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  1. So I can only buy 2016 Castles is this correct? (Strongholds?) because I redeemed my 2015 Stronghold so I want to buy one again or how it exactly work?
  2. So bascially they remove Value from our Founder Packs now? I only have 9 Month I think or 6 + 1 Stronghold. If I not sell it, will I get a full Stronghold since Backer or do they remove Value from me now?
  3. hey Guys, so I saw we can redeem our VIP for 15 $ each and the Strongholds. Should I this? And why this happen? Just saw that they changed to Modular System, how we backer are affected?
  4. Oh lol Haha. Yeah I trough it was from ACE Didn't checked sender. Since they send some newsletters aswell no?
  5. Got a E-Mail right now: uns ist aufgefallen, dass Dein letzter Besuch am 01.01.1970 war und Du fehlst uns. Es hat sich einiges in Crowfall getan und wir möchten Dir die aktuellen Highlights vorstellen: "Seems your last visist was 1.1.1970" so I trough I come back after 45 Years to say hello
  6. Gordon seems to read it He sent me the Mail + Instruction. Pretty amazing
  7. Hey Guys, So I am Backer now, how it exactly work with the Play Tests? The Invitation is based on Forum Badge? Or do I have to redeem my Package in order to get access? And do we get invited to the Playtest right on next Session or wait for the next "Big" Invitation wave?
  8. It say QUARTER. So Summer Alpha 1, Atumn Alpha 2, Winter (which is 2016) Alpha 3. So if you ask me.... I am out at least from the Kickstarter.
  9. But game is sadly way to less hyped jet. Not read anythink about the game on big pages yet.
  10. I will see what ETA is for Alpha. If it is way to long, then I won't back today.
  11. I bet the kickstarter is earlier for us forum guys
  12. Since it has Voxels it won't be that hard requirements Edit: Only Sad part, that they still in pre-Alpha. So before we can expect play the Game it will fade a few month I bet.
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