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  1. I fully agree I like all of the aspects of this. Exciting implications for both PVE and PVP!
  2. I haven't gotten to test as much lately either, but I am looking forward to doing a lot more testing soon!
  3. I haven't been able to test the past few weekends but I am really looking forward to playing with everyone...as a Templar! Super excited to jump in again with you guys this weekend. Schaeffer.
  4. I had a great time with everyone! It has been a lot of fun getting to know this game and the LG community better! Looking forward to the February event!
  5. That's not a bad idea at all. I'm looking forward to seeing how the EK system plays out. Especially with guilds being able to have other Parcels connected.
  6. I have been playing MMO's since 2004. I have been in many guilds since, and have consequently been the new guy in all of them, but none of them have been as active, nice, and accepting of new members as Ascendance (Legend Gaming Community). Don’t take the community being nice to mean that we aren’t serious about what we do. They have a significant track record in many MMOs to show they mean business. Crowfall will be no exception. For the first time when joining a guild, I can say that I am legitimately proud to be a part of this community, not just because of their accomplishments b
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