mercenary mechanics in the rules. Such as the ability to negotiate real contracts. Soft caps on the campaign population to allow the importation of a mercenary force from another campaign. I don't know, I don't design games I just play them, but full loot sucks the life out of games where crafting is complicated and governed by RNG. But I'm all for you getting what you want because we have won every Trial so far, and full loot would be ice cream on my pie.
  3. No you're involved now, you responded. One of your fan boys thinks a Five Man Clan can stop a zerg from winning a campaign if only there were full loot rule-sets, I disagree. Andius is prolly a nice guy but I think he is spreading the wrong ideas because catch phrases like full loot, perma-death, sandbox, and friendly fire, sound cool. My apologies for calling you guys goat ropers it was offensive and hateful, I will use the term Cat Courtesans in the future, it sounds better. You are wrong, we first came to the E.U. server in the Trial of Malekai which is what prompted the famous 'Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?' Dev post. That post was a result of 1 alliance controlling 2 servers. We came there for 3 reasons: 1)Our enemies thought a tactical retreat to the E.U. server was a smart idea, so we took the fight to E.U. 2)Certain E.U. guilds tried to affect the outcome of the Trial of Malekia as mercs for our opponents so we punished them. 3)Because we could 'flex' to E.U. and make it stick. Nice video and a righteous win, you beat some of our guys in the Trial Zaleena congrats, by that time we had already broken our enemies on N.A., gave payback to the Euros for sticking their nose where it didn't belong, and proven Uncle Bob is a piker compared to our Flex during the trial of Malekai. You don't look like Balance in that video, you looked like Order, which is what you look like when you are running around on NA Now getting back on topic of rule-sets, How about 1 server for the next few trials. Do them on the weekend, rotate the host server every weekend for a month. EU server one week NA server the next. Or how about artcraft stitch our Eternal Kingdom, to your Eternal Kingdom, for a day. So your friends can battle my friends. And the damage and loss of property goes home with ya when the battle is over. Artcraft said they could do it, but didn't know if they should do it. I think clans should be able to challenge other clans.
  4. You've got me there, drinking to excess is a sin, I have fallen from the True Word because alcoholism is the only way I can reconcile perma-death with crowfall, can I get an indulgence? I will say three hail Urban's and trim the hedges tonight when we defend our five keeps, whose head do you want trimmed?
  5. You brought them up. Find new role models. My point is Yumix and his Merry pack of cat courtesans cannot stop a zerg, hell they can't stop us and we don't number into the hundreds. Although we screwed up and lost one keep last night, I don't remember Yummy Yummy being there but he might have been, now it's 5-1 on NA. Go look, If you think zergs can't deploy small squad tactics as well as mobilize massive strikes you're being naive, this is why Armageddon is trying to disabuse you of full loot mechanics with crowfalls Byzantine crafting system.
  6. Frankly they need to expand on the skull drops make them worth something, I don't know about you guys but I would rather loose my entire inventory than let one of you get my skull I'd like to see a rule-set where skulls decided victory
  7. I wish it was permadeath right now in 5.90. We would have all your keeps and you would be starting over with an untrained character. Go look at the NA map I wish it was full loot right now in 5.90 today. We would have all your keeps, and all your loot, and you would be perma- dead, starting over on a naked, unarmed, untrained toon with no keep. Go look at the NA map. Evidently you Euros have forgotten the last time we spent a weekend on your servers. If we need to come over to the E.U. and change that 4Chaos/2 Order map ratio to 6 Balance, Yumix and his Merry band of goat ropers ain't gonna even be a speed bump. Eradication happened go look at the NA map first day in the Trial of Maeve, and we weren't even disgruntled off. Now how can you tell if someone is disgruntled off when they speak Mandarin and there are a couple thousand of them on your server. I'll tell ya... You ain't got no keep, you're perma- dead, and your nekkid. Jeeze man why you warning them, let them have their way, so I can have their stuff... at least until the East Asians get here. Oh I fixed your post, contrary to popular belief we didn't have quite 300 hundred tonight, but if it was a Full Loot rule-set we would have made sure to put a few xtra people in the head chopping loot squad.
  8. And JTodd dideth write the prose of Crowfall across the firmament of the Dregs, The Shadows, and Gods Reach. Such did the twin dragons roil and roar as to maketh the hunger swirl and recede, And lo JRR Tolkien's spirit rejoiced, tho William Shakespeare wept tears of jealousy, and George RR Martin got busy, to finish the damn books, after pushing a sucketh prequel on his fans.
  9. corvax


    Everyone gets a little rektd sometimes.
  10. In the future, please run your Chaos/Order agreements through me first, and I can save you time and effort on how the next agreement will work out for ya 😁 And yes ignoring, breaking, and circumventing agreements/truces/NAP's that cannot be enforced, is the oldest ruse in the book. In simpler terms 'outfoxed' You can learn something by understanding the circumstances of the entire engagement including how Scarlett solo capped a keep. Or you can continue to build straw men about numbers and believe your own propaganda. Fact is fact, Scarlett took a keep as a single player and that has ramifications larger than who is grinding who down with numbers. It really was quite elegant how she has been setting up the Knock out punch for weeks, I'd go into more detail, but it's obvious I have lost your interest. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Scarlett outfoxed the Big Bad Balance Zerg, and everyone else, taking a keep by her lonesome. Proving definitively that total combatant numbers mean nothing. Recognizing a weakness, exploiting that weakness, thereby making herself a force multiplier for Order Faction. One would be well advised to note it and take heed. Instead of believing the propaganda about Balance having this many, or that many. You brought her up twice but still missed the pertinent lesson😛
  12. 150-300 testers are testing this pre-alpha, it isn't a game yet, although it's a pretty good sandbox. Best time to drop in and test is at the beginning of a campaign. Artcraft rolls the Campaign Worlds over about every 2-4 weeks, get your people into the CWs and harvest as much as possible, and get your training prepared for the next campaign. Run when you can, fight and die when you have to, but learn your best practices and procedures now for gearing up, so when they wipe the game again in the future you can start out on an even footing with everyone else. If you are running solo... Don't, unless you have several accounts and no life. Otherwise find a guild or clan, or wait for Beta test.
  13. Sorry for my ignorance. But are you saying you want us to tell crowfall war stories on Twitter? I'm not sure I understand as I have never used Twitter, but I was under the impression a tweet was 280 characters maximum, can a war story be told in digital shorthand and still be interesting? Or is April 1st a special day for special people?
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