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  1. Crowfall Support reply and suggestions: You may need to redownload from crowfall.com/en/client and install again if it's been several weeks since your last time playing also. This particular error often is fixed by : 1) installing the optional files at crowfall.com/en/client and; 2) putting the crowfall folder in your pre-existing Program Files x86 folder and running CFLiveLauncher as Administrator (right clicking on it gives that option). Sorry for the hassle, we should have an actual installer soon! Gordon
  2. Four hours ago I made this post and sent an email to support@crowfall. I must say I am totally impressed with how quick they responded and resolved my issue. Downloading the game now. Thank you!!!
  3. When I attempt to launch game I immediately receive an error message: "Unable to load skin" I pledged months and months ago and have constantly had issues with downloading the game client as well as launching the game. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Had high hopes and expectations early on for this game. Why would they make it so difficult to download and launch??? The few times I have been able to actually login and play the game I must say I have enjoyed. Any assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Additional information: Have contacted Crowfall support, they responded quickly, which is good, however, they are asking for several files from my computer rather than offering a solution or fix. Checked my email receipt for my original purchase, Can't believe I paid $474.00 in September of 2016 for this game!
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