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  1. my old friend from the days of Hunger dome, do not despair. A cold wind is blowing from the north, and they cannot freeze the wolves that are coming in it's wake.
  2. Pann what’s going on in NA is so yesterday, check out what’s going on, on EU today, don’t believe what you hear on the streets, see for yourself. The Death Cults thought they could demoralize us with propaganda and boredom. They tried disengagement with a Fade Away strategy for the last two days. Avoidance strategies will not deter us, we are the Balance of Power. And there is only one outcome for the Malekai Campaign. Only JTodd can prevent their further suffering.
  3. I blame JTodd for this sorry state of affairs, he put newbs in the gladiators ring without the benefit of a Bend the Knee Mechanic.
  4. The Capture Bonus Pool accumulating free points doesn't incentivize PVP in the aggregate, I like the concept, but dislike the implementation of points coming from an arbitrary source. There is no PVP or player participation while attackers are waiting for the maximum point accumulation before launching an offensive. Instead link the local towers to the parent Fort. And every tower you hold around an enemy Fort accrues Bonus Pool Points (BPP) towards the capture of the parent Fort. This can be done with smaller groups, Uncle Bob can't be everywhere at once. Plus Fort walls should not go vulnerable unless 60-80% of the local towers are held by the opposing faction/factions, this moves the back-capping down to the Tower level where smaller groups can engage each other and contribute to controlling or disrupting the flow of BPP.
  5. Guild was running 3 groups of 5 players through Thracia rune gates to Vicinity when we got to the other side two of the groups were scrambled, what I mean by this is 3 players names where shifted into my group raid frames from another groups raid frames. The new shuffled groups stayed that way the entire time we were in that zone. Once we Mass recalled back to Temple the groups corrected to the original players. Going through that gate literally shuffled the existing 2 groups and regrouped the players.
  6. Clearly Ms. Clitoreus is suffering from a Fevered Phallus Fantasy if she wants long guns added to the game. But that is the least of her delusions, and there is no way to disabuse her gently, regarding her fanciful dream, of "supplying warring guilds" with anything. Ms. Clitoreus will most likely end up with her head circumcised from her shoulders and her backpack looted dry. And I am disappointed in my fellow Crows for enabling this fallacious and dangerous daydream. I mean really guys... are we really going to talk about muskets and bows, when what Ms. Clitoreus really wants is a Corvax Lever Action Re-peter.
  7. My thoughts on 5.8 test Maps look much better The starter area for 3 faction looks good and should help new players get acclimated. Glad to see progress in harvesting with the new plant and fungi nodes Weather effects look bad. I actually thought the rain was a GPU or a screen issue when I first encountered it. Vessel Skills Interface too small. When determining skills the whole tree should be visible at a glance. If I scroll out I can not read the skills, if I scroll in enough to see the skill names, I can't see the whole tree. don't like that the basic combat skills package is gated behind the vessel skill tree. Why make minimum viable powers, more minimum. Hopefully in the future the vessel skill nodes will contain new powers outside the basic combat package. I don't like Discs gated behind the vessel skill tree, Disc are already determined by availability. Instead make vessel level determine your ability to find more/better Disc through exploration. Sorry for the redundancy, but the following should not get into 5.8 live if you want the program to be viable for competition Group bug Talent and Disc re-setting AOE effects causing FPS drops and crashes
  8. Dint play Dark Souls... But I wonder how many players in 5.8, can git gud at at the same time, in the same place, before the server gits rekt . Hope JTodd has his engineering minions working overtime. See ya Down-range regardless ...
  9. Yes the developers are ultimately responsible for crowfall. Yes first impressions are important, especially for consumers that are impulse buyers. And yes it's OK if 'The Players' want to play WoW BFA, or any other theme park ride, instead of throwing sand in our little sandbox. Playing WoW feels pretty good, until someone you know, catches ya doing it. Then it's I play crowfall too... but meta, but meta!
  10. I wasn't specifically talking about Tark he is only one out of quite a few, and he is a small bit player at best, and I say this running the risk of having my personal domicile burnt to the ground And please let me qualify my statement I really don't have a problem with people who can afford to run multiple accounts and exercise disproportional influence , it is a reality that exist everywhere, but the development of the game has to cater to the majority of people like you and I that will run one or two accounts. Tark type people are still outliers. My side point stands. You and Durenthal don't get a pass on this because 5.7 has been tested to death, or the meta is beat to death. Crowfall pre-alpha is a sandbox, Sugoi, UDL, LOD, -W-, are the original content creators on the platform. Winterblades ran content yesterday for anyone who wanted to participate or challenge, and it's imperative that the day trippers experience content. I've now whipped a dead centaur to death. So with that and five bucks I will now go buy a Soy Latte as self flagellation and punishment. here's looking at you kid, with my best soy face. I will see ya in 5.8
  11. Thanks for having ideas and solutions to offer. My example above was extreme because we don't yet know what the gate rules are for CW access, or just exactly how the embargo system will impact the game. But I do know that I have been accused of being on Brazil server once or twice So evidently it's possible now for one crow to be many places.
  12. No, won't happen that way. I know this guy, and you know him too, that is going to log into one of his many accounts and harvest spring/summer on your campaign. Then if you do a good job and win the campaign for him in fall/winter, he will log back on your world and collect his 100% winners prize from his embargo. If you do a bad job and lose, he will collect his 25% losers fee instead. He will always have the summer sun shining on his buttocks in some campaign somewhere, and you or someone like you will be working for him. He may even put one account on each faction of your campaign and collect a total of 100%, 50%, 25% from three different embargo accounts. Now you are talking the Dregs, which was outside the scope of the original premise. But the underlying issue is player participation and keeping people engaged in the campaign they started. Depreciating overall resources does not in my opinion help reach that goal, I think Kracken nailed it down with a pretty good idea to fix it. I have been playing this game almost every night for 3 years, and the pre-alpha we have been playing is a bigger empty sandbox in terms of things to do than the Dregs will ever be. And to illustrate why player participation is important let me ask you something... Where are you guys? We see Sobersoul regularly, but where is Sugoi, where are You, Cuddles, and Uya? Where is jjohnson and all the rest? Is it that you guys aren't playing because there is nothing to do. Winter is here, right now, and you guys are not around to help supply content. Would you play if there was more to do. I for one would like to see you guys back, but I don't think offering less resources to farm is going to entice you guys to login tonight.
  13. The whole time Blair and Todd were praising the vendor idea with self-congratulatory high fives, I was thinking about how we were desecrating the bodies of our enemies by dropping 100 stacks of useless white ore on their cairn as an insult I mean at our current crafting level what else we gonna use it for. And as far as increasing the vendor price, how is that going to solve anything, when it's just cheaper to die to Winterblades and get a free 100 stack of white resources:) Jah is right, bring back slag-gear.
  14. Yes I am positive Blair wishes to cause me pain, because he is wearing a shirt that says murder, and I am pretty sure he is specifically targeting me with his wardrobe choice. Anyway, why in the Holy Mother of Dragoons would you fix cutting grit and ignore animal bone? It's a bigger pain than cutting grit. But instead of turning up the drops on the animal node, turn down the bone requirement for potions on the crafting side. Ok harvesting rates. I understand you are standing this upside down on it's head trying to separate your system from all the other systems out there. But it sounds backwards, it feels backwards, and people will not enjoy less reward for more risk, they won't farm and they won't finish out the campaigns through participation. They will just sit out fall and winter until it's time to take their 10-15-25 percent losers fee at the end of the campaign instead of enduring extra boredom smacking nodes. This is 3 faction right now and i understand it may be different for other less forgiving rule-sets but it won't work here. I also understand that you are committed to this survival mechanic and you are not going to change your mind about depreciating harvest rates. Your solution is to make hunger shards valuable, and make them go up in rank and quantity, in fall and winter. Winter= less apples, but more and better hunger shards
  15. Has anyone told Jon about this yet? That is around 60 campaign worlds he is going to have to put on the 'parcel assembly conveyor belt' and stitch together at launch. How will the 60 worlds be divided between the World Bands, how many bands can I travel to, and how many worlds in each band can I compete in? How will I navigate 300,000 EK's? And what happens if you underestimate or overestimate the popularity of the Shadows, Dregs, Infected, or God's Reach and your 300,000 crows want to play in the Infected band rule-set, in other words, how will you account for the movement of people so the Infected band is not oversaturated and the other world bands under-utilized. Congratulations this is a very good problem to have, Cheers,
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