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  1. the thing is u have to kit all this it is not like u will have access to DMG healing blocks etc. its a limited action set so while u may be able to survive who says u will do a ton of dmg at the same time
  2. This class seems cool, I like the idea of the pips and not spending them all at the same time.
  3. courant it was so fun it was very beyond its time and wish i could have seen it now it would of been glorious
  4. I just recently backed the game at the 179 dollar lvl and one part of my pledge is gift able the Gold patron level is what is giftable is that just if i decide i dont want to anymore i can gift it to someone ? plus where can i download the client if im in the right bracket to play in the current test phases .
  5. Hey guys Cyronx here been following crowfall for a while and decided to throw my money at the game cuz i really have high hopes for the game. Im a father of 2 i work at walmart and i love playing video games. I have been playing MMO's since a game called Earth and beyond. and have been looking for a game with depth like this for a while i dont have alot to say so ill leave it here hi guys
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