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  1. I was just thinking about Game Rules, and about the various hundreds of Worlds running at any given time. And then began thinking about the new Skill GUI, and how excited I am to dive into the release client and onto the Arch of the Five map where we can see the number of worlds active in each ruleset, and have access to the hub that leads to our current Worlds GUI and the search functions. I had no particular suggestions, because it doesn't exist yet. But I was thinking about how excited I was to log in every day and see that Kingdom Hearts style map containing all those little worlds in various states of war and decay. And it brought a really big smile to my face. I was curious what others thought about how the various campaigns and kingdoms would be arranged, and thought I'd drop a topic in and open it up to others. Thoughts?
  2. The GUI for Fortnite is hands down the worst, most unintuitive, bass-ackwards things I've ever had the misfortune of using. IMHO, Crowfall's is just... different. Granted things are missing from the overall design that should be there. But I suppose, that after playing games like EQ1, and Dark Age of Camelot, I'm just accustomed to the GUI reflecting the game's design more than the player's needs. Though I agree with those above, that some more... specific complaints would be great, as would a selection of them being added to the Suggestion forum; I can accept and respect that it didn't click with you. A lot of the central GUI is placeholder at the moment. If you watch through the design session videos with the developers, you'll notice that a large emphasis has been placed on getting command line calls in place long before the systems are complete. GUI is this team's last stage in feature polishing. So if you're frustrated, seeing things missing, wonder why things seem crammed in in places, and so on, that's logical... it's unfinished. We just had a complete overhaul of the skills GUI in 5.6. And I mean complete. I expect other GUI elements will go through similar transformations as their Beta candidate features enter the game. It's just silly to built a wired, beautiful, fully functional GUI when things are still shifting around so massively. But I reiterate, specific suggestions, maybe even with accompanying doodles, are hugely helpful, and open up great discussions in the Suggestions Forum. Perhaps you can distill some of your thoughts in the form of something constructive over there.
  3. We broke 100 views on the YouTube Video. And I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who took the time to watch the presentation. ♥
  4. I agree Zatch.. 100%. The thread took a turn for the theoretical, based on elements that don’t exist yet. I was merely throwing together a concept that allowed V to get what he wanted without taking apart the current design. We’re throwing opinions out about partially formed elements. And they’re going to have to expand the base of ingredients in the future, and have implied as much several times in the live stream. The goal with the barebones system we have was to keep it from getting bloated at the onset like so many other crafting systems in MMOs these days.
  5. If my experience with the actual harvesting is any indicator, then the reliance on stats to get the more advanced drops from a node is minimal. It’s there in the sense that bonus’ are applied but doesn’t really dictate your not being able to get the normal amount of the resource. Will the person who has DPS or Tank trees on their crow have an advantage? Yes. Will someone with a crafted Vessel focused on strength have the advantage? Yes. But we all have access to the same trees to advance our Crows. To V’s point, if you have VIP then you gain these points faster. But I think there’s more here. When I play a game, I don’t expect to get my Level 60 freedom at the onset. Your initial trees are a point of injection into the gameplay, and you spiral out from that point as you play. If your focus is on Healing class skills you will have that disadvantage in harvesting. Likewise if you’re focusing on crafting you will likely see a lapse in your healing skills. But that is the nature of a skill tree. It will require time and careful thought as to when and how you grow your gameplay potential. As harvesting is, in and of itself a skill set in this game I feel like it’s playing to the Meta to combine goals, such leveling the Tank trees and Harvesting skills at the same time. Ideally, I think harvesting should have its own secondary stat so that the concept of strength stacking doesn’t play in. But that gets complicated to the players quickly... I feel like the method the Dev team chose makes sense to me. And that the aversion to VIP players getting to those points more quickly should be a motivator to have the subscription and support the development of the game. To be a PURE healer and not focus on advancing the crafting stats of the game will likely prove to force a player to be reliant on other crafters. Which is why the economy will be so VAST in Crowfall. I respect your argument. And I see where you’re coming from. I just don’t think it aligns with the game. That to change it in the way you’ve suggested would go in the face of several of the core designs and intentions of the mechanics on which the game is based.
  6. V, this is really thoughtful stuff. To your last point, I think the original intent was to have generic materials for the crafting of items to be more easily created from a static base. What surprises me is that they didn’t take the same approach to the component crafting. I would think that various crafts would have equivalents of each of the components with varied results when those pieces are assembled. “A woodcrafter can make a hilt... a Metal crafter can make a hilt... both can make a a bow sight... heck I wouldn’t mind if the smaller ingredients could be crafted by enchanters as well...Necromancers should be able to craft them out of bone... “ And the, when those ingredients are assembled, an AI similar to the one which assembled Mourning Maps assembles the year into a random roll from those categories, giving a larger pool to pull from for Aesthetics and Stats.. it falls more in the Diablo II level of random craft. But it makes it so that crafters don’t get shoehorned into only being able to create one kind of thing. It also makes the diversity of materials worth obtaining and ups the trade value of things other than wood and ore.
  7. I love that this idea seems to be bringing others the kind of stary eyed excitement I felt while making it. There’s something wondrous about the thought of world building in a game you’ve really come to believe in. I’m really grateful that the concept has reached people.
  8. I appreciate the thoughtful feedback. At the core of Crowfall is a battle for the very nature of existence. We’re scratching at the edge of destruction to make something meaningful. And always with Yaga at our back, looking at the moment when our threads will snap. I feel like an economy should be a healthy balance of competition and meeting supply and demand. I wanted a system in which players not only had to be clever with what materials they created but also with how they structured their business to meet the needs of their customer. A thriving crafter culture should also be rooted in PvE. And in this Fable of Lore Craft the players are given the chance see the ultimate form of their creations. People will literally build a world with your creations. I feel like the sentiment that a ‘Modder’ style community of content creators will really bring a constant source of life to Crowfall. That, even a decade from now, when the game has seen its limelight and lives in the hands of the dedicated few, that a core Content building community will keep the game alive and happy. After all, just look at Skyrim. It’s been out for seven years, lacked any MMO elements, and has a content buildin community of tens of thousands, still breathing new life into it.
  9. A-San, that means the world to me. Truly. That man's brain is a Lore Factory; just knowing he saw it is enough for me. Thanks for punting it. ♥
  10. He's bored. Didn't have the desire to create a constructive argument. The followup posts offered good suggestions. I offered perspective about it being a Pre-Alpha, and solid base features... then used a lot of metaphors about Cereal and Cake. You didn't miss much in not reading my Independence Day Speech. I'll look at getting that soap box fixed.
  11. It's very very hard to convey points sometimes. Not all of us are trained writers, and getting out all of the emotion for something you're passionate about can be... challenging. No harm, no foul. From what I've gleaned across the various videos, podcasts, and adverts we've seen since inception, the EKs were meant to cover a few different core pieces of functionality: Limited PvE Zones that all Respite from the PvP But are Level Capped to prevent grinding to endgame. Player Constructed Zones (To Get our Build On and Express Creativity) Player Housing Hubs Crafting Hubs Lore Hubs (They're... still being vague about this one. Pop on over to my latest suggestion to see what I came up with for this if you'd like) Guild Hubs The Way EK's were pitched to us at the onset, was a collection of features which allow players to Make and Sell their gear to others, but also allow a living collection of Player and Guild housing to create expandable and (terrain / design) modifiable towns and kingdoms. These player owned zones are pure PvE, and give the player the power to control what elements are placed in their design. Everything from a Private kingdom that is one glorified player house, all the way up to a Zone the size of Kalimdor, supporting an entire Economy, Multi-Guild culture, and supplies raiding gear to players across the Arch of the Nine Heavens. To that end, it can host a myriad of Parcels that cover everything from Housing and Mob Spawns, to Craftable Dungeons and Lore Placement. And though this is a CORE feature, think of Housing as the youngest child in the family. It takes FOREVER for it to get hand-me-downs from the other Kids, but once they do, they have a well worn, and expansive wardrobe. Eternal Kingdoms benefit from the completion of ALL of the other game systems. But it remains bare bones while those systems come into existence. And, because ACE is slow to promise things (lest they be guilty of over promising and under delivering) we have no real mockups on the evolution of the EK's and the general direction we're headed. The team is still small. And a successful core release will dictate it growing larger in the future, and this core feature becoming more fully filled out. Plus, the feature you give the player's the most control over is not the one which you want to break the most. But that's the best thing about making suggestions. You can dream, in place of the core team. Make single suggestions on features you'd like to see in the EK's. We have half a million posts on these forums, and it's a lot. And the wiki is rather large and incomplete as well. Perhaps, some of the elements you crave will be in the game's roadmap already. And others still might be things the Dev team hasn't thought up. Keep it brief; keep it constructive; and you may be surprised what you get in the way of feedback. Cheers.
  12. I feel like this thread is both logical, based on the point at which the game is in development, and the time it's taken to get it this far. I also feel as though the thread was designed to be inflammatory to get people to read and post... and I suppose it worked. As I get older, I am constantly confronted with the view that generationally, gamers are going to repeat the same feelings at the same arcs within game development cycles. And that there's a dual bladed nature to opening your Development to the General Public. Harvesting, Generational Terrain, Temporary Campaign Worlds, and Tier Crafting are core elements of the game. As such, they've been around in their most basic forms since the inception of the Pre-Alpha... *cough* Pre-Alpha... which we're currently in. Therefore, these are both the most Stable... and linear elements of the game. As well as the elements we've been exposed to for the longest. There are definitely some balance issues in the game. And there are sound points presented across the posts for this thread. But I feel like the general frustration at the lack of flare and interactivity in Crowfall as a whole is like getting mad at a cereal company for making really healthy Cheerios. Yes, it's not Musili, and it's not Honey bunches of oats... heck, at times it's not even frosted flakes... but that's because our proverbial Cereal Factory hasn't opened its doors to the general public. We're several builds behind Development... and a multitude of unstable features haven't even seen the light of day yet. And I think that's largely because the Developers don't want to commit the ultimate sin and overpromise / under-deliver. And I'm grateful for that. I've sunk a lot of time, and a lot of money into this project, because I believe that Crowfall is spun from Talent, and from a desire to see a thriving game world. But I fight hard to make sure that I don't try to see the game for what it's not. Yes, this may be year three for me playing... but the clock hasn't even hit Day one on the actual game creation. At year three, Crowfall will be a highly connected, feature rich, niche MMORPG. It's Sandbox elements, and PvP to PvE ratios will be balanced. It will be filled with lore, and a smooth running, well oiled machine with a high lore base and dedicated custom content generating community. But all of it begins with that simple, stable, functional, boring bowl of cheerios. Am I... are WE... hungry for more? Of course. We can all see ACE for what they are... a foundation of something we had thought dead in the gaming industry a decade ago. Do we crave to have that completed project in our hands now? Yes. I want to be building Quests, Smashing the ground to build a river in my EK, and running with friends to avoid the coming of Winter long enough to build one...more...damnable... sword... before that world falls into the Abyss of the Arch of the Nine Heavens. But I know that I've spent thousands of dollars on failed MMOs in the last few years who had shiny content out of the gate, and were dead in both gameplay and community a month in... When I see the community here, I see a very intelligent, and passionate group of people who crave what this game has to offer. And I can understand the impatient at the lack of depth and flare in the system. You can poke over to my most recent suggestion thread and see some of the overall suggestions I've been working on creating functional mockups for the Dev team on. Believe me... I get it. Voxel Based, Content Hacking Farming is boring. Tree based Crafting with no diversity in ingredient or variation of recipe is boring. Having your gear decay and then spinning another clone of it, all for a world that will die in a month is boring. But most of the parts of your Television are boring on their own too, and don't do a damnable thing until they're assembled into a 4k on which to play Gears of War. I recommend trying to keep this in perspective. And to attempt to keep suggestions upbeat and positive. It pays to never judge the quality of the flour being used until after the cake is being baked. Our job is to help tweak the flavor and the overall design to make it as palpable for the general public and hard core fans as possible. We paid, to step in for a small studio and help with QA, and community building. If sitting at the table, waiting for scraps of food to evolve doesn't suit, perhaps it's time to leave the table for a bit, and wait for some more hearty progress. But the initial point stands; the core stable elements, in their current form, are a tad droll. Fortunately, I doubt it will stay that way. Perhaps, a suggestion in the self named forum with potentials to increase the overall quality of the experience might be in order. Offer up some tidbits to increase the enjoyment of what is, by its necessity a grind, and we'll see if we can't grow the idea instead of just bashing it.
  13. I feel like we might get some traction from looking at the Harvesting system in Fortnite. It's engaging, and forces the player to be interactive with the nodes in order to get the max out of it, and in order to shorten the time it takes to farm. This also helps to limit botting in the farming of mats on the PvE side of the fence.
  14. Ahaha! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in whatever quest system we find ourselves in. Neko themed stories always bring a smile to my face. I grew up in the Ghibli world, so there’s no such thing as a good story without a whisker or two. I get excited when I think about bouncing around Crowfall like Kingdom Hearts, experiencing all of the creations and lore rich worlds (big and small) crafted by the player base. As a crafter I can also imagine getting a letter from someone who bought a bunch of my rare fittings and fascets and wanted me to come see the quest chain they created. I feel like there are going to be so many stories worth telling, and that following DDO’s example but with a player crafted base, and simple LEGO-like building materials for the story creations that we would get to see so many communities bring things of merit into the worlds. It makes the Anime kid in me jump up and down to think of referencing someone else’s story in my own creations. To have an NPC hand you a Lore item that talks about a neighboring EK’s story as if the two were one. In the long run you remember when you reached sixty, or when you got your first mount, or when you felled with a thirty kill streak in that BG... but years later the stories you tell are always about how the lore reached you.
  15. A lot of that really was my goal. I was a professional AAA Game QA project manager for about ten years, and a rarely, invest those skills these days. But I genuinely BELIEVE in Crowfall and the concept of player driven lore really speaks to my core. So I wanted to create something that was easily actionable for ACE to act on, if they so chose, that empowered the player base to craft something with depth that took some of the workload off of the Dev team, but that really capitalized on their amazing engine.
  16. Thanks Nyamo! I appreciate you taking the time. This was a labor of love.
  17. ?WATCH THE VIDEO PRESENTATION ON YOUTUBE? ? LORE CRAFT OBJECTS ?The Lore Craft system is broken into three basic components. Thralls & Relics, Fittings, and Fascets. Thralls and Relics are the base placeable units. These are broken into Animate and Inanimate objects because Necromancers can craft the Thralls for both NPCs and Monsters, whereas each craft gets a library of Relics which they’re able to produce. Fittings nest into Relics and Thralls, and provide the functionality for those creations to actually do something. Whereas Fascets give flare and aesthetic customization to the interactivities to the models used by the Fittings and Thralls.Think of the Thrall as the Ring, the Fitting as what Type of jewel can be equipped, and Fascets as the actual stone that turns it into a “Diamond Ring” or a “Ruby Pendent”. All lore objects come in all rarities, and there’s an equivalent craftable by each of the varied artisans, so that there’s a reason for each craft to level the tree.? LORE THRALLS ?Though Lore Thralls and Lore Relics are very similar, (I.e. They’re nameable, and the cost of upkeep is dictated by the rarity) they’re unique in that only Monster and Lore Thralls can have Manner Fascets equipped to change their model’s animation and flavor behavior. Additionally, only Lore Thralls have ‘Approach Dialogue’ text, that creates a bubble over their head, containing a snippet of dialogue as the Player approaches. Lore Thralls can be used to begin quests, and end them, as well as provide merchant services.Curious on other functionality? Read on; there’s more information on unique functionality farther along in the post (Or watch the video above).? MONSTER THRALLS ?Monsters have a unique way of granting a quest. A fitted quest node will activate when the monster is killed. Additionally, they have two ways to drop an item. They can drop ‘Lore Item’s’ but also have an inventory of potential drops which are player crafted. Consumables, Gear, and Housing items can be set to drop from the mobs spawned by the node, and the EK’s Admin has control over drop rates, and whether the drop is unique to the player. They can also control the spawn distance from the node.The actual spawn location’s x and y, as well as the monster level and any mob-specific drops (Crafting Ingredients, Gold, XP, etc.) are all dictated on the server level. These are calculated based on the global ArtCraft tables, and based on the level of the Parcel which the Thrall or Relic was placed. That way a level 20 quest is created in a level 20 parcel with level 20 rewards. If however, the player chooses to place a level 50 reward onto that mob spawn, that’s without a doubt their right.Monster Thralls feature an Essence Fascet instead of a Manner Fascet. This allows a variant of the monster to be produced. So if the player wants to have the Spider emit smoke, or be made of lava and leave a trail behind them, then they need to equip a Smoke or Lava Essence Fascet. Otherwise it will be a boring old brown spider.? OBJECT RELICS?Not ever quest comes down to talking to someone, or killing something. Often a great story is based on finding an ancient relic, or reading a stone hidden in a forest. In these instances, it’s a crafted Object Relic that a player would turn to.Bearing the appearance of a regular crafted item, these inanimate objects have their own Lore GUI, and an aura in the world that denotes them as events. And just like the Lore Thralls, they can be used to Start and End quests, and as Merchants. There’s also potential here for ‘Storage’ nodes (as discussed in one of the earlier development videos) a Storage Fascet could be equipped and configured as Global, or Private, with the rarity of the stone dictating the amount of slots and options available to the player.Rather than dialogue, these objects have an optional description which can appear on mouse over in a tooltip, and or in the chat. Objects also have the power to have Music or Sound Effect Fascets attached to them. These will trigger on use of the Object or completion of the Quest step. There are other ways to have ongoing Sounds or Music, but we’ll get to that a bit later. Only ‘Effect’ Type Essence fascets can be equipped to Objects, such as Smoke, Fire, Steam, or Shadow. Unlike the Monsters, the variations on objects are crafted, so that there’s more freedom for the crafter to decide what to make, and more variation in the crafting process. It also increases the value of the Blueprints generated by the crafter.? MANNER, ESSENCE, and MUSIC FASCETS ?Essence Fascets cover a large breadth of effects. They can change the model on a Monster, alter the particle effects of Drops, and even shift the color spectrum of the environment around a given object.Manner Fascets change the way a Thrall behaves. They can trigger during a Thrall’s idle animation, or at each phase of the Model’s interactions, like Quest Turnin, or Shop Activation. Think of these at the level of Ocarina of Time NPCs. They do a basic animation central to them, and then, when you speak to you have a simple animation in response to what you’re doing with them.Music and Sound Fascets have a library available to each type of Fitting, as well as a category of Global sounds. They are meant to create Voices, Atmosphere, Music, and Sounds that reflect the objects and the story being crafted. Music Emitters are invisible to the Player outside of Edit Mode, and can create looping Atmosphere Sound Effects or Music in an AoE range around where they’ve been placed. They also have settings for frequency of repeat, and whether they’re constant, or trigger on player approach.? EMITTERS ?Just as there are sound and Music emitters, there are object emitters as well. These have multiple drop fittings attached to them. The goal being, that a Common Emitter will only have one Drop Slot, where a Legendary will have five. Making a rarer Emitter more diverse in zones where multiple quests have drops in the same place.The Emitter can be invisible, because the spawns of ‘Fruit’ or ‘Keys’ bear the model of their Fitting. The same can be said for the Fascets. They’re on the Fitting level, so the emitter doesn’t need one. That said, Rare and above Emitters have their own Fascets for addition of Music, and Sound on one Emitter, instead of having to have multiple stacked emitters.Also, items created by the Drop Fittings are considered ‘Lore Trash’. They exist on the Eternal Kingdom, and can’t be brought out of the world. Additionally, they can’t be placed in banks. They’re cosmetic, and only exist for the purpose of undertaking quests. There’s a potential here for a separate inventory page which contains only quest items that fit into these categories so as not to clutter the player while enjoying the player curated content. When these objects spawn in the world, they can have their own fascets. So that a Key dropped by a fitting could glow orange, and hum. Or it could be black, and the sound of crows plays when the player gets close to it. When the Lore Drop is picked up, the rarity of the icon in the player’s inventory is dictated by the rarity of the Drop fitting. If it’s important to you that ‘Balthazar’s Hat’ be a Legendary Lore item, then you’ll have to grab that fitting from a Tailor.? QUEST FITTINGS ?The Quest nickname will appear on the NPC’s dialogue screen. As will the icon showing the player what kind of Quest it is.You can see how many quest completions remain before the Fitting becomes inactive, as well as the Replenishment cost of adding to that total on the NPC which it’s equipped to. If Gold is at a premium, you can also sacrifice any of the same type of Fitting, at the same Rarity in order to fully repair the Fitting. Similarly to the rest of the GUI for Crowfall, the frames for the equipped Fittings slide out to the right of their Thrall when selected.? QUEST FITTINGS CONTINUED ?Prerequisites give the ability for a player to create a quest chain, or a Pre-Lore quest before a given set opens up. However, because that layers content, if a Prerequisite quest is either toggled off, or needs replenishment, all quests with it set as prerequisite will be toggled into the ‘Hold’ state. Restoring a Prerequisite quest or removing the prerequisite toggle from a quest will restore it to working order.Tabs of quest information, like the target, are available only in certain types of quests. Some quests are one-off, like Fetch Quests, and can therefore have their own turnin steps. Other quests require delivery of items, or for the player to collect a Drop. So they have Receiver node selection panels, or Drop node selection panels.A quest can toggle both its repeatability, and has its own Player crafted Drop Inventory for when the quest is completed. If a quest is repeatable, so is the crafted reward. If it’s not, then that item is only handed out once to a player. The rarity if the fitting opens additional storage pages here as well.These quests appear in a special quest tracker unique to the world. Some Quest types and Rarities open up an option to have Essences and Sound Effects or Music trigger on Turnin as well.Just like the prerequisites, if a quest has a mandatory Drop or Kill target that leads to another Fitting, and that fitting is disabled for any reason, then the quests that use it will be set to hold, and a hold reason will be available on mouse over of the Hold Error in the GUI. That said, a Thrall or Relic will be visible even if all of its nodes require replenishment from zero. So that the world doesn’t have missing patches, even if the advanced content is disabled.? OBJECTIVE FITTINGS ?Regardless of whether or not a Drop Fitting is junctioned to an Emitter or an Objective fitting, any Item based Quest, (Fetch, Gathering, Delivery, etc.) can be mapped to have its completion node be any available Drop fitting.For example, Gift Objective Fittings simply present a line of Dialogue when clicked which presents places one of the dropped items from the junctioned fitting into the Player’s inventory. When this same fitting is added to an Object Relic, it takes on the Italicized description characteristics, rather than the Dialogue characteristics of the Thralls.The Fascet slots automatically lock in the same manner when the content is or will not be available to the player with that connection of content. In essence, this system functions a lot like the AppInventor content from MIT. When nodes that can have multiple uses are attached, but a piece of content will not be used, the connection lego piece simply toggles to unavailable so as not to waste time or cause confusion.In this way, there are extensions to content as well. Library Drop Fittings create books similar to the Elder Scrolls novels. Which means that a player can, depending on the rarity of the fitting, create multiple pages worth of reading material for the players. A Legendary Library Drop Fitting with a scroll pattern would produce a Scroll item, that when clicked in the player’s inventory would present a five page, readable lore book with up to 1500 total characters of lore, as written by the admin of the Eternal Kingdom or one of his vassals.And, should that player have a player house within the Kingdom, they could even place that lore item into a Bookshelf which is compatible with them. The same system would apply to Signs, Posters, or any other written object drop fitting.? MERCHANT FITTINGS ?Any Thrall which is placed into an EK (I.e. Converted from a Wearable Thrall into a Lore Thrall, or crafted as a Lore Thrall) has a Merchant Fitting Slot Attached. The rarity of the Thrall dictates the replenishment cost, as well as the number of Merchant Tabs available to the player to sell items in.The player can toggle whether or not the Thrall Merchant appears in the Market Board for the Eternal Kingdom (Local Auction House) on the Fitting Screen, or on the Lore Management GUI screen. From Uncommon Thralls on, Fascets for Manners and Sounds can be attached to the fitting for use on the shop.Additionally, the gold from sales can be claimed individually from the Merchants (So that Vassals can collect all of the gold, or from the Lore GUI. Lords and Server Admins can see only the Taxes they’re due on the merchants, and in the Lore GUI for Thralls which they have the ability to Move or Remove, but not the core gold amount. In this way, the administration of a section of land can Repair, Remove, or Move a Thrall which was not theirs, but not harvest Gold that belongs to their Tenant.Similarly, as an admin, removing a Thrall which was not yours (i.e. It belongs to a vassal who is subletting a part of the Kingdom) that Thrall is returned to the Lore GUI’s claim page. The Vassal can then choose to re-place the Thrall, or empty any remaining gold and items into their inventory, leaving the Thrall for later replacement or destruction. Once a Thrall has been placed In a Kingdom, it cannot be removed from that player’s Lore GUI, and can only be replaced or destroyed. In this way there is a constant demand for the creation and procurement of Thralls.? NPC VIEW ?When a Thrall is approached in the world, and is right clicked, any Manner or Sound Fascets on the Fitting will trigger. The player can then read their default dialogue with the NPC Thrall focused in the camera view. And available Fittings will show as options below the core dialogue and will show an icon, regardless of text that illustrates what the content is.For example, quests will appear in Yellow, with the Type Icon indicating what KIND of quest it is. Whereas shops will appear with the bag icon, in brown. Any contextual quest objects, like Gift receivers with a prerequisite quest leading to it will always appear at the bottom of the list, in green, to indicate what it is.In this way, there’s uniformity across kingdoms, regardless of the wording used. A player will always know what kind of content they’re getting themselves into.? QUALITY SCALE ?Quality on Lore Craft Items dictates the following elements: Color Quality of Dropped or Gifted Lore Items. Replenishment Costs Number of Completions until a Junctioned Item toggle off in the Lore GUI Quality of Fittings and Fascets that can be Junctioned. Pages of Content/Items for Library and Merchant fittings respectively. ? LORE GUI ? The LORE GUI is a diverse and functional one-stop-shop for checking the status of the EK’s lore system.Replenishment costs are visible on the left panel, for each type of node. The total number of which is dictated by the number of parcels in the Kingdom, multiplied by the per-parcel limit of that item type. Different Parcels will have different caps for the number of Thralls, Emmitters, and Relics. Which will in turn automatically limit the number of placed Fittings and Fascets, as that will be calculated by the number of parent objects.This menu is available everywhere within the EK, or from a sub menu on the EK load screen. That way a player need not log into an Online Eternal Kingdom in order to manage they Land Owner and Vassal replenishment. ? LORE GUI CONTINUED ? From this menu, Toggling On/Off of elements are is also available. So that, if a piece of content is not functioning correctly, and the manager of that content is elsewhere in the game, they can simply load the menu, and toggle the content to OFF, effectively removing that element from the game until such time as they can return to manage it in person.The Rarity of a placed element, it’s zone, number of uses, Element ID number, Replenishment Cost, Toggle, Removal Option, and in the case of Admin Views it’s Owner are all visible on this central GUI. There is room in this GUI for elements like ‘Flag Item as Not Working’ and Exact Coordinates on mouseover of elements name. A ‘Set Compass to Edit Location’ function might even be greatly helpful. As well as a ‘Has Prerequisite’ mouse over function that tells the player what Quest fitting was set as the prerequisite. But this expansive menu contains all of the base metrics and statistics on the elements placed using the Lore System throughout the game. ? LORE GUI CONTINUED-ED?Much like elsewhere in the Prerequisite system, toggling off a Fitting or Thrall which is set as the prerequisite of another Fitting will inform the player with a warning of the content which will be effected should that Thrall or fitting be toggled off. Continuing past the error will set all of those effected Fittings to the off state, leaving their Thrall or Relic visible with its base functionality, but toggling off the related nodes. Any player currently in the Kingdom, with that Fitting in their Journal, will receive an error message, and the Item, and any Lore Drops associated with that Fitting will be removed from their GUI so as to prevent broken Player created questing.This way, even if an NPC has its Quests toggled off as part of a disabled quest chain, the NPC and any unaffected Fittings will remain available, until such time as the quest has been restored, when it will be added automatically back to the player’s view on that Thrall.? PLAYER EDITING IN THE REAL WORLD ?Placed elements in the Lore system will appear to the Admin as editable only when the LORE EDIT functionality has been toggled to ON. Doing so converts all of the placed LORE items the Admin has access to into their Fitting icon, with a transparent version of the placed element, and where applicable, its range icon. These elements are highlighted by rarity, and thanks to a barrier disallowing overlap of these elements within a range of a few pixels, prevents them from stacking completely.When the element is clicked, a contextual window leading back to the item is presented to player, allowing them to make edits and changes to the physical placement or content of the Fittings.In the case of exchanging Junctions with other items, the Player can take unjunctioned fittings and fascets from their inventory and bind them to the EK to place them, or grab items from the EK’s Bound Lore Items page (EK Lore Inventory) and simply drag them to the junction to replace them. Doing so wipes any content in them, so should content be within the window, an error message will be presented to the player.Once the Admin is done making changes, those changes will be saved temporarily, but to appear in the world, the Done button must be clicked on the Lore Edit bar, and those changes must be committed to the world. Otherwise, the changes will never appear. This is to prevent accidental changes, but also to allow a creator to make multiple changes to Thralls, Emitters, or Relics before committing the changes.? CROWFALL RELICS ?This last piece is something slightly different from the rest of the system, and perhaps the most important part of using the Lore System to bring the whole of the game together as a united culture.Crowfall Relics come in Small, Medium, and Large. Once placed into the world, they take up an empty box, in which no other content can be placed. These sizes equate to an NPC with room around their feet, a small Building, and a Large Building’s worth of space.The player has no control over these elements once placed. Rather, ArtCraft can place any number of events, or game elements within them, up to the maximum confines of the available space. Everything from Seasonal Events, Quests, Server Curated Dungeon Entrances, Lore Driven Cross Game Quests, Tutorials, Special Vendors, Monster Spawns, and more.One of the largest problems plaguing a ‘Sandbox’ MMORPG is that there’s very little reason for players to explore the worlds created by others thoroughly. When a player who may not have the strongest crafters, or best quest design can create a kingdom that can be populated by segments of quests or events curated on the server level, then players can explore other curated content in order to gather special event elements and achievements that the admins of an Eternal Kingdom doesn’t have to directly control.This also allows for a regular rotation of new content and one off events as curated by ArtCraft into the game’s ‘Static Content’ which can span out of the Eternal Kingdoms and back again. From roaming Minstrals to Halloween Hauntings, and straight into Dungeon entrances that randomly open and close, ArtCraft retains an element of creativity which incentivizes admins to place them by discounting the Taxes on Parcels in which they’re placed, and access to unique rewards for the Kingdom for having players complete the content within their Kingdom.SUMMARYAgain, all of this is a loose collection of ideas which I brought together to give one possible view of Player Curated Lore in Crowfall, and the idea is given to ArtCraft freely to hopefully inspire this talented team.It’s my hope that I’ve produced something which is highly expandable, allows for quick toggling of bugged content without destroying the gameplay flow of the kingdoms, is crafter driven, and a constructive gold Sink.A concept that created a Cross Kingdom lore base and economy, but that confines player creativity to the individual kingdoms, to minimize the cross-world bloat of player curated content.And which is globally wired to events and achievements to provide players with an incentive to create something meaningful and to explore the creations of others.Thank you for reading/watching, and see you in game! (I'm happy to expand on any of these concepts; also, thank you/sorry for the typos or misplaced words. This took a lot to create, and there are bound to be mistakes in it.)
  18. Chaqaron, I can very much see the logic in this moment for you. But I have a question in return: Who is the audience for your theoretical Imperial Palace. For some, the partial game experience within their Eternal Kingdom will be the only reason they play. They will spend hundreds of hours perfecting their ideal personal kingdom to their own needs, and rarely venture out of the zone to experience the rest of the game. Whereas, you figure that, in linear Gameplay, a solo player would not have time/desire to manage a zone of the size which the Imperial Palace requires. I foresee the audience for the larger EK Sites being large guilds, and alliances. In this, you'd see these groups organically save materials and gold in order to upgrade to these units. I was one of folks who very vocally asked for the return of the higher pledge packages specifically for this reason. I have a small team of players assembled who are going to be creating a large foundation for the Alliance to come. We're all chipping in in order to allow us to have the resources we need at launch to build the kingdom we want. With the intent on serving the needs of hundreds of players. For each of us, chipping in a thousand dollars a piece, amortized over our five years of expected play time wasn't a huge deal. But we acknowledged openly that, because we're all 9-5 professionals with families, the liklihood of ever having the time to both administrate the ongoing construction and expansion plans with the social components of the guild(s) wouldn't be feasible. You reference Pay-To-Win. But I'm not sure who/where the Win is in this case. If a player chooses to sink a ton of money in, but doesn't have the social skills, or connections to bring players together within their kingdom, then what they've successfully done is contributed to the process and created a single-player-experience for themselves. If the pieces were usable within the Inner Rings of the Wheel I'd be in the same place you are. That would create an imbalance of power. But this is functionally the PvE experience. And I think that, where the Eternal Kingdoms are concerned, the more folks who have toys with which to build out our universe, the more likely we are to have an invested and diverse community experience. I believe that all crowd source games have this moment. There's the challenge of figuring out how much is too much. That said, I think that, as long as the items remain Eternal Kingdom, Cosmetic, and don't directly give the player the ability to do things faster than another we're good. I would hope we didn't ever see accelerated crafting facilities for sale in the shop the way that Archeage did. I think that ACE is very present on the balance piece here.
  19. INTRODUCTION I have a fear. In games like Skyforge and Rift we see the player based content take a 'silod' form. I fear that the Eternal Kingdoms, without map representation, will feel like a segmented part of the game, and not facilitate connection to other players. Below is a list of suggestions which I feel will allow the Kingdoms to be presented to other players in an organic way which keep them core to the rest of the game. THE RING MAP Eternal Kingdoms should Toggle a 'Display on Kingdom Ring' button in their advanced settings. Certain Completion Criteria/Level of Done should have to be complete for the wold to be able to set as displayable to the public. The world should have to be a certain size to show on the map. The world size should dictate the Icon on the Map. IN WORLD ITEMS Placeable 'Door' nodes which players can 'purchase' ownership of in other people's worlds Placeable 'Door' nodes which players can assign to other worlds in their own. Placeable 'Door' nodes which can be set to 'Random' with a time component. Scrolls of Teleport to Worlds which can be traded/sold Bind Stones which can be Traded/Crafted/Sold to Worlds This way we can see worlds represented as 'part' of the world. But with the 'ever changing' psychology. But we also don't lose connection to the worlds we view as valuable. And all of it is integrated into the world as a whole. Yes there can be a navigation menu for worlds. But in this you're building a 'Landscape' of kingdoms.
  20. This was an elegant way to phrase this, and I couldn't agree more. Minecraft and to a larger extent Everquest Landmark both utilize this. And the number of materials needed in order to make this system flow will be balanced to the number of materials needed to craft. And we're talking about a LOT of materials for your average mid-tier crafters (Buildings, Gear, Repairs, and hopefully cosmetic items as well). If this proves to be something tacky, or immersion breaking, I expect it will receive a little TLC. But I think this can be comfortably wishlisted for future development cycles. To be honest, I'm really pleased to see things hitting the chopping block and being scheduled out for future development. We're reaching the point where the functional prototype is ready to be expanded into a game. It's good to know that the scope is narrowing into something manageable for Beta... six months away... In the end, as long as it's Fun, Functional, and doesn't destroy the experience then I'm all for it.
  21. More impressively was how QUICKLY he had it all together following the stream. And in how many places he provided it. If you haven't had a chance to review his community tool, he's compiled quite the resource for us all. https://sites.google.com/site/crowfallresource/
  22. Keaggan, I left them out intentionally. ❤ We're dealing with their creators. I was tempted to reinforce a piece of Shadowbane's system as well. But it seemed silly to use the IPs created by the Creators of Crowfall in order to point out the way the rest of the industry handles player housing. And it's a good point. It both supports and offers another perspective to my points. Speaking with authority on any one system in MMORPG culture and comparing it to an unfinished system is very challenging. For every example of a system which can be used to support a point another (perhaps even the same) can be used to create a counterpoint. No one of us can have enough experience to see, and have seen everything the industry has created. Even today awful games appear with innovative systems which challenge the norms. I was shooting to be supportive to the game. I meant no disrespect to people who have equal and not more experience in MMORPGs than myself. Seems like we were playing for the same team on this one.
  23. Alright friends. I've finished the Hip Sprint at work, and am back on to having some downtime at my desk at DaVita. I am back on task with the assimilation. I've updated the list to include this week's content. Additionally, per Canth I've changed the image host for the templates for tickets. Moving forward, with any luck, they should be visible to the outer-european countries. If not we'll continue to fine tune. Please remember, the keyword search is working. If you're not seeing your name and KNOW you suggested it that's because I'm only recording one forum connection to each suggestion/bug. Please remember that the Poison Bottle sticker indicates when a Topic as gone viral amongst the users (3+ mentions anywhere on the forums). If you see a ticket which you feel should be viral, or needs more emphasis behind it, please throw another post up on the forums in the suggestion feedback or bug threads and I'll grab it when I process that set. As always, thanks for helping to build a Culture of Quality into Crowfall. Day by day we're all helping to make the Arch of the Five Heavens a better place.
  24. This is going to be a huge point of contention for a lot of players for whom the buildings systems were a selling point of the game. Here are my initial thoughts: Can't, Can't-Yet, Don't Want to, and Won't are all very different things. This falls into the 'Can't Yet' category. There are myriad options on how to make this possible. But they take development time, and getting the world up and running is no small feat. Most AA and higher MMOs have basic features working at launch. Teleporting, Horse Routes, Auction Systems, etc take fine tuning and time. World of Warcraft, one of the world's leading Large Scale worlds failed to have 70% of its buildings working for the first six months of gameplay, and required an instance system JUST for going inside some of the larger structures. And, for the record, after six years could only barely come up with a functioning housing system. And that promise was as old as the game. This was will billions of dollars of funding behind the project. Housing systems as a whole are comprised of a myriad of potential systems: Instanced Rooms Templates Macro Placement Micro Placement Variable Coordinate Systems Database and Server Side Relativistic Item Spawning Particle Engines Permission Systems etc. Normally, your 'Housing' system isn't integral to the game. It's either stapled on top, or it's a side portion of the game. To this date, the only non-instanced, fully controllable, world claimable housing system in existence is inside of Archage. And it's a copy-paste simplistic and boring game system. Let's face it, ACE is a clever team, and making that announcement obviously hurt. But the Inner-Building decoration and design system is a large scale effort which will result in the long run in a steady stream of income to the game. Wildstar proved that. There's no way it will be abandoned. But it has to be done correctly, and will a slow growth curve. If the features are introduced one at a time, and based off of each other, and the core game, you will see the birth of an organic Kingdom design system which will provide unparalleled personal styling. But if it's done wrong, It will mean stacking one broken feature onto another. Sony had a team of 40 working on the Everquest 2 housing system (Which is arguably one of the best ever conceived) and Dark Age of Camelot had 24 at their peak. And neither of these amazing systems ever worked quite right. They were scaled back again and again in order to keep them functioning. Do we want to be able to enter into all of our buildings? Yes of course. But not at the cost of the rest of the system being verbose. Am I personally willing to wait, and watch patiently as a team takes on making a strong, stable, and potentially incredibly-customizable housing system. You bet. The best part about ACE is that we're working with people here. Our industry bests have failed to deliver again and again. This is a small team with a dream, and they're being patient with the designs in order to bring us something solid, stable, fun, and balanced. Let's not forget what building an MMORPG takes. In the end, we can only judge the finished product. Akinekochan that's the first thing you've said which I don't agree with. Never fear the flaming. It's important; and as many have expressed, the PvE will define a huge core of the game. The Eternal Kingdoms are the heartbeat of the PvE content. We've grown accustomed over the years of the PvP crowd having the loudest voice, and the Developers curtailing our content in order to make them happy. That is not the experience which is being created here. We are being fused into one core experience. And you can bank on the fact that a large portion of the core feels the same way you do. We're not talking about taking it away. Nor are we talking about prioritizing PvP content over PvE. We're talking about making sure that core systems are functioning before we build toys. -- Don't settle here folks. Don't stop having opinions. Don't let others tell you to keep your thoughts to yourself because it isn't possible. We're dealing in dreams here. And believe it or not, the sky really IS the limit... but time and money are a factor. Say what you want. Don't be afraid to have the unpopular vote. You never know what's going to strike a chord with the Dev Team. Besides, you only feel... we only feel so strongly about these features because we're already 18 months down the line, standing with our guild, building story and reveling in being part of a game which we've been waiting a decade to find. <steps off soap box> -- I'm going to get some more suggestions processed. By the way, Tinnis, you're a badass. Thank you for continuing to be our community guru. I really do want to get you something for your trouble at some point. God knows you deserve it. Oh, and Tyr and Gordon have been working overtime to make sure we all feel heard, and supported. That value doesn't exist outside of a rare few. So; thanks to everyone who spent the day together yesterday. Believe it or not, these are rare treasures.
  25. Thanks Nocturnal, it's not about WHAT you're saying, it's about HOW you're saying it. I like my words to be meaningful. ♥
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