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  1. ACE your original design goal was to have 2500-3500 player campaign worlds (CW) and host 200-250 players in a siege zone. You ACE, built to that goal, and to get adequate performance you had to hard cap the zones. Now guilds that have a minimum of 200 players have discovered they can lock out an offensive siege. This is the way you built the game, only 10% or less of your total CW player base can fit into one siege event. If you do the work to make your proposed changes, still only 10% or less of a CW player base can fit into one siege event. Assigning slots to attackers and defenders in a capped zone only fixes legitimate Keep/castle sieges where both parties wish to compete. Assigning slots will not deter exploitative behavior if one party seeks to strategically avoid risk, ACE there is not a good solution to your problem. I see no reason to instance the siege zone in the way some have suggested. If you are gonna do that much work then... I seem to remember EK’s can be stitched together, ACE you said the ability existed. Therefore my suggestion is if you Bane someone on the CW map, your battle EK gets stitched to your opponent's battle EK in 24-48 hours, their tree of life against your tree of life. Winner takes the contested keep or castle on the campaign map. This solution provides a handshake between willing combatants. It leaves the campaign zone open to economic exploitation while the siege is in progress, Touches on the free build aspect many here have been asking for. Campaign construction resources now have a off world use, and it brings EK’s deeper into the game loop by enforcing guild construction and maintenance of combat EK’s to be able to drop banes. It gives commanders control of filling their combat EK without the need of auto-kicking random people from a zone. And slots can still be assigned to attackers and defenders to manage the zone cap and keep/castle size differential as outlined in your original prospectus. If this seems too complicated, or unworkable, Yoink had a simple solution, do that instead for now. But you still have foundational limitations that need creative solutions, and I sincerely hope you can find them.
  2. You are welcome for the content, That's what makes this game work (or not) is when we provide each other content. And thank you for not being a hypocrite about your game style, I have fun catching poachers, maybe one day if I'm lucky, I will catch you😁
  3. Vallah was our territory. We won it by conquest, blood, and sacrifice. We developed it into a thriving economic engine for our use and enjoyment. You on the other hand, by your own admission, are a trespasser, poacher, and a thief. Never once did you ask if you could farm our mobs. Never once did you pay tax on what you took from our province. Every mob you stole from Vallah was XP from my table. If ya wake up one day and no matter who ya meet they are all #$%!”s to you, and give you a beat down, maybe you should consider if you are the A$$hat. You have zero rights to steal my XP, and I have no obligation to offer you a 1v1 because you were caught with your grubby fingers in the cookie jar. Gold can be farmed in Gods Reach with less risk than dregs, and everything you need to play the game can be bought at Aerynth Traders.
  4. Yes you are correct. Active players.
  5. No only you are in the 1% that could never reach that level of play. Everything proposed here would not actually be a handicap for us.That's why I'm against unlimited AoE, we are crushing larger numbers with a capped AoE right now.
  6. Hello Kundrya, Thank you for your insightful thoughts on the subject. However I would be remiss to not correct some erroneous statements that you have provided as fact. I have never in the history of Crowfall ever worn anything more than blue gear. I live by the mantra that gear is for the weak. As a show of good faith I pledge right now to not wear legendary gear until crowfall reaches it's 1st anniversary My KDR right now is at a 5 to 1 ratio in white gear. My Mega-guild is less than 100 members, not 320. And our Alliance ranks 3rd maybe even 4th in size in Dregs. I will be farming war-tribes tonight to provide our Crafters with resources because I hate crafting, and I think it's hypocritical of you to consider my statements braggadocious when you claim to be the Official Arbitrator of what a normal player and a normal Guild is As always your input is appreciated, and there will always be a place for your skull, in my skull box. Ciao
  7. Thank you Gordon for the update, as I too am a legacy Crowfaller and it is important to me that you are standing behind your game, I have enjoyed the game and have had tons of PvP since launch day despite a few glaring issues, and it's comforting to know that you intend to address the problems. Fix the zone cap during sieges, offensive zone capping thereby locking defenders out, may be strategic, but it is not competitive game play. Fix the performance, lagging and hitching affects everyone, and it will irritate players right out of your game. There are several other issues but if you can nail these two down first, you have fixed 80% of my pet peeves
  8. Great observations, I appreciate your candor, and hope the devs get to work on it asap
  9. Nerf wardens, before they guild up into a 300 Spartan zerg🤗 No wait the Spartans weren't the zerg, Xerxes was the zerg. Now I'm confused if 300 isn't a zerg. Then what is a zerg? Oh yeah right... the winner of the engagement🤣
  10. My standard group of 6, killed a group of 10 just yesterday, with Mob spawns aggro'ed on us. Punching above your weight class is possible. I could give you many more examples of winning outnumbered but I would rather play the game and rack more kills. There is a 3 faction rule-set. I haven't a clue as to why it wasn't launched. Also ACE supposedly made this game modular so they could change the rule-sets from campaign to campaign. And there is a rule-set called Hunger Dome where squad vs. squad vs. squad can compete in an even numbers platform.
  11. corvax


    Creedence Clearwater Revival? Man that is old school.
  12. If you had a choice between waffles and pancakes to make your pizza pie which would you choose? Just know that your opinion is wrong.
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