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  1. Personally, I think that we could meet half way on this. I really like the Red tint to the box. That said, tooltip chasing can lead to accidental sells. Could we retain a Trim of Red, or a Trim of Rarity on the item? Instead, showing me that it can't be equipped without losing the at-a-glance-rarity?
  2. I was just thinking about Game Rules, and about the various hundreds of Worlds running at any given time. And then began thinking about the new Skill GUI, and how excited I am to dive into the release client and onto the Arch of the Five map where we can see the number of worlds active in each ruleset, and have access to the hub that leads to our current Worlds GUI and the search functions. I had no particular suggestions, because it doesn't exist yet. But I was thinking about how excited I was to log in every day and see that Kingdom Hearts style map containing all those little worlds in
  3. The GUI for Fortnite is hands down the worst, most unintuitive, bass-ackwards things I've ever had the misfortune of using. IMHO, Crowfall's is just... different. Granted things are missing from the overall design that should be there. But I suppose, that after playing games like EQ1, and Dark Age of Camelot, I'm just accustomed to the GUI reflecting the game's design more than the player's needs. Though I agree with those above, that some more... specific complaints would be great, as would a selection of them being added to the Suggestion forum; I can accept and respect that it did
  4. We broke 100 views on the YouTube Video. And I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who took the time to watch the presentation. ♥
  5. I agree Zatch.. 100%. The thread took a turn for the theoretical, based on elements that don’t exist yet. I was merely throwing together a concept that allowed V to get what he wanted without taking apart the current design. We’re throwing opinions out about partially formed elements. And they’re going to have to expand the base of ingredients in the future, and have implied as much several times in the live stream. The goal with the barebones system we have was to keep it from getting bloated at the onset like so many other crafting systems in MMOs these days.
  6. If my experience with the actual harvesting is any indicator, then the reliance on stats to get the more advanced drops from a node is minimal. It’s there in the sense that bonus’ are applied but doesn’t really dictate your not being able to get the normal amount of the resource. Will the person who has DPS or Tank trees on their crow have an advantage? Yes. Will someone with a crafted Vessel focused on strength have the advantage? Yes. But we all have access to the same trees to advance our Crows. To V’s point, if you have VIP then you gain these points faster. But I think there’s
  7. V, this is really thoughtful stuff. To your last point, I think the original intent was to have generic materials for the crafting of items to be more easily created from a static base. What surprises me is that they didn’t take the same approach to the component crafting. I would think that various crafts would have equivalents of each of the components with varied results when those pieces are assembled. “A woodcrafter can make a hilt... a Metal crafter can make a hilt... both can make a a bow sight... heck I wouldn’t mind if the smaller ingredients could be crafted by enchanters
  8. I love that this idea seems to be bringing others the kind of stary eyed excitement I felt while making it. There’s something wondrous about the thought of world building in a game you’ve really come to believe in. I’m really grateful that the concept has reached people.
  9. I appreciate the thoughtful feedback. At the core of Crowfall is a battle for the very nature of existence. We’re scratching at the edge of destruction to make something meaningful. And always with Yaga at our back, looking at the moment when our threads will snap. I feel like an economy should be a healthy balance of competition and meeting supply and demand. I wanted a system in which players not only had to be clever with what materials they created but also with how they structured their business to meet the needs of their customer. A thriving crafter culture shoul
  10. A-San, that means the world to me. Truly. That man's brain is a Lore Factory; just knowing he saw it is enough for me. Thanks for punting it. ♥
  11. He's bored. Didn't have the desire to create a constructive argument. The followup posts offered good suggestions. I offered perspective about it being a Pre-Alpha, and solid base features... then used a lot of metaphors about Cereal and Cake. You didn't miss much in not reading my Independence Day Speech. I'll look at getting that soap box fixed.
  12. It's very very hard to convey points sometimes. Not all of us are trained writers, and getting out all of the emotion for something you're passionate about can be... challenging. No harm, no foul. From what I've gleaned across the various videos, podcasts, and adverts we've seen since inception, the EKs were meant to cover a few different core pieces of functionality: Limited PvE Zones that all Respite from the PvP But are Level Capped to prevent grinding to endgame. Player Constructed Zones (To Get our Build On and Express Creativity) Player Housing Hubs Crafting Hubs Lore Hubs (The
  13. I feel like this thread is both logical, based on the point at which the game is in development, and the time it's taken to get it this far. I also feel as though the thread was designed to be inflammatory to get people to read and post... and I suppose it worked. As I get older, I am constantly confronted with the view that generationally, gamers are going to repeat the same feelings at the same arcs within game development cycles. And that there's a dual bladed nature to opening your Development to the General Public. Harvesting, Generational Terrain, Temporary Campaign Worlds, a
  14. I feel like we might get some traction from looking at the Harvesting system in Fortnite. It's engaging, and forces the player to be interactive with the nodes in order to get the max out of it, and in order to shorten the time it takes to farm. This also helps to limit botting in the farming of mats on the PvE side of the fence.
  15. Ahaha! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in whatever quest system we find ourselves in. Neko themed stories always bring a smile to my face. I grew up in the Ghibli world, so there’s no such thing as a good story without a whisker or two. I get excited when I think about bouncing around Crowfall like Kingdom Hearts, experiencing all of the creations and lore rich worlds (big and small) crafted by the player base. As a crafter I can also imagine getting a letter from someone who bought a bunch of my rare fittings and fascets and wanted me to come see the quest chain they crea
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