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  1. The art style on the female Templar is actually looking pretty good... Would really like to see what terrain looks like with this art style.
  2. LOTRO(past) SWTOR(past) GW2(recent) Archeage(recent) Not a huge list but I play other games too. And yeah.. Archeage... An amazing game with so many good features. But such a sad mess. I played on Kyrios as well btw. I wasn't bothered by "Queueage" at the start (played at headstart). What really killed the game for me was the management.... They completely ruined the game with that racing kit, and all the other stupid kits after it. Hey, instead of trying to make this game last as long as we can, lets MILK it till it dies!!! You do not take the most sought after resource in the game (thunderstruck tree) and basically put it on the cash shop (through rumbling saplings). Especially in a game like that. Just no... Another issue with the game is they weren't banning hackers. Why? well they buy our stupid racing kits so why should we? haha ha ha. And Auroria was awful. Got home from work sat there for like 2 hours waiting to place a house... And the land hackers took it instantly... Nice... Not to mention that awful dupe glitch with the inventory bug. Sucks too because my character was pretty powerful when I quit. Had a partial epherium set, t3 hasla, a sweet build and 60k metalwork which I used very effectiveley. Oh well. /rant.
  3. The sound quality was pretty good IMO. Also thanks for the podcast it was fun to listen to! You brought up some good points
  4. The first guy on the list. He just looks like some awesome general
  5. With a long neck like that... Inspector gadget confirmed for crowfall!!
  6. This. The downed state in gw2 is just terrible.
  7. arbiter


    Can't wait to see what it really means and how important it is. Maybe it could have to do a lot with logistics, as in a massive army of players will need to be supplied with provisions as they move across the land? In any case it will probably add more to the economy which is a good thing!
  8. Worlds that are supposed to be big yet feel so squishy that you only have to walk 10 meters to find someones lost child.
  9. The story should be made by the players, just like agelmar stated above. What I DON'T want to see is a story like every other mmo where you are some super hero who saves the world. Sounds cool, but then you realize... Everyone else has the exact same story!!! "When everyone's special, no one is". How does that mix together in a persistent universe? Everyone is basically running around with different looking versions of the same character. May as well be playing a single player RPG. Its really immersion breaking to see thousands of people playing through the same story - not to mention... A story that is usually all instanced, scripted, impossible to lose, and has absolutely no affect on the world. So personally I would prefer no story at all, makes the world feel more alive.
  10. Bring on the new desktop wallpapers! Can't wait to see the concept art.
  11. I played Archeage too and I agree with you. In karkasse ridgelands there was an area where you would just wait for the guards to pass and then kill people standing at the quest givers outside the aggro radius. Or the mansion in Sandeep. That was stupid. Guards need to be more intelligent and aware. And I didn't really mean a player based decision/court system. As you said in Archeage everyone would just vote for their guildies and it was pretty much impossible to tell if the person in court was telling the truth or not. And who knows if the "reports" were just made up spam either. What I meant was, have the players of the city decide the severity of the punishment for the crime - for everyone who does so. I'm not suggesting a court system. Say the players or guild of the town set the punishment/law of killing another player inside the city at stripping the player of items from their inventory (randomly decided) or having to pay a set sum of gold. And perhaps backwater cities that are filled with pkers, assassins, and bounty hunters, might let you get away with a couple silver as payment or get off completely. So IF that person ends up being killed by the guards or players hunting them down, they will automatically have the programming of the city punish them accordingly to the laws set in place. But have it apply to every player in the city that gets caught so that people cant just vouch for their guildies and get them off the hook like in Archeage.
  12. I dont think there should be any safezones personally. Its restricting to the freedom of the world IMO. It would be cool to hunt someone down in a city instead of the open field for once. There should be NPC guards to make the world feel alive, however, Do not make them all powerful as they are in other games. Make it so that you can take on and kill the guards, after all they are only regular people just like you. It should be up to players and guilds to make their cities safe, not the AI's. For example some cities could be total backwaters and extremely dangerous to travel through, but a larger city with more organized players can hire more guards to outnumber criminals. Let them create their own crime systems to punish said players if they are caught to discourage peope from trying to kill others openly in a bigger city. Only assassins would then dare to venture in to pick off a target. Of course we dont know much about this game yet but these are my thoughts.
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