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  1. Still Recruiting as usual .. Check out KillonSight.Info you will not be disappointed
  2. Still looking for people come join us in our mission to be the best in Crowfall !!
  3. Still Recruiting people to our Wonderful Organization
  4. @Crowfall just Tweeted the Piece i wrote about the game for our website amazingly awesome Thnx @Pann
  5. Kill on Sight Gaming Community will be playing CROWFALL Beta and Release http://killonsight.info Introduction: Kill on Sight (KoS) is a massive multi-gaming community founded by a group of dedicated friends that simply love gaming together. We offer an entertaining and mature environment for all members. While we have been around for a few years, (originating in Dark Age of Camelot) we are looking to expand and add more people to the KoS family. We accept all types of gamers, from casual to hardcore. No matter the play style, we make it our goal to offer a place where our members can come back to whether they playing ten games or none. Our Games: KoS Games Current: Riders of Icarus, Crowfall Online, Overwatch, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Arma 2 and 3, Smite, World of Warcraft, League of Legends. We expand our games as new ones are released. When it comes to the name Kill on Sight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we like to do just that. What Kill on Sight means to us is when we find a game that we enjoy; we kill it, figuratively speaking of course. That could be anything such as absolutely wrecking a group in PvP or working together as a team to destroy a raid boss. KoS is a 15+ Year old community with alot of history and is looking forward to adding you to are growing list of alumni. Our Goals: - Toxic/Drama free environment - Friendly gaming atmosphere and maintaining a high level of gaming experiences for our members. - We provide a community driven place to call home. - Be one of the most well known Guilds in Crowfall - Known for PVP and Super active Players - Above all Have Fun Closing: Lastly voice com, we have TS3 and we highly recommend you use it while gaming with us. TS3 WILL BE REQUIRED Teamspeak 3 Info: KoS.teamspeak3.com If you feel you can be a good addition to our community and possess the qualities listed above, either stop by our TS3 and chat with an officer or please send in an application to us. In order to do so, sign up on our website and head into our forum section to submit an application. (Note a application is not necessary for an invite to the in game guild, only if you would truly like to be part of our community)killonsight.info To Join the Community Click Here
  6. Still Recruiting Officers Admins Members and of course Fairy Tail People < Ask me about this one and we can talk about it
  7. IRON FANG GAMING " Not Just a Name, But something to Fight for " =IFG= What is Iron Fang you ask? it is a Family a Group of Players with one Goal in Mind to Have fun and Kick Ass. We come from All walks of Life. IFG was started in 2015 On PS4 as a PlayStation only Clan. And in May of 2016 Spread to PC as a Full Fledged Community. Tho we are Small we are looking to Grow and to Spread our common Goal of Friendship and Group Team play to the Rest of the Internet. Led by Vampyyre a Devoted Father of 3 and Husband, A Prior Service US Military Vet. We Strive to Bring you a Worry Free Environment Built on Companionship and Clan Fun. Come Help us Grow and be a True Iron Fang . About Joining - 15+ and Be Mature (3 Strikes Warning System) - Must Have Teamspeak 3 - Fill out an Application on IronFang.Enjin.com - Be Active and Participate when you can We are currently Recruiting - - Officers - Recruiters - Website/Forum Admins - Media Admin - Members - Mermaids <-- Because we wanna be Rich IRONFANG.ENJIN.COM IRONFANG.ENJIN.COM
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